Friday 25 September 2009

Archie - the full monty

So what's on the back?
Did you guess right?
Well I'm sure you've now got at least one idea of what you could do with an Archie in your house, and I bet you don't have another stamp in your collection mounted quite like him!

Here's his buddies!

And here is how the whole Archie looks...dangly bits included! In green

Or maybe you prefer red?

Each Archie is slightly different?

And of course the stamp is on the back...and that's a good thing because the Mr Archie stamp won't be available online until December...unless you take out a subscription with Craft Stamper in the November or December Issues... on one of those issues Archie will be one of the free PaperArtsy gifts you get when you subscribe!

So how do you get an Archie before then?
The only way is this weekend at Ally Pally!

Come onto the LB Crafts booth at Ally Pally, and spend £25.00 on PaperArtsy stamps, and you will get an Archie as a free gift! But only while gift-stock lasts! So to be guaranteed, you need to make sure you come by the stand early...both days!


Helen said...

He's so cute. How to ONLY spend £25 on your stamps would be the problem! I'll see what I can do....

Sarah Anderson said...

Fab idea for a giveaway, and a lot of hard work. Have a great time at Ally Pally

Anonymous said...

Love the Archie 'mount'. Limited edition too! They'll be auctioned on e-bay next ..... Rosemary Spiers

Anonymous said...

ooo this only makes me wish even more that I was going!
He's adorable and I shall be very envious of everyone who gets one lol
Have a great time at Ally Pally!

Carol said...


sob not able to come sob.........

trust you and Linda will have a great time at A/Plly

I am hoping to come to the Ringwood show - will you be joining Linda there??

Enjoy the show and bet the tweet Alfies treats don't last long :)

Heavenly Anarchist said...

I want a green archie! I also want at least £25 of your stamps! But I can't go to Ally Pally :( Boo hoo!
NB My work verification code is paryot! How appropriate.

Gillian McMurray said...

I've been watching the Archie project avidly and it is such a wonderful gift. I can't get to Ally Pally but I will be searching out my very own Archie come December. He's gorgeous.

Kay said...

Oh! oh! oh! I have a list of Paper Artsy stamps and I'm sure that comes to over £25.... if not I'm sure I can add a few more! I neeeeeeeeed an Archie!!

Unknown said...

I hope the launch goes well ... I can't believe I will have to wait ... This is one beautiful stamp ... but then all your stamps are beautiful!

Girlsinthecraft said...

I am just in AWE of your work. What a clever idea to make these beautiful mounts of the stamp. I just love the Archie stamp---how whimsical! Love all the copper and epoxy effects of the piece too. What lucky shopppers you will have. They will sell out immediately I am sure!........deanna

Anonymous said...

There will be lots of smiling people at Ally Pally, they own new PA stamps and got a lovely project with a free stamp.

Neet said...

He is wonderful. I am so envious of those who get the chance to obtain him - a very talented and well thought out gift.
Have a lovely time at AP - as if you wouldn't - will be thinking of you.

Michelle said...

How Fabulous.
What a great idea. :-)
Michelle x

Helen said...

Home safe! Thanks for a great day and Archie!