Monday 4 October 2021

2021 Topic 12 : Sustainable Crafting with TS {by Etsuko Noguchi}

   2021 Topic 12: Sustainable Crafting

Etsuko thought about how to create a really useful item for this post. She has made an accordion folder with pockets, perfect for storing ephemera or loose small papers. But she also made (and beautifully decorated) an envelope for each of the gaps in the folder. So many great ideas within this and I think we all really love to create and end up with an item that has a purpose.
~ Leandra

Hi everyone, It's Etshko(My favorite things) with you today, and I'm here to share with you Handy Holder with Envelope packets. I chose this project because it is a fun way to remake and reuse the parcel packages and direct mail envelopes and little less waste. It's also a great way to spend my time working with lovely designer Tracy Scott stamps and my favourite Frescos colours.

The first step was to make the masterboards. Fresco paints were printed on a thick sheet of printing papers using a Gel Plate. Using the technique I learnt in Tracy Scott's workshop 'Index Card Art 2', I spread a thin layer of the above Fresco Chalk Acrylic ( Banana, Cerise, Cerulean and Electric Violet in my case) but you can use any colours you like choice. Then one colour at a time, print onto the Gelli Plate. Mist with water using a spray bottle on the Gelli Plate, use a brayer to blend the water and paint, then use an eyedropper to drip Isopropyl Alcohol in places and print on paper. The circles like this will appear where the alcohol has been dripped. Repeat this process until you get a nice shade, and then you will have some masterboards. As always, this process is very enjoyable with many happy accidents.

The next step is to make the cover for the holder, using my favourite Tracy's stamps that are used over and over. I cut a used parcel package to the size of the holder. I then used two sheets of Gel-prinedt papers in similar shades and stamped Tracy Scott set 054 and 057 (TS054, TS057) randomly in Ranger Archival ink (Leaf Green and Blue Violet) to cover and pasted the holder base. Next, I stamped the three mandalas of (TS055) with Ranger Archival ink (Jet Black) on Smoothy (Heavyweight) A4 white card. On the same piece of paper, painted Fresco Chalk Acrylic (Cerulean, Electric Violet and Zucchini) and stamped three small mandala of (TS055) in the same number in Ranger Archival ink (Jet Black), cut and stick it in the holder as shown in the picture. Size of the holder--Length 8 1/4" (21cm), Height 5 1/4" (13cm), Depth 3/4 (2cm).

I wanted a slightly darker colour so I added Fresco Chalk Acrylic ( Southern Skies )

The majority of the paper is used for the dividers and bellows of the holder itself, leaving some for the envelope collage.

This is the front, I put the clasp on it, using Fresco Chalk Acrylic (Cerise) and Tracy Scott set 055 (TS055) and black elastic band.

And the back.

The holder itself useful enough, but I made the pocket in it that can be removed, using a direct mail envelopes. I though it would be fun to make a collage on top of it and remake it. Each envelope was coated with White gesso and once dry, the same as the masterboard technique was used to print the envelopes with the Gelli Plate.

I used my finger to apply Fresco Chalk Acrylic ( Banana, Cerise, Cerulean and Electric Violet ) on the Smoothy ( Heavyweight ) A4 white card. I then stamped Tracy's lovely floral stamp set 061 and 058 ( TS061, TS058 ) Fuchsia and Magnolia and Mandala set 055 ( TS055) in Ranger Archival ink ( Jet Black ) on the card and  cut them to use as the focal point of each envelope. Also I used masterboards leftover as a rectangular and circular cutlayer.

The final touch is  the addition of the sentiment from Emma Godfrey's flower set 14 ( EEG14 ) to the holder.

The theme of Sustainable Crafting was bit difficult for me, and thinking about how to reuse limited resources - I need to use up lots of my old supplies too. Also I made this because I think it's about being able to collaborate and create/work with stamps and stencils from wonderful designers and then turn it into something good. Then share it with people and have fun connecting all the time. 
Hope you enjoy it.
Thank you so much for visiting.
Etsuko xxx

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PaperArtsy said...

Absolutely gorgeous post Etsuko. And a totally useful folder too!! Beautiful colours too! Thanks for sharing with us all!!

Flo Langley said...

Stunning. Always a treat to see your projects Etsuko. :)

Helen said...

The folder is gorgeous, it looks beautiful.

A Pink said...

Fabulous Handy Holder with envelopes, Etsuko. Wonderful colourful creativity throughout and such a great project idea for the theme .
Tfs x

SewPaperPaint said...

This is such a gorgeous project Etsuko! I love how you have masterfully used each stamp on these exquisite masterboard papers. I am completely smitten by this project and will revisit again to draw new inspiration, thank you! xx, Autumn

Words and Pictures said...

Such fabulous bold, bright florals, Etsuko - wonderful work.
Alison x