Wednesday 9 September 2009

Day 7: PaperArtsy 12 days of Christmas

Day 7:  Featuring Jo Firth-Young 
using Nut and Meg Plate 7
 Jo F-Y is back with an adorable plaque idea with the elf. The plaque is about 8" x8" so would make a great wall hanging, or a nice display on an easel too. Jo has secretly confessed to me that she has sketched ideas for a whole wardrobe of outfits for these elves, even I have a vision of a row of elves on her mantlepice all dressed up to celebrate the season!! She was also dreaming of flip books where the top middle and bottom were all different, and even little tabbed clothes, like the kind we used to cut up as kids. Being a cat lover, she had to include our christmas moggie from SINM8, who makes the perfect buddy for our elf. You can see more of Jo Firth-Young here on her blog.

Elves Wanted Plaque
by Jo Firth-Young
This plaque is created using mainly Nut and Meg plate 7, but also includes stamps from other plates: Cat (SINM 8), Parcels(SINM3), Snowflakes small (SINM1) and large (SINM8). Small circles around edges are Squiggly Mini 15.
The Plaque:
  • Cut shaped plaque from chipboard (sand the edges slightly to smooth any rough edges)
  • Stamp the large and small snowflakes randomly (and sparingly) over the surface using a blue pearlescent ink. NB if you don't have a pearlsecent ink pad for the bubbles , you could also use a Viva Decor metallic paint to stamp the bubbles onto the chipboard. Blue Azure is perfect. 

  • Drag/ smudge Blue Metallic paint Viva Decor: Blue azure, blue lagoon, Turquoise, Pearl Blue would all work well) around the edge of the plaque – smudge over the white lines to soften the harshness of the white.   
  • Highlight some of the small stamped circles with the white pen and add spot details to the snowflakes.
  • Add a hint of olive green paint to the edges to tie in with ground that the elf etc will stand on. 

The Elf:
  • Stamp elf head and feet stamps (SIEN7) onto white card. Draw elf body yourself! You can do it! It's not that hard, and if you fail, get a child to do it! A triangle makes the top, belt at the middle, with a triangle skirt with wobbly hem and trim.  Draw the arms with knobbly elbows (to match the knees) which go behind the elf's back so you don't have to tackle the problem of hands! Cut all out and attach to each other. 

  • Stamp cat and cut out. Stamp the parcels 3 times and cut out (colour each set the same as they will be decoupaged). 

  • Colour all these pieces – I’ve used coloured pencils and highlighted with metallic pen for belt buckle, parcel stripes, and cat’s scarf & added glaze gel pen to the holly on hat. Add shading on the images to give dimension. 

  • Create some ‘aged’ paper for the signs by wiping ink (Antique Linen Distress Ink) on to white card and diluting with water.  Dry thoroughly. 
  • Stamp ‘wanted’ sign onto the card, and for the other 2 phrases you will also need to add lines in the same vein as the Wanted sign to create signs. 
  • Cut two rough edge strips of brown card for the sign posts – create wood grain with a brown pencil.
Putting it all together:
  • Position the painted snowflakes around the edge of the card and all the stamped images in the centre of the plaque.  
  • When happy with the positioning and the balance/ spacing attach some of the snowflakes with 3d foam pads and stick others directly onto the chipboard. In the middle of the larger ones add an adhesive gem. 

  • Mark where the bases of the elf, cat, parcels and signs are going to sit on the plaque then remove them and add a "green ground" where they were positioned. Use green with a bit of brown pencil. Reposition and attach the pieces where marked.
  • Add a bit of shadow or darkness around the feet/signs etc.  
  •  The parcels are 3d decoupaged to add a bit of dimension.
Another big thank-you to Jo Firth-Young for sharing with us this fun and achievable project. I am sure it will get your heads buzzing with ideas, and i just love the shape of the chipboard.

Next for today, we have a couple of projects from Joanne Wardle, and one from Jo Capper-Sandon, so it truly is a "Day of the Jo's" here on the paperArtsy blog!

Elf House Hanging
By Jo Wardle

Cut a house shape 11cm tall x7cm wide. Cut a window approximately 4cm square. Stamp text and elf onto white card, using stamps from plate SINM7

Colour elf with coloursoft pencils and sansodor solution to blend and soften. Cut out. 

Colour house with vintage photo distress ink and over stamp with “wanted” stamp. 

Stamp in black little round swirl repeatedly and corner stamp onto house. Attach elf and the sign with words. Add an eyelet and some raffia.

Elf Watercolour Gift Tag
By Joanne Wardle
This is another of Joanne's Watercolour tags using the same technique as described in yesterday's post. As it was using today's featured plate, I thought I'd slip it in here.

Winter Girl
by Joanne Capper-Sandon
1. Stamp splash mini 57   randomly onto white card in soft blue and black ink.
2. Overstamp in black with USYT3 girl image.
3. Edge the card with silver peel off strips. (Yes we caught Jo using Peel heard it here first! She's going to kill me for revealing this, but it's the scoop of the year! lol)
4. Stamp Peace etc and edge with more peel off strips...should we be worried?? lol 
Position at the foot of the panel.
5. Layer stamped panel to white coredinations card which sands back to a lilac core. The dark portions are the sanded bits.
6. Colour face etc with copic markers.
7. Attach grey ribbon down LHS of card, and secure clear snowflake with pearl centre brad.
8. Embellish with lilac-grey buttons.
9. Apply glitter shards to the card.

Its Ok Jo we still love you....we all use peel offs in secret, and we all have them in our stash. I am quite partial to using the magenta ones as masks (in fact i taught that technique for quite a while a year or so ago, even in Holland!), and I was over the moon back in the day when the typewriter alphabet came breathe easy. lol.  You're allowed a guilty pleasure. I'm going to bed giggling tonight.

PaperArtsy Blog Giveaway: Please leave a comment and we'll randomly draw a name to win Nut and Meg Plates 7 and Urban Snapshots YuleTide plate 3 on EZ Mount worth £18.80. This offer ends midnight GMT the day of this posting, 10 September 2009, and is open to all players worldwide.


Sylvia said...

They just keep getting better and better. Some really super samples, I really love the Elves Wanted Plaque, so much attention to detail.
The stamp and card designers have really put lot's of thought into the designs. Roll on day Eight.

Juut said...

I LOVE the stamps and all the ideas we get from you! It really inspires me.
Thank you!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

lol rofl.... thanks Leandra lol

A great trio of Jo work there.

flutterbycrafter said...

These are fantastic, love all the projects so far, your DT are soooo talented. Some great ideas, thanks.

Helen said...

Wow! They are all great, but "Elves Wanted" is my favourite of the whole series so far. I wish I wasn't already at work, I want to play - although I don't have the stamps yet, of course - so I would love to win some!!!

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my Gosh, these are so special, Can't believe the work these ladies have put into the samples!
I'd Love to be entered!
minpinsloveme at msn dot com

Jane Moseley said...

The plaque is fabulous! Thanks to everyone who's been involved in this, am going to miss the ideas when the twelve days have finished. xx

laury55 said...

thanks for sharing so many great ideas...the DT really made a good job

Laura said...

12 days of Christmas is a great idea even better with giveaways too. If only I were picked.

Anonymous said...

I am really going to believe in Christmas elves with so many beautiful projects. Jo has outdone herself with the plaque, it is a joy to look at.

JoFY said...

Loving all the work! :o)
ha ha ha - don't worry Jo C-S you're not alone with being a 'secret peel-off user'. (sshh don't tell!) 'Secret peel-off user' fits nicely to the tune of 'secret lemonade drinker' from the RWhites commercial don't you think. ha ha ha how many people are now going to be humming that all day! rofl

Trish said...

Fabulous sampples, and the Elves Wanted Plaque is offially my favorite!
I had a good giggle about the peel-offs. I sold most of mine on ebay last year, but kept a few secret Xmas ones in a drawer...

Anonymous said...

wonderful creations and loads of inspiration to use these fab stamps - loving it!

Jayne Crow said...

My 17 year old daughter announced last night that she really wanted to be an elf in a grotto this year, and was wondering what the necessary credentials, thanks to your lovely stamps, we know!! This set is a must...if only to make her a Christmas card!!!

Elaine said...

Enjoying your blog every day with all the wonderful cards. Really like the Wanted poster - its just that little bit different and unusual. Keep up the good work!

Ellen said...

thud, i'm totally not into elves and fairylike things put jo's hanging might change my mind it's gorgeous .
What a lot of wonderful ideas from the Jo's to get our brains into gear and start working for the xmas cards

Anonymous said...

I love everything your DT has come up with so far! I LOVE the stamps & it's really made me think about starting my Christmas cards & gifts!

Thank you for the inspiration & thank you for doing the 12 days of Christmas! Does it really have to end on Day 12?

Jenny x

Sian said...

Wonderful creations, lots of inspiration :)


Unknown said...

I love all the ideas but this set of stamps is my favourite so far. I love the wording on the stamps that can be used for alot of projects. And the elves face is lovely. I love Jo's plaque and it has given me lots of ideas thanks

Anonymous said...

The stamps look cuter and cuter - I must have them - I think they are adorable and the possibilities endless


FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Wow, all in the design team have done such fabulous samples. They spark off so many ideas it's hard to remember them all.

Well done to all concerned.

Luv Dee xxx

Artyjen said...

Thanks for yet more great inspiration....and for the chance to win

Galina Varese said...

Jo and peel-offs, I always knew it she only pretends she doesn't love them. :)
Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

Carol said...

Great DT work

Great plate
Thanks for the chance

Unknown said...

Another beautiful set of samples and so much inspiration ... love them all!
Peel offs? ... Jo Capper Sandon? ... Is now the time for me to admit that I have an entire drawer full? No? Ok then :0)

Angi Rankin said...

Oh my! The Elves Wanted plaque is adorable!! I just might have to give this a try. I really like the Winter Girl card. I am just starting to explore the artsy side of stamping vs the cutesy...and I must say, I like it! Thanks for the daily inspiration!!

Shazza said...

these are all so beautiful, I love the elf with her big blue eyes

Sarah Anderson said...

Good on you Jo!! there's nothing wrong with peel offs used artistically, sometimes they are just a replacement for an embossed image! I'm always telling people it's ok to use them, I do!!!!!! It's how you use them, not what they are that counts ;)

That elf has the prettiest eyes. Great samples yet again

Tinkertaylor said...

Great ideas, thanks for sharing them with us. Is it peel off confession time? Ok..Ok... I have a drawer full too!

Sid said...

Fab, Fab, and Fab again ! All these creations are super and so different too. Gorgeous stamp set !!

Kate said...

So inspirational - in fact I want to go and make Christmas cards right now. Thank you for the great designs.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the beautiful creations. I love all of it.

Anonymous said...

Too many good ideas - I don't know which to try first. Thank you!

Lesley Edmonds said...

WOW this set is just adorable - if I don't win it I'll be buying methinks.........
Lesley x

Claireabelle said...

Fabulous makes everyone, that plaque is just inspired!

Michelle said...

This is my favourite set so far.
I love the sign.
Thanks for all the inspiration.

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

I love the "wanted poster" and I wish there was 24 days of Christmas!!!! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win these stamps as well as giving us all the fab ideas. I am so grateful you picked me yesterday, I can't wait for the postman.xx

Melanie said...

fantastic quirky and fun plate love it :)

Sandra said...

Oh I love these stamps - the elf is gorgeous. I am really loving the samples you are bringing to us.

♥ Audrey ♥ said...

Just found this blog and am blown away by the projects found here. Will definitely be bookmarking this site!

P'tite plume said...

Elves wanted plaque is charming and these creations are very good-looking.

Darren Blair said...
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