Friday, 25 September 2009

Ally Pally Tomorrow! We've got another surprise!! Shhhh

Yes just one more sleep.....and if you have been following Lin's blog as well as mine, then you will have an idea of how excited we BOTH are. 

Today we have been pressing NEW RUBBER!!!!

Yes on top of all the exciting news about Archies, we also have some new stamps to show you releasing this weekend. A launch of 6 new stamps for the Ink and the Dog collection. Yes you have been asking for it, and so Mark and I sat down and came up with these little babies. 

Called CLOCKS, I know you are going to think of a cazillion things to do with them. We have been pressing flat out all afternoon, and so Lin and I shall be having first-play honours this weekend. 

So here they are, brand new hot rubber....

Clocks Plate 1 (C1)

Clocks Plate 2 (C2)

Clocks Plate 3 (C3)

Clocks Plate 4 (c4)

Clocks Plate 5 (C5)

Clocks Plate 6 (C6)

So what do you think??? I adore them and welcome them into the PaperArtsy family with great buzzing and fuzzing excitement. We were inspired by the whole steampunk thing, and so this was the initial response, however we have more to add to keep watching!

Come by and say 'hi' this weekend if you're at Ally Pally, and you could have an Archie AND Clocks. VERY COOL!


Helen said...

Oh my! Love these stamps. They are all gorgeous. Not sure what my bank balance is going to think.... see you tomorrow!

Unknown said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE C2 and C5 ... the others ain't too shabby either :0)

Carol Q said...

fabulous. hope to see you at the Artisan show!

Sandra Hall said...

Aaaagh! I want them all!!!! I won't be at the show so I will have to wait for the weekend in October. Have fun at the show!

Girlsinthecraft said...

I am in AWE. I want/need them all! Wish I weren't on this side of the pond!

Anonymous said...

oh lordie these are a must have for any serious stamper....cant wait to get my inky little mitts on these

Michelle said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them!!!!!
My wish list has just gotten longer.
Michelle x

Artyjen said...

OOooooh! I think I can't live without at least one of these!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These are really beautiful stamps. I can see several sheets which would be great to play with.
Congratulations with the new stamps.

JoFY said...

They look great! (as usual!) Can't wait to get playing with them. See you on Sunday....

Carol said...

Great plates the cogs one is my fav I think :)

Have fun :)

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Stamps are fab, hope they'll be at the Artisan Show. Have a great weekend.x

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Love plate 5, have a great time at the show.

Sid said...

Love these clock plates, more for me to buy now I suppose !!! lol !

Siobhan Brignull said...

these are fab Leandra, think my fave is no 1 or maybe no 3 or no 5, ok all of them are fab fab fab. sorry wont be seeing you at ALly Pally this weekend hope you have agreat time and come home soon Siobhan

Anonymous said...

I love them - i must have them!!!


kjjc said...

ooo these are lovely. So enjoyed buying them. Thanks you and I loooooove my Archie. thanks Leandra

Kirsti said...

Wow they are all absolutely fabulous... Wish I could have them all...x

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