Thursday 27 January 2022

2022 Topic 02: Pattern Play {by Nikki Acton} with Tracy Scott Stamps

Hi everyone, it's Nikki from Addicted to Art with you today, and I'm here to share a piece of Wall Art using new stamps from Tracy Scott.

These stamps are ideal for our current topic of Pattern Play. I decided I wanted to incorporate one of the new stencils as well, so chose to create a paint stencilled background with the stamp images collaged on top.

I used a restricted palette - creating different 'tones' of the same colour by adding white and black. (Adding black is called a Shade, adding white is called a Tint.)

To begin I gathered my supplies to decorate my wooden panel (6x6inches). One colour - PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic - Blue Jeans (FF168) along with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic - Snowflake (FF15) and PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic - Little Black Dress (FF19). To create the pattern I used PaperArtsy Stencil by Tracy Scott (PS307). To see the post showing her newest stamp and stencils released in January 2022, visit here.

Firstly I painted the panel black all over. The stencil contains several 'pie quarter' shapes, which can be used in many ways - including making a full circle. I started each quarter with my palest colour in the middle (Blue Jeans + Snowflake), then Blue Jeans, and finally Blue Jeans + Black towards the edges.

If you would like to see this process in more detail - there is a short video below.

You can see my sponging of colour is not perfect! The wooden panel isn't a smooth surface so if you are doing on paper it should be a little easier - but either way - with the additional layers that follow, you will soon see - it really doesn't need to be perfect!


The next step was to create my pattern of stamped images - to go on top of the stencilled panel. I felt I needed to do this BEFORE adding additional colour / highlights to the background - so that I highlighted the correct areas.

I stamped quite a few images from Tracy Scott stamp sets 66 and 68. (TS066 and TS068) (see the new post showing her new sets here).

This allowed me to play with patterns! Here is another one I am playing with - this helps me decide where I need to add some white and coloured highlights over my paint (and where I would be wasting my time as it is going to be covered up!)
Once I had decided on my pattern I added some shading and highlights with Prismacolour Premier coloured pencils in Light Aqua and True Green along with a Posca Pen in white.

Finally I added colour to my stamped images for my focal pattern using the same colour pencils.

These curved stamps are amazing - 4 of them fit perfectly to make a circle and the little flower is great on its own!
To finish, I adhered my shapes to the wooden panel.

When I get some new stamps, especially ones like this - I do like to stamp and fussy cut them out - this allows me to play around with patterns and shapes. I might take a photo of something and then that leads to me to trying something else.



SewPaperPaint said...

I LOVE the ombre sponging on this background and how beautifully you layered the bold elements atop. Gorgeous inspiration, Nikki, thank you!

Victoria Wilding said...

Everything from the colour palette to the layout of the pattern is stunning! Such an inspiration 😊 Thank you

Helen said...

the stencilled background is stunning before you eve add the stamped pattern on top - love this project Nikki!

Words and Pictures said...

Love the superb air-brushed look of the ombre shading - brilliant to lead the eye inwards on this wonderful "tiled" panel.
Alison x

Etsuko said...

Absolutely gorgeous project Nikki!! I love your ingenious pattern play, Tracy's use of imagery and great composition and ideas is always inspiring. Just brilliant!! xx