Thursday 30 January 2020

2020 #2 A Hint of Spring: A Piece of Art with ESA Minis {by Amanda Pink}

2020 Topic 2: A Hint of Spring

Amanda's post showing us step by step how she's created her multi layered piece is a really useful resource for those wanting to get more texture into their art. The addition of the heat embossed accents provide a real fabulous depth of focus to the piece.

Hi everyone, it's Amanda ( ink-a-pink) here with you today, and I'd like to share with you the project I have created for the current topic: 'A hint of Spring!'.

It seems that as the New Year came in one door, my creative mojo walked out the other so I welcomed the opportunity to create something for this topic using some of PaperArtsy's fabulous products. I was sure they would help the mojo return. So, I had no real direction or definite plan of what I would actually create I simply 'played' around and enjoyed the products. From doing this my mojo returned and my finished project was realised. It is a multi-layered mixed media art panel that features some of PaperArty's Jan 2020 new release paint and stamps.

Have you seen PaperArtsy's Jan release of new Fresco Finish Acrylic Paint colours? They really are something special. Be sure (if you haven't already) to stop by here to see them in all their beauty! From the newbies I chose to work with the blue and pink shades: MarblesBlue MoonBlue BayouMauveGlobe Thistle and Grape.

I also added a couple of oldie but goodies PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic paints: Snowflake and Inky Pool.
All these colours evoke thoughts of Spring for me.

The Jan 2020 new release stamps are just as fabulous as the new paint colours. Something for everyone; the choice is yours! I was very happy to have the chance to work with some of PaperArtsy new Eclectica (Seth Apter) mini  stamp collection (EM49, EM51, EM52).


Both the larger and smaller background panels were created in the same way. They each have layer upon layer of detail, colour and texture all of which were created using Seth Apter's mini stamp designs and the Fresco Finish Paints mentioned and shown above.

There was a lot of repeat stamping involved and as I stamped with paint there was also plenty of cleaning up the stamps with water (a necessity when using stamps with acrylic paint!).
I worked on PaperArtsy Heavy Smoothy card which I later adhered to PaperArtsy Heavy Grey/ White Board to give the panels some sturdiness for display. 

For the first couple of layers I simply brayered the card with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic Paint: Marbles and Mauve. This added just the right amount of colour and texture to then build upon. It also prevented any chance of 'blank page/ white fright' syndrome setting in!

To create all the subsequent layers I used one of Seth Apter's mini stamps with one of the Fresco Finish colours.

EM51 stamped with Blue Bayou (LHS), EM51 stamped with Snowflake(RHS).

EM49 stamped with Globe Thistle(LHS) ,EM49 stamped with Blue Moon (RHS).

EM51 stamped with Grape(LHS), EM49 with Snowflake (RHS).

EM49 with Inky Pool. I love how Inky Pool seem to 'lift' the whole piece and bring it to life.Inky Pool is a translucent paint so it added some deeper tones without hiding any of the other colours.

So that's 9 layers so far, just one more to go.

EM49 (just the circle part of the design) stamped with Snowflake. I really like the almost 'ghost' stamped impression that the circle/ snowflake stamping created. The addition of EM49 to the background panels also helped unify them with the circle embellishments that I created to use as part of the focal feature.

I painted some off cuts of PaperArtsy Heavy board with two of the PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic paints I used in the backgrounds: Grape and Inky Pool.
I then heat embossed the painted board multiple times (maybe 5 or 6) and stamped the circle part of the EM49 into the molten powder.

After cutting out the embossed circles I accentuated the grooves of the circle design with  Snowflake Fresco Finish Acrylic paint. I was really pleased with how these turned out. The matte finish, all the peaks and troughs of the circles within the stamp design would not been achievable if I had simply stamped the design onto painted card.

With the backgrounds and embellishments created all that remained was to bring them  together in a cohesive design. Here's a a few close ups of the finished Art Panel.

I hope by getting you a little closer, you will be able to see the layers and depth of colour, detail and texture that can be created by using some of PaperArtsy stamp designs with their Fresco Finish Acrylic paints.

I enjoyed creating this piece, especially seeing the layers develop and the anticipation of whether the next one I added would work or not. Had I chosen the right stamp? Had I chosen the right colour? Of course, it didn't matter too much really as there was always the option for another layer! 

Thanks for joining me today.
Keep on Creating

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Helen said...

Fabulous project Amanda!! Gorgeous colours.

Words and Pictures said...

Amazing layers of colour and texture, Amanda - and I love how the embossed stamped swirls at the heart of it are echoed in the background, especially in ghostly white. A great tutorial too, thank you.
Alison x

Miriam said...

This is so gorgeous!

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is absolutely superb, Amanda! So textural and you are so brilliant with Seth's stamps. I love when you added the blue! The homemade embellishments are inspired! X

Jenny Marples said...

Oh those layers!!!! Each layer of patterning compliments and enhances the last and working together they form the perfect background to your handmade embellishments. A total twist on the spring theme. Love it!

Etsuko said...

Stunning project Amanda, cool colours and beautiful design. xx

A Pink said...

Thank you so much Miriam, Jenny, Lucy, Alison and Helen for your kind words and visits. I really do appreciate .

Corrie Herriman said...

Fantastic !
Corrie x

PaperArtsy said...

totally gorgeous Amanda.

A Pink said...

Thank you Etsuko, Corrie and PaperArtsy for your lovely comments and visits . They mean alot .PaperArtsy its always a pleasure and an honour to be able to creat with your fabulous products - thank you for the opportunity xx

A Pink said...
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