Saturday 13 November 2021

2021 Topic 14: Mash Up LPC EGL EAB {by Jennie Atkinson}

   2021 Topic 14: Mash Up LPC EGL EEV EAB

Byzantine colours and altering the stamped images themselves (watch out for the tilt!) meld together with a subtle background to produce a journal page featuring a thoughtful muse. Jennie has pushed herself to abandon her favourite 'go-to's' and embraced the new rather beautifully.
~ Keren

Hi everyone, it's Jennie (Live the Dream) with you today sharing my type of project which is a mash up of three different designers - Lynne Perella, Gwen Lafleur and Alison Bomber.

There are always certain stamps which you go to over and over but just lately I have put my "go to's" away in the hope that new ones would appear. And yes they I knew they would! In order to combine the larger number of stamps for this project I find it easier to create a background using a Gel Plate as I can then combine stamps both within the background paints and when over-stamping. 

As soon as I saw this new Lynne Perella face I immediately thought of Alison's wonderful quote: "She is in a world of private dreams and not with us". So it was a joy to create a journal page around this quote and adding in some lovely stamps from Gwen Lafleur and a mix of traditional Byzantine colours in the process (they are not always just purple! - check out medieval mosaics and architecture).

The first step was to create a background paper using my Gel Plate. I am a great fan of the Fresco Blues and had initially thought to make my lovely heroine an Ice Queen. But as usual things take a different turn once one starts creating! Unfortunately I had not realised that Ice Blue has been discontinued a while back, but Wolf Eye would make a nice substitute.

Pine Grove                Baltic Blue

Snowflake                Wolf Eye

These wonderful mosaic stamps by Gwen are some of my favourite stamps and I don't think I will ever tire of using them. They stamp beautifully into the paint on the plate but it does help to stamp onto a piece of scrap paper between each print if you want a full impression. I go for a mixture of both.

I created three pieces on the plate using ordinary printer paper and decided on using just one piece, over-stamping with the mosaic element again but adding in other smaller stamps including a couple of quotes from the Dreams and Dreaming plate.

You can also see a few of my new "go to's" here. I just love tiny little stamps which fill small spaces and provide a link between text and the larger mosaic stamps. Gwen has added quite a few into her latest stamp sets and I really love them.

Once the paper is cut to size and brown ink blended around the edges the two background layers really do blend together well.

I wanted to use the same Fresco colours for the lovely image (I decided to call her Theodosia !) but for contrast added in a few brighter ones.

Blood Orange                  Pumpkin Soup

I have used the paints neat adding in a smidgen of water to just loosen them up a bit. I tilted her head for the photograph so you could see the extra layer, but decided she looked quite cute so went for a lesser tilt for the final layering.

I haven't added much else as I didn't want to lose the lovely background. I isolated a small circle from the mosaic stamp and gave it a little definition with some musllin.

And a small piece of muslin also "anchored" my main image.

Combining different types of stamps for a journal page or card is a great way of experimenting to find a new style or to create something a little differently. The little circle stamps from EGL17 are wonderful for pulling different areas together and do think about using quote stamps as background text particularly when they expand on the main quote. Quite often my background stamps are from quite different themes but as they are not the main focus it really doesn't matter.

Once again it is lovely to create with such beautiful stamps by PaperArtsy designers - thank you Gwen, Lynne and Alison!

Jennie x

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PaperArtsy said...

Simply gorgeous Jennie, I LOVE your winter icy background!! She looks so thoughtful with the tilted head too!!!

Cocofolies said...

Simply gorgeous indeed, I love this exquisite card full of delicatessen.. It features beautifull these wonderful stamps! xx

Stampers Grove said...

Beautiful project. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...


Lucy Edmondson said...

This is wonderful, Jennie, and I love that you named her! X

Kathi said...

Wonderful! I love the quote and the background you created for Theodosia.

Words and Pictures said...

You are so right... those words suit her perfectly - lovely!
Alison x

SewPaperPaint said...

Jennie, I totally adore this card and how you added pops of color. I know for you and me that doesn't come naturally. But it looks amazing and brings the piece to life. I just love this LP lady and how you made her at home on this card. xx, Autumn