Monday 25 October 2021

2021 Topic 13: Tiny (News) Print TOPIC INTRODUCTION

2020 Topic  13 - Tiny (News) Print

Hi everyone, Keren here with some great news; it's a NEW..s topic! Ok, it's not really news but I love anything miniature and 'type' so I am really excited to see what our blogger team come up with. 
I have visions of miniature newspapers used to cover doll forms and the tiny font trimmed out and used to highlight or title some art work. Could the project be large and the type small or will we see tiny art pieces with tinier words? 

Starting with alphabet beginnings, there were some wordy wonders in the PaperArtsy blog. Anneke de Clerck will often rustle up something modern and vibrant and this set of Christmas greetings is no exception. 

Having a small amount of tiny text draws your eye from the amazing lace and floral frenzy that Tracy Scott excels at.

Sneaking this one in to the PaperArtsy section; whilst Alison didn't create this for the blog, as she's practically our chief 'word' designer, I couldn't resist this splattered beauty.

Some of you will be very familiar with the concept of 'One Word'; a popular way of considering how you will focus your attention on the year ahead. This artist, Erin Lee decided to write points springing from her (two!) One Word for that year. Adding those white shadows really lifts the tiny text.

Using a myriad of fonts, in different sizes can be a challenge, but this is a wonderful example of using bold and soft type in both the title and background.

This is a clever way of combining art and poetry. The poem is produced from the book page and the design drawn on top.

Carme Magem is known for creating famous women of note in a collage style and you can spy different tiny words dotted around the beautiful faces. How beautiful.

Lots of us love a good bit of decoupage and what better than to create quirky decorative birds with interesting book pages.

Julia Strand produces amazing book engravings and her work is really varied but often uses texts in the pieces. This almost technical looking piece is a real contrast of black and white layers.

Using hydrangea petals and glueing them under tissue paper over some beautiful tiny handwritten words on paper produces a unique product that the artist cut into little hearts.

Tiny words given the spotlight to create texture and form in a journal style page is a clever way of using text. the undulating watery effect has a magical quality and the artist has used white space to great effect too.

You want tiny newsprint? Well this is possibly the tiniest type I've ever seen in the teeniest book. Isn't it clever ?!

Whilst you can use tiny font on a larger art piece, why not go the whole hog and get creating on small canvases like these miniature examples from Kasia Avery.

Letters aren't restricted to paper and book pages. If you sew, you'll always need a needle case and isn't this a lovely one!

We're heading towards Christmas and this inspired Advent Calendar has many inspired ways to use letters and words. How many examples can you spot?

Hope you've enjoyed some initial exploration into the topic. I'm sure we're going to see some miniature masterpieces and tiny font focused pieces over the next two weeks.

If you want to create along with us while we explore this topic, please share your makes on our social feeds so we can follow along. Instagram @paperartsy or why not join us and post in the PaperArtsy People Group on Facebook. Make sure you tag us in your contributions, we love to see what you get up to in your creative world!



Helen said...

Missed this yesterday, what beautiful teeny masterpieces!

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Lovely post!