Tuesday 19 October 2021

NEW PaperArtsy Products: Eclectica³ Seth Apter {October 2021}

  Eclectica³ Collection {Seth Apter}

October 2021 New Product Announcement

A note from Leandra:
We are so pleased to bring you this release from Seth Apter. We really enjoy his mark-making style of stamps, they are wonderful to add texture and depth to your layers as you create. Seth is a collage expert, so he often creates lots of collage elements, from gel-printing onto deli papers, or regular copy paper, those thin layers are added with glue to his main projects.This series is about connections, change, and as ever there is some urban New York influences in there too. Seth is so good at sharing his process, head over to PaperArtsy People shortly to find out a bit more about this style of creativity where he will share via live stream his new release.
Seth's stamps are available EXCLUSIVELY from our approved stockists for the next 3-4 months. You will find a list at the foot of this blog post.
Hi everyone, it's Seth Apter here with you today. I am always excited on the day of a new release. After months of designing, planning, prepping, and waiting, I get to share my newest designs with you all. And will soon get to see the magic you will create with them.

I approach my design work the same way I begin an artwork: with a lot of inspiration and no particular plan. As I continue to create, ideas and themes emerge and I am off. At first glance my three new stamp sets may just looks like grungy, mixed media designs. And while that is true, the inspiration behind each set relates to different aspects of my current life in a world that has drastically changed in recent times. Keep on reading to see the stamps, my artwork, and the thoughts behind each set.

  New Stamps
Price: RRP €21.92 +VAT
Size:5" x 6" (13 x16.5cm)
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam, presented in a clear hanging bag
with a laminated storage/index sheet.

Eclectica³ Seth Apter Set 25 (ESA25)

 The theme of set ESA25 is connections.

Found and Gathered has been a bit of a guiding principle for me these past few years and the phrase reflects the theme of connection seen in this set. I decided to honor that by making this stamp. I added some extra design detail to this stamp so that it can be used as a strong focal point. I love options and placed the words in such a way to make it easy for you to choose to use the words found or gathered separately as well.


Harmony, the second of the two word stamps in this set, also speaks directly to the theme of connection and many of the bigger issues going on in our world. A perfect word for journaling, the many swirls around the word enables you to draw inside the lines and add your choice of colors.

Circles have always been one of my favorite shapes and definitely symbolizes unity to me. The many circles, all connected here, enable you to use this stamp as is or to cut the circles apart to form individual elements that can then be layered or stacked. And once again, they are asking to be colorized - especially with a translucent paint or ink so the text shows through.

Connections are all about communication and language is often at the core of communication. This alphabet stamp, based on a vintage letter board, is filled with words that connect us -- many through art: Paint, Layer, Violet, Orange, Hue, Brush and Fresco, to name a few.

This piece of art uses the three grungy design elements in the set. While all abstract, they also represent aspects of connection. Think connecting the dots in the stamp used repeatedly in the background. One of the designs resembles tracks that may bring us from one place to another to make connections. And finally the very splatty, grungy circle represents the unity of us all in these very chaotic and frenetic times.

Eclectica³ Seth Apter Set 26 (ESA26)

 The theme of set ESA26 is urban abstraction.

I have spent a lot of these past months looking out my window. When you live in NYC you see buildings. And more buildings. The three stamps used in this piece were all inspired by these structures out my windows. But they are abstract representations and can be seen and used as so much more. They can be journaling blocks, swatch stamps, mark making containers, or simply background texture. 

The number stamp is based on elevator panels, subway line names, building floor numbers, and counting the days. I chose this layout of the design because I love a good corner stamp because I often begin a piece and work from the corner.

This border stamp is my abstracted version of every block in NYC - filled edge to edge with buildings. I also see it as the perfect element to place on the margin of a list or to use as a guide for a story in your journal.

So many buildings in NYC are surrounded by scaffolding and the city is filled with grates. The background of this stamp is my abstract interpretation of these ubiquitous metal objects that fill the streets. And the phrase - Attitude Gratitude - speaks for itself!

Eclectica³ Seth Apter Set 27 (ESA27)

 The theme of set ESA27 is changes.

Nothing represents changes more than the seasons. This foliage word stamp can be used year round but is of course perfect for this time of year with the change in season upon us.

They say that time changes everything and these two different circle stamps represent this concept. Think gears in a clock, the circle of life, or the rings within the trunk of a tree. Besides, who doesn't love a circle stamp?!?!

While this stamp morphed into the design of a very cool color wheel, it started with the idea of a periscope, radar, or steering wheel -- basically agents of direction and change.

As time passes and life changes, we all want to make our mark. Well...mark my words...stamps like these will help you do just that. The design of this phrase includes a line that could be a measuring tape or possibly a timeline, or maybe just a cool, grungy detail. The background of this piece was made using loose impressions of the abstracted tire track stamp, which when turned on its side can also become a journaling block. At the top of this piece is the grungy circle from set ESA25. No special meaning there but rather simply because it is a favorite of mine from the new releases! 

The third word stamp in the set - changes, chances - sums it up. Make them and take them.

 Fresco Paints
Price: RRP €4.58 +VAT
Size: 50 ml

Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Paints are a matte finish paint, with opacity varying from translucent, semi-opaque or opaque (see the hand-painted chevron on each bottle).

These paints are low VOC, UV resistant, clean up in water and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as well as perfect for all manner of surfaces: fabric, wood, card, paper, chipboard, leather and more.

They do not require an undercoat, these are chalk based, therefore every option is like a coloured gesso; the opacity determines the level of coverage. Thin with any PaperArtsy glaze to increase the translucency to your preference.

Here is a reminder of the full range of Seth's paint, 24 colours colour.... don;t worry there will be additions in 2022, we are working on them already!



Thank you so much for taking this time to look through my new stamp releases and read my inspiration behind the stamp sets. I hope you were inspired by the designs, the stories behind them, or both.

To learn more about me and to see what I am up to, feel free to have a visit to: 



James D (Stampers Grove) said...

Stunning samples Seth and congratulations on 3 fabulous stamp sets!

Helen said...

Fabulous mark making stamps Seth, and of course amazing samples

PUFF said...

Seth, so excited about the new stuff.
Awesome artwork. Can't wait to see what I can do.


PaperArtsy said...

I love the themes behind these stamps Seth! They really resonate - connections, urban abstraction and changes. Beautifully thoughtful!

Seth said...

Thanks PaperArtsy and those of you who left comments. Thrilled to be able create these stamps and see what you all do with them.

bockel24 said...

LOVE all your samples - wow, those colours!