Thursday 16 June 2022

2022 Topic 09: Leftovers {by Kate Yetter} with Sara Naumann stamps

Hi everyone, it's Kate (Kate Yetter – Musings, Tea and Drippy Paintwith you today, and I'm here to share with you a mini journal centered around the beach. It's that time of year where we all need a place to document the memories from our summer holiday and what better place than a handmade album/journal.

Some might call me a pack rat when it comes to saving every last piece of scrap/craft paper but I call it frugal. Supplies are expensive and I am all about using what is on hand. Since I already have the basics such as stamps, paints, stencils, etc, I have a good starting point. My goal for this project was to construct this journal from leftover bits on my desk. So if you have a pile of scraps you can't bear to throw away, follow along.  

Keeping with the beach theme, I chose blue and green as my main color scheme and used pinks and browns as supporting colors.

I had a large variety of leftover scraps to incorporate into my journal including stamps, tissue paper and die cuts. 

These paper bags were leftover from school lunches last year. I am finally able to put these bags to good use as the base of my project. 

I made a small booklet as an embellishment, using a bag from a gift shop souvenir. 

To construct the album, I attached the paper bags using masking tape. Because I kept the background of the page inserts white, I wanted a contrasting background on the album to make the pages pop. Instead of painting the whole page, I used black gesso just around the edges. 

To create the album cover, I used leftover printed tissue paper that wrapped a souvenir. I glued a portion of the tissue paper to a white background.

Infusions create a beautiful color pop and texture against the tissue paper.

When it came to the actual journaling part, I decided to challenge myself and try something different. When browsing online for inspiration, I was inspired by journals that were clean, organized and flat, without a lot of layering. This is very different from my usual style as I love tons of paint, texture and layers. Since the background was all white, I had to strategically  place my journaling and stamps so that there were not a lot of white gaps.

I repurposed PaperArtsy tissue paper as an embellishment at the bottom of the page. At the top, the hand lettered title was painted with Fresco paints. With a ruler, I drew lines to section off areas and then I found stamps I liked that fit in the area, almost like a puzzle. The small amount of collage that I did do, was scaled back to only a few items.

On the journaling spots, I used a ruler to draw lines so I could keep the text straight. This worked especially well when placing text around images. After I finished writing, I erased the pencil lines


As you can see, I used various PaperArtsy stamps throughout my layout. I classify them as leftovers as they were sitting on my desk, unwashed from a previous project.

I always love a challenge to use up my leftovers, think of it as creative time as well as cleaning your desk. While I really enjoyed the "clean" look to this journaling style, I found that I didn't use as many leftovers as I hoped due to a lack of layering. Maybe next time I can mix the two styles to get the best of both worlds.



SewPaperPaint said...

Kate, I absolutely adore this journal! It's a fantastic idea to make upright with paper bags. The black frame really looks cool against your sturdy pages and I love the overall beach/travel theme. Thanks so much for inspiring us yet again! Hugs, Autumn

Claudia N. said...

Love this to bits, Kate! xxx

Ellie Knol said...

LOVE it .. the first one is my favorite!