Sunday 27 September 2009

Ally Pally Day 2

The day started with more Archies flying the coop, yes they all found lovely Sunday homes to go to. I'm so pleased. The clock stamps went down a storm, and we demoed our socks off for another day.

I didn't take photos of my samples yet, but I will tomorrow when i dig them out of the bag, so here's a bit of what Lin did today.  She was using metal onto the mould, then putting it on the mini arch, adding terra and ferro, then black paint, viva paints, glimmer...and that's just the background! LOL Onto that she put metal (new clocks of course, and a quote and flower to embellish. Really lovely little project, and so much fun! Everybody loved this technique so much. Very clever.

Did you see this on her blog, its superb! 3 arches decorated with that technique - she has decorated with squiggly minis, fleur de lys and nibs from the crowns and castles series.

This is how the show looked during the day. Everyone was saying how busy it was for a Sunday, and we found on the stand we were steady all day long with people interested in all the lovely products Lin had on the stand.

At lunch I hooked up with Lynne Howe (left) and Jo Firth-Young (right) who our very able helpers at ArtsyCrafts, and in the middle is Jo's friend Rachel. 

Here is another of Lin's samples. Same as before but with a die cut/ embossed/ alcohol inked metal dragonfly, and the embeliishment in the centre is UTEE poured onto a metal Xtra stamp which is painted with viva paints.

The marshmellow glimmer mist was a hit, and we found more bottles to re-stock with today! That stuff is wicked! Opaque white with sparkle, and it makes a strong distress background soft and pale to stamp beautiful images onto. I love it a LOT and I'll put up pics tomorrow!

So here is the Great Hall, Alexandra Palace about an hour after the shoppers have left. Nearly all packed up.

And this always amazes me. before and after the show, we drive the vehicles into the hall behind the doors at the back of the great hall. In here there is a massive pipe organ at one end....

and at the other a huge stained glass window. 

Here's a zoom in of the window. How cool. 

The building looks like this from the outside. Atop a sunny hill looking across London.

The next Ally pally is April 10 / 11 next year. Hope you can make it! People come from all over. There were people from Germany, Iceland and France there today, so no excuses that its too far to come!!! LOL

Have a great week

Only 6 sleeps until Artisan Show!!! Yikes


kjjc said...

Hope you manage some sleep between now and then. You both did a grand job this weekend.Thanks for the inspiration and the new stamps. Karen

Unknown said...

Leandra ... you are a star for sharing the weekend on your blog ... I always always go ... and this time I really missed it ... so a big THANK YOU from me!

Isabelle Norris said...

Those samples are amazing! must get that mould... (sigh)

Helen said...

Looks like Sunday was as good as Saturday - but you got a lunch break this time - well done!!
Those clocks are just awesome (will be ordering some more very soon....)

P'tite Plume said...

It is really stunning! I like, and backgrounds are surprising and sublime. I would like know to make that.

Carol Q said...

Love Ally Pally, it's a gorgeous venue and a wonderful view on a good day. Gorgeous samples. Roll on Artisan!

Siobhan Brignull said...

april 10th in my calendar now, really sad i missed it is it very christmassy or is there lots of new stuff from cha etc etc, the samples are super brilliant well done

Elaine G said...

Thanks for the lovely pics of projects and Ally Pally. The setting makes the show really special doesn't it? I was lucky enough to see you and Linda demo on Saturday, not matter how many times I see you work I always find you give me new ideas - thanks you must be shattered. Have a great time at Artisan - sadly I can't make it!!