Sunday 5 January 2020

2020 #1 Topic Introduction: Love is in the Air

 2020 Topic 1: Love is in the Air

It's a New Year and with a raft of new topics coming at you from the creative minds at PaperArtsy, we're beginning a topic that's not been covered much over on the blog, despite it being a universal language and something most of us will have experienced during our lifetime. Whether you are in love with the idea of it, or simply swoon at the thought of it, we're advancing into the theme of love. Now love can mean so many things to different people; it might be the way you'd  express how you feel about your artistic endeavours, a person, a member of your family or your favourite team/food/chocolate brand etc! 

I'm sure we'll see a real divergence in the way this topic inspires the bloggers, and as usual, we'd love you to create along with us. Think of these themes as a 'kick-start' for your arty downtime. I've tried to show lots of different ways we might think about love; literally, abstractly, spiritually and culturally, but whatever it means to you, I hope you will enjoy some of these clever projects. Where would the topics be without the talented bloggers who provide us with bundles of inspiration? 

The first three projects are from our own PaperArtsy bunch with three ways to tackle the topic. Firstly, a very 'romantical' tag from Alison Bomber who always has just the right sentiment stamp for any love-ly occasion!

We have seen Chris Dark using Zinski characters to great aplomb previously, so I chose another of her projects. She makes these characters look adorable and perfect in miniature too.

The final way of treating the topic from our PaperArtsy trio is using humour. Lauren is excellent at this, and this fun mini canvas brings a real smile to my face!

Paper Artsy - Elenazinski Art Cling Mounted Rubber Stamps - Elenazinski Art 21
Lauren Hatwell

Sometimes the idea of love is illustrated by accident (or was it intentional?!). This flock of birds created the perfect shape and was captured at just the right time.

The heart shape can be pulled around, squished, elongated and still it is recognisable. This example uses words and imagery. I love all the tiny details; the shading, spiralled wire, 'sewn in' key and manuscript. Swoon-worthy indeed.

Capturing how we feel about love or loved one has often had people in torment; trying to find the right words or phrase. This creative is obviously from the same ilk as Elizabeth Barrett Browning! I'm not sure 'you smell good' has the literary romanticism of Elizabeth's sonnet, but I reckon the effect on the recipient would be the same!

'Love is a many splendoured thing' crooned Andy Williams and I'd argue that this little arty piece of love is a many layered thing. Love is a deep experience for many echoed in the deep blues which represent the sea. I'd definitely love you if you made me something like this!

Artistically, it's interesting to see how people represent love. This simple but so effective use of stones creates unique pieces. The different wear from the sea's waves on each stone produces an individual piece- akin to the uniqueness of a relationship between people.

Love for some people is with regards to some four (or even two) legged friends. Pets certainly capture a large portion of our hearts. I thought this piece was a great idea example of using string art, and could imagine some beautiful projects using different fibres and the nails in a heart shape.

Going out on a limb a little, I was struck by this ingenious piece of art created by a teenager. I love the way that the heart is protected by the guitar 'doors' and that the music comes directly from the heart! 

This next collection of Mexican folk art reminds me of the exuberance of emotion when love is in the air. 

This enchanting paper project has incredible tiny details. Whilst they are flowers rather than hearts, I imagine they could equally be hearts and the candlelight and boat evoke a romantic atmosphere.

One of the times of life where love is most definitely in the air, is around wedding nuptials. This gorgeous design has an exquisite seal, watercolour and vellum. Softness, subtlety and beauty.

Jim Dine is a fascinating artist. I thought this was a powerful image. You can almost hear the heart beating and is contrasted by a beautiful botanical background.

This riotous mural is on a sidewalk in New York City. Apart from the wonderful colours, I thought the bows on the jeans were wonderful too!

Love is often complicated with layers of assumptions and misunderstanding. I thought that this was echoed perfectly in this wonderfully exuberant example.

For many, love is not just about what you feel yourself, but what you can do for others. The self sacrifice of love. I love these colours and textures and the thought provoking text.

Simple pure love- such as from a child is a beautiful thing. This piece is delicate and un-fussy with a wonderful 'you make my heart smile' as a sentiment.

To finish the topic, I'm including this simple fabric based project. It cleverly uses a coat hanger to display it. The embroidery is a perfect finishing touch.

We would adore to see how this topic brings out your love themed creativity.
If you want to create along with us, please share on our social feeds so we can see what you get up to.  

The best places are Instagram @paperartsy or post in PaperArtsy People Group on Facebook. Make sure you tag us in your contributions, we love to see what you get up to in your creative world! 


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Great topic - ad such wonderful inspiration.

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Amazing creations on the subject!

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such a great post love all the inspiration especially the makes by your team! That zinski make is too stinking cute! Well done Chris!