Sunday 6 September 2009

Blog Winners from Days 1 & 2

Drum roll please.....we consulted the randomiser and it picked the following lucky people:

Winner Day 1 ( who will receive Nut and Meg plates 1 & 5) is Julie Corfield
Blogger Julie Corfield said...(our Amazonian Goal Keeper from down under...this will make sense if you are a friend of Julies on FB)
Love the christmas tree stamp and the different looks you achieved with it! That moose is too cute too!!!  
Winner Day 2 (who will receive Nut & Meg 2 and Xmas 1) is Margriet ( a regular commentor on this blog! Congratulations!)
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Lovely icy snowman samples of Joanne and a very cute metal snowman. That paint is really beautiful. Margriet
I am thrilled for you both, please email me your postal addresses to and we'll get your prizes off in the mail this week!


Julie Corfield said...
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Julie Corfield said...

WOW! You just really made my rather grumpy Monday finish on an alltime high!!! Thanks so much! x

(PS - love my reference too Leandra!)

Anonymous said...

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