Tuesday 7 July 2020

2020 #12 It's My Life with Hot Picks {by Lynn Good}

2020 Topic 12: Typography

Art is an absorbing process and Lynn shows us how to keep persevering with a page until you get it just right. Adding layers upon layers gives amazing detail.  Her painted stencilled tissue paper looks particularly effective and all the lovely doodling creates real expression for the stamped face.
~ Keren.

Hi everyone, it's Lynn Good (Memories on the page) with you today and I'd like to share with you an art journal page that I have created for this week's theme "Typography".

I began this page as a single page and it took over and became a double page ! Let's see how I created this.

I did start with an idea -  I knew the stamp set I wanted to use (well two).  They are HP1504EZ and HP1802EZ

I wanted to created a background using the stamps and tissue paper so I started randomly stamping.  The tissue paper I used is nothing fancy - actually tissue that came with a pair of shoes that I brought!

I liked the page so much that I decided to adhere it in my journal page just as it is.  I have used a Decoupage glue for this.

I then added some crackle texture paste through Stencil PS166 - once this was semi dry (as I don't have a lot of patience!) I applied Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Paints - Coral and Red Lipstick.  I sprayed them with water and then used the stencil to dab and blot onto the next page.


I then added some Zesty Zing for highlights.

Now to push it all to the background a little! For this I have used Stencil PS187 and Snowflake Paint with a makeup sponge.

Of course, then Murphy's Law!!!  The background stamps were lost more than I would have liked so out with the stamp ink and put some more on!!  The fun part of Art Journalling is layer, layer and layer!

I then decided I needed a focal point and that focal point needed a background - so I used the same colours through stencil PS137 on tissue.

While I was waiting for this to dry, I was looking at the opposite page where I had put the excess paint from the first stencil and thought - maybe I could incorporate that page so they blended together.

So I added the extra paint I had left over onto the page

I decided to use the Stencil PS187 that I had used on the previous page with Snowflake paint, but this time I used it with the crackle paste. (not sure where that photo ended up but the photo below does show this step!)

I then needed to add some more of the stamps, so back to the tissue stamping and adding images.  I got so involved in this stage that I forgot to take photos!  You will see behind the head that I have added the tissue with the paint through the stencil I did previously as well as some line working with black paint pen on the left of the page.  I also added some black paint around the edges of the page.

But it still did not feel complete so I decided to sleep on it for the night.

I decided that it needed more work, some of the "flowers" buds coloured in and some random marks here and there with colour and black.  I needed to scribble around the head in both black and white, and highlight the eyes.  Once this was done I was happy with the result.  

Here are some close ups:

I hope that you have enjoyed this process - sorry it was lengthy!  But sometimes the pages need to take on their own journey and so what started out as a single page focusing on stamped images tissue morphed into a double page!

Lynn xx


Miriam said...

Fabulous project.... I often have to wk away and go back!

PaperArtsy said...

Wow this turned out fabulous Lynn!