Thursday 24 September 2009

What Leandra Did Next...Thursday edition....

Only 2 sleeps to go!!! That must mean I only have 1 more post left after this to show you Archie's final evolution.

Well today he gets the metal treatment by the looks of him. Preening and polishing himself ready for showing off good and proper at the show this weekend!

Here he gets the outline treatment with a fine texture wheel.
Makes him pop!

And here he is textured with a fine dot wheel to add soft texture.

So what do we do with him next??? 
Tape Sandwich.
Cut him out and stick him onto the prepared background. 

Add him to the growing stack of Archies maybe?? 
Isn't it cute how each one is a little different.

Tomorrow I'll show you what's on the back! Bet you can't guess!! I really don't think you can..but you could try....maybe I can find a spare Archie for those peeps who can't make it to Ally Pally to raffle off.....there's a nice idea. I'll ask Lin if I'm allowed :-)


Helen said...

Archie is looking good. Wonder how many people I will have to fight my way through to try and get one!! See you soon - can't sleep, how sad is that?

Carol said...

Love Archie....

Can't wait to see the next stage!!


Neet said...

Looking Gooder (is that a word?). Wish I was going to Ally Pally but at least it has been good seeing what you did.
Have a great time at AP.

Anonymous said...

I love Archie and the mini arch - I just wish I was going to the show instead of working :(


kjjc said...

hope to see the back even if I don't get one which I hope I do of course

Artyjen said...

Fabby!! Perhaps he is going to be a key ring holder somehow? Shame I can't pop along to see the finished article!

Unknown said...

I think on the back of Archie is his girlfriend ... her name good be door-a ... geddit? Dora???

Please please twist Lin's arm [gently of course] and get her to agree to the raffle :0)

Trace Dee said...

Archie is looking fabalishiouse, only wished i was going to ally pally. have lots of fun



Andrea - Wales, UK said...

I'm just popping over to Lin's blog to beg her to let you do a raffle for us crafters who live in the "sticks".........Thanks for sharing.x

Sid said...

Another lovely metallic look on these !!

Michelle said...

Archie looks good.
Have never tried working with metal. Looks interesting. Look forward to seeing the back!! :-)
Michelle x