Monday 14 September 2009

What a wonderful weekend!

It's only just over an hour for me to get the the Craft Barn, so its quite a nice trip (as long as the Dartford Crossing is clear) . I really enjoy these events, it's a real joy to demo. Plus, we each get a huge trestle table to spread out on, so of course I can demo about 20 different things instead of 3...a bit of a treat I must say.
Now that I have my snazzy camera, I can show you the sorts of things I was demoing. These are ideas that are not just mine, some are from Lin Brown, some Suze Weinburg, some are mine, and then there are twists on all of those ideas as they evolve.  Some of these techniques Lin and I developed specifically for Artsy Crafts retreats. 
You often feel like you are chasing your tail in a demo doing the same thing over, but it seems from the pics below, I jump from one thing to the next depending on what people ask for.
I have given Sandy some clearer instructions for a few of these ideas for her to blog proejcts over at the Craft Barn. So be patient and you'll get a more detailed breakdown with some new samples that I left with her via their blog.
On the first day I managed to get over to the other hall for a quick look while I took a break, but it was hard to get any pictures as everyone was so busy. I nabbed Sue and Isa while there was a gap in the crowds.
Here is Isabelle Norris who was demoing clay beads - marbled, using clay from Viva Decor. Never got to see how she was doing it but she was using those roller things which make the shape consistent each time.
Sue Roddis was doing a technique with alcohol inks over white pigment ink. She has a cool hanging tree with the samples  - looked lovely! She was using Katzelcraft stamps. And she had her scrummy new book on display.
And I met Jane Bentley (Colour my World) for the first time who has many plasma templates which you can trace around onto card or paper, and make up the samples like these shown. She is the queen of cutting out!
I didn't get an opportunity to take more piccies of the other demonstrators, but they were all doing great stuff. 
Christine next to me was doing amazing watercolours with her stuning designs and distress inks, so beautiful. Sandra showed her Kadoodle designs, Jane Bentley (as above) Paula Pascual was there with her Craftwork Card ideas, and Jean and Malcolm from Crafty Individuals had a beautiful display too. Kaz and Lexie used pencils and copics respectively...and that was just our hall!!! 
There were another 8 or so demonstrators in the other hall, like Kay Carley, all the Craft barn "Carols"...does anyone know how many there are! I couldn't get close to "metal" Carol as she was so busy. Beatrice from Katzelcraft of course, plus Isa and Sue...oh I have probably forgotton someone or two, I only briefly stuck my head in the door for a few minutes.
This weekend for me it was time to show the new PaperArtsy Nut and Meg stamps and papers. The snowman and fairy seem very popular selections for people.
I also demoed lots of stamping ideas, here's a few pics.
On Saturday I did quite a lot with the melt pot. Like turning this metal embossed snowman into an UTEE charm or card motif.
So he would end up something like these
And then I used clay as a base instead of metal to get these guys.
We cooked the clay in an empty melt pot, and it only took a couple of minutes.
Suze Winburg's UTEE into Memory frames idea went down a storm. How easy is this?? We used the metal xtra stamps, put the memory frame on top of the rubber, and poured UTEE in the frame. Suze taught me this at SMAC earlier this year, and its so much fun, you can add colour with paints or glimmer mists, alcohol inks, glitter, and you can wear it either way around. 
Can you see how transparent this is??
Linda Brown demoed her take on this at Ally Pally last year which looks like this (below)...she also used the PaperArtsy Metal Xtra stamps, but obviously no frame to restrict the flow - nice for an embellishment. Here you can see Viva Decor Paint on top of these samples. 

Mini Competition: Name any 2 Metal Xtra stamps these samples come from. We need the correct codes please.  Leave your answer in the comments and we'll draw 2 names (who give correct answers) to each win 2 unmounted metal Xtra stamps so you too can have a go at this technique! Offer ends midnight GMT 15 Sept!
This is how you can use those UTEE bits (below). Lin used one as an embellishment and made this for me at Ally Pally (thanks to Lin Brown for this sample)
So on Sunday I did more stuff with the new Rum and Raisin Papers
And metal flowers make great embellishments for the papers!
These are Cuttlebug metal-canvas flowers. That's Claudine Hellmuth canvas painted with viva paints on the back, and stamped metal on the front, run through the bug and cut out.
We did tape-sandwich metal, stamped and outlined with the teflon tool, distressed with paint and or glimmer onto all the different colours of metal.
and embossed (puffed out) metal with stamped images made into motifs with the soft mat and  a paper stump, then refining on the acrylic mat. I love doing this...very relaxing, and you can distress with paint and glimmer too if you like.
And lots of people love the texture you get from Viva products using stamps and Precious Metal Colour Paints. These make great bases for metal embellishments like this
or maybe this
So I had a nice weekend how about you?
Tomorrow is the last day of the Christmas Blog...can you believe its nearly over??


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to get to see some of the demos. It must have been an exiting weekend.
Love to try for the metal extras and i think i have seen bits of geometric 1, code MXGC1 and geometric 4, code MXGC4.

JoFY said...

OK, now I am completely sick that I didn't go to the weekend! It looks like it was really good! Humph! lol

Gillian McMurray said...

I think you have used Geometric 3 (product code: MXGC3) and Geometric 1 (product code: MXGC1) for the samples. They are all lovely. Looks like you all had a great time.

Helen said...

I agree, it was a great weekend. I think you've used Geometric 1 (MXGC1) and Geometric 5 (MXGC5).

By the way thanks for coming over to my blog! it's still very new for me (just over a week!!) and it gives me a big buzz to see people leaving comments.

Sandra said...

Thanks for a peek at the demos - I was unfortunately unable to make it this time to the Craft Barn but now looking forward to Ally Pally where I shall head straight for you Leandra and Linda as usual!

I think I have spotted MXGC1, MXGC3 and MXGC4.

Thanks for yet another opportunity to win. I'm going to miss these next week!

Carol said...

Wow love the metal ideas and memories I need a melt pot next :)

Geometric 7 MXGC 7
Geonetric 4 MXGC 4

I have used the sqiggly mini house on metal and it's a dream :)

Thanks for the chance

laury55 said...

wow the embellishments are fantastic...I think you used the geometric 1 (MXGC1) and geometric 3 (MXGC3)

Karin said...

Wonderful samples, wish I could have gone to the Craft Barn event.
I think I spotted Geometric 3, code MXGC3 and Geometric 4 MXGC4

P'tite Plume said...

OK, I want to understand how all this is made!!! It's so fantastic.

In the samples, i see :
Geometric 3, code MXGC3
Geometric 4, code MXGC4

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

I'm just getting the melt pot out - glad you had a great weekend. I've spotted - Geometric 1 (MXGC1)and Geometric 4 (MXGC4). Wales is too far away from the Craft Barn so thank you for sharing the day.xx

Sid said...

Must say, what a lot of information to take in - in one !! Some fab things and I am really jealous I live North and can't easily make it to the 'Barn'. I will do in the near future though !!

Artyjen said...

What a lot of lovely things...thanks for the chance to guess is Geometric 1 code MXGC1 and Geometric 5 code MXGC5

NETTI said...

It's always great to see your blog after a Craft Barn Extravaganza - to view your great samples again in close up!
Gosh I love the look of those metal pieces you UTEEd on top of!

Well, I too had a fabulous weekend mainly down to also being at the Barn on Sunday. Wish I'd had more time to watch the demos as well as meeting up with friends and doing a workshop and shopping of course!!
So much to little time.

I love your new Rum and Raisin papers and can't wait to use them. That alone may get me started doing Xmas cards!
Oh, I think that Geometric 1 and 3 were used in the samples you've shown us on here.

Isabelle Norris said...

ok, you are forgiven, the pic is not "that bad" (could have been worse, considering.... blah, blah, blah, coffee, blah, blah, more coffee lolol). twas great to see you again (to brief) and oh.... the curry was luuuuurvely LOL
isa xxx

Trish said...

I also had a wonderful time \t the CB Extravaganza, and loved your demos! I think I can see Geometric 43 (code MXGC3) and Geometric 7 (code MXGC7). Thank you for the giveaway, I enjoyed trying to work out which stamps they were!

Trish said...

Oh dear, I'm obviously not awake yet - let me try that again: Geometric 3 (code MXGC3) and Geometric 7 (code MXGC7)! Sorry about that...

Ellen said...

that must have been such a wonderful weekend. I'm green with envy .
Any chance of doing one up in Scotland ??I'll be the first to book.

I recognize Geometric 1 Code MXGC1 as that one is in my possesion.
there is also Geometric 7 used by Linda code MXGC7

Anonymous said...

Hi Leandra! It was great to see your demos on sunday, you always inspire me! You had some really cool samples on display too!
Fab giveaway, hope I'm not too late - I can see geometric 1 (MXGC1) and geometric 3 (MXGC3)
Thanks for stopping by my blog too!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

WOW what wonderful samples! I want to go & play ;o) I'd love to see you demo & I hope that I'll be able to attend one of your workshops.

The products I think you've used are:

Geometric 3 (code: MXGC3) & Geometric 4 (code: MXGC4)