Friday 5 October 2012

Great Northern PaperCrafts Extravaganza {Harrogate}

Well, I can't even begin to tell you how crazy this past week ended up. Almost all deliveries arrived a day later than expected, so long story short, van for Harrogate not packed until the wee hours of build up day (Fri) So we had to drive through the night, through the worst rain ever with dodgy van windscreen wipers for the whole trip. Bit yuk.

Was so tired when we left the stand tonight I forgot to take any photos, but check out my twitter feed in the morning to see pics ( @paperartsy )

But, hey ho, just had the most amazing veal with mushroom sauce in my life ever at Gianni's /Brios in Harrogate, a fab Italian place. It was so tender was simply incredible, so hope that tops up the energy status for tomorrow, as its pretty low right now. Blurry eyes. Sorry if veal is not your thing, I know in UK it is one of those taboo meats, but I've not experienced that attitude in other countries, so I enjoy it without a negative historical viewpoint.

Anyways, we are so totally looking forward to the show tomorrow. I have not been oop north at this show for I don't know, maybe 6-7 years. We are right at the far end of the hall - furtherest end of hall from the loos - we back onto the cuppa tea and chat zone. And next to us is decopatch and the MDF man. Between us and them its substrate city!

What's new on the stand? Well for this show we have Liquid Leaf, the most metallic paint you will ever see!! Some nice new washi tapes, we have the most amazing chunky canvases, from £2-£4 pounds!!!! You must come and see those! Really cheap and really nice! They are all 4 cm deep. Wicked! New moleskine style journals at a great price too. Amazing chunky paint bracers for paint effect, mini spray bottles to spray your fresco paints .....stencils......

We have treasure gold, portfolios oil pastels, paint in bulk buy packs at a good price. Mark has bargain buckets of all kinds of constantly changing goodies at the till to feast on, and of course MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL THINGS NEW ....we are launching Jo Firth-Young's new Xmas stamp collection!!!!

So come down to our stand and say hi!! We are at the Harrogate event centre, Harrogate, Yorkshire.

It's going to be fab!





Helen said...

Good luck tomorrow, hope you have loads of energy by then!

Netrix said...

Looking fwd to the pics, all sounds great. Btw, glad you enjoyed your veal, sounded deelish

Words and Pictures said...

Have a great time!
Alison x

Kath Stewart said...

have a great show leandra...enjoy your time oop north...have a roast beef sandwich for lunch..that'll see you right and make sure you keep some of the gorgeous new stuff for me at The NEC...hugs kath xxx said...

Saw you at the show, you gave me a domo all to myself at your stand and gave me the tag - which I keep touching, I love it!? You definately inspired me and I can't wait to use the quick and easy crackle glaze working on everything I own!!

Michelle Webb said...

I came, I saw, I spent lots. Only came to see your stall, really pleased you came. I was at Art from the Heart all day, and finished off the afternoon by walking into GNPE for free and coming directly to your stall, buying loads and leaving. A much better experience for me that any other time at GNPE, don't like the argy bargy-ness of the morning crush! Well worth going to see you and your wonderful stamps. Michelle x