Sunday 28 October 2012

Gorgeous new {Lynne Perrella} Christmas stamps

Well this Is exciting! Well before i start I just wanted to show you this fantastic piece by Lin Brown here that i spotted on google images that she blogged about early September...utterly gorgeous.... read about it or also see here for other equally fabulous ideas!

Lynne Perrella brings us Christmas rubber

But We absolutely adore these new winter-christmas images that are now available in the online shop. Lynne creates such gorgeous collage stamp images, and these are not so much Christmas as wintery. This makes them versatile for year round, but they are of course really great for Christmas.

This woman reminds me of the dowager role Maggie Smith plays as the senior Matriarch on Downton Abbey - another period drama from ITV which they are are so excellent at making. This imposing woman has fabulous twiggy-snowflakes trailing down her back, and I just love the idea of the Russian stackable dolls!

The image top left with the face inside the sheriff-style-star I have big plans for! That star thingy would look awesome all metallic from Treasure Gold wax!! While demoing with Treasure Gold I have figured out a fab way to Crete a multi-coloured background, and then stamp the image on top of the wax! I can wait to do that with this new image, so I shall try to make a video while we are at the NEC in 10 days time! And I adore the tag on this plate - how great would that be on presents under the tree!

The show stopper on this plate is the gorgeous vintage hot air balloon with the dangling doll. It is the full height of an A5 plate - so a lovely big image. The detail is stunning.

Using large stamps: tips

It's a really good idea to use large stamps with a set of flexi acrylic blocks for two reasons

  1. A5 size is big enough to fit big your bigger stamps on
  2. a thin block with 'flex' allows you to apply pressure in the centre of the image which means the ink gets pressed/transferred nicely onto the receiving surface
NB: any image larger than credit card size we suggest you should always put the rubber onto EZ mount foam. This also helps to ensure the ink transfers evenly from the rubber to the paper. If you. Us uncounted stamps, our expectation is that you will still mount the rubber onto EZ mount foam. This enables the even transfer of ink to paper. If you don't use foam you will not get the detail from the image and you might not get the entire image to stamp out properly.

We recommend with Lynne Perrella stamps you use Versafine Ink by Tsukineko. It has the right consistency to ink up the stamp nicely, it's really black, and it lasts for ages, so a reinker is not really required. I have had mine for over 10 years!

The carousel horse on this also is reminiscent of a bygone steam-powered era. It reminds me of a trip to Strasbourg we had late autumn one year, and there was the most stunning gilt carousel all lit up on the winter evenings in the lead up to Christmas. It was such a beautiful sight loaded with lots of happy rosey faces.

The last of the new wintery plates, this one has the fantastic 'joy' plaque loaded with intricate details. And I love the jester's stick and cherub too. I think this is going to be one of my faves.

I think these stamps are really different for Christmas, but reminiscent of days gone by; a theme that always is a really good fit for December.

These are all online and ready for ordering now from PaperArtsy here. Have a great week ahead!




Liesbeth Fidder said...

Ooooh yeah, they are so gorgeous, Leandra !! I need them all !! :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh dear - more delicious temptation! Gorgeous stamps . . .

Words and Pictures said...

They're so stunning... I'm planning to be at the NEC, but don't think I can make it until Sunday. It would probably be good for my credit card if you've sold out by then!! Looking forward to seeing some demos too...
Alison x

Netty said...

wow the new stamps are fabulous and loving the fab creation at the top. x

Karin said...

The new stamps look fabulous. Love Lin's gorgeous piece said...

I love these stamps expecially the vintage lady with Believe on her dress, got to get it!