Sunday 7 November 2021

Could you become a PaperArtsy blogger?

The PaperArtsy blog enters its 16th year this month. Flipping heck, how did that happen! Wow those years have absolutely flown by! 

We have always had a loyal and long-term pool of bloggers we work with, and of course, year on year, many continue to partner with us. Occasionally we do need to top up that talented pool with new contributors to ensure we represent the 20 or so different PaperArtsy stamp collections that fall into 4 main categories: cute, quirky, vintage and abstract. Perhaps you would like to be a PaperArtsy blogger too?

We are looking for 6 to 10 creative makers to join the PaperArtsy blogging pool in January 2022 for a one-year (renewable) tenure. Applications are open worldwide, for makers of any media, genre, style and level. 

Applications are open until to Thursday 25th November 2021. Read the information below to find out more, then complete and return the application form. This information is also available in our Facebook group as a pinned post  'PaperArtsy People

Who and what are we looking for?

  • Project makers of all kinds (textile, paper, canvas, jewellery, journalling…)
  • People with interesting and mixed crafty skills (stamping, stencilling, painting, sewing….)
  • That you can clearly explain your creative process and thinking
  • An interest in experimenting and discovering new things

What is required?

  • To make one item every 4-8 weeks (you will choose from 5 proposed topics)
  • To make any type of item you wish with the PA products you choose
  • To write a blog post and link products within it (if applicable) to the PA website
  • That you have good photography skills (lighting, close up detail, composition)
  • Basic video making (eg a reel) or short video clip within your post is helpful
  • To share your makes on your own social media too.
  • A reasonable English proficiency is helpful (we will help if English is not your first language)
  • That you can manage your time and meet the deadlines you choose

What do you get?

  • 100€ (euro) per post
  • Products of your choice to use per post (two A5 stamps and four paints, or products you prefer amounting to same value)
  • Postage Costs reimbursed (if required to send samples to PA HQ)
  • Exposure on the PaperArtsy blog/ socials
  • The option may arise to be involved with future PaperArtsy projects

How to apply
  • Complete the downloadable application form available here
  • Email your application to Dounia at PaperArtsy here
  • We will contact all applicants within two weeks of the closing date (25 November 2021)

Thankyou for your interest in being part of the PaperArtsy Blogging team!

A bit more about the PaperArtsy Blog...

Our pool of bloggers is selected to represent all the stamp categories we offer: Vintage, Quirky, Cute and Abstract for both new and older products.

This is the first time we have undertaken a public application process. We are super-excited to meet some new faces and learn about your crafty interests.

The PaperArtsy blog is a cherished record. It is our family scrapbook of the wonderful creativity brought to you by talented contributors from across the globe. It is fabulous for us to have one place with fresh content weekly that does not get lost within the algorithms of a social media feed. 

You can absolutely get lost in this extraordinary encyclopedia of art covering all manner of topics: stamping, journalling, card-making, altered/mixed-media art, textile, clay, jewelry, assemblage.

Not only is it an important educational and communication tool for us, and our designers, it also has been invaluable tool as proof of copyright. We couldn't possibly have known, when we started blogging 16 years ago, that we would be using 'new product' announcements from years before, as one proof of IP ownership to help remove pirated listings from online shops! 

Our stockists around the world look to us for class project or demonstration ideas with PaperArtsy products, new and old. 

And, of course, customers worldwide use the blog (and the long-reaching search facility) to find posts on a specific product code, theme or designer to discover ideas and inspiration.

Many of our designers release anything from once a year to every 3-4 months, all of our designers, even those who have not released with us recently, are kept in the loop of what is going on at PAHQ. It's so nice they are interested in staying in touch.

We manufacture all our products on site ourselves, so we have all the moulds for every stamp design every made - it's quite a library! If we need a design we press it! 

I have never seen every single design pressed and hanging up on display in one place, that would be quite a sight!

OK that is all from me. You will find the Blogger application form here and once you have filled it out, email it over to Dounia. We will respond to every applicant who applies and keep you informed.



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Glennis F said...

What a great opportunity Leandra, I only wish I was talented enough to apply