Saturday 16 November 2019

2019 #18 Shaving Foam: Mixing it Up with EGL and EKD {by Amanda Pink}

2019 Topic 18: Shaving Foam

Amanda is back with part 2 of her experimental shaving foam project and in this post she is exploring ripples that the foam creates in her prints. ~Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Amanda (ink-a-pink) here with you again today, and I'd like to share with you the second project I have created for the current topic: Shaving Foam. 
After yesterday's creative fun I was curious and keen to try out other ways of using the shaving foam within my creativity to create interesting and effective results. All of which resulted in my finished project - an 8x8 Art Panel. 

I used PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic paints with my shaving foam, initially working with three colours: Green Patina, Smoked Paprika and China.  


The first way I used the foam was by adding a drop of each colour onto their own individual 'blob' of shaving foam.

I then mixed the paint into the foam. As the foam is white it lightened the colour tone of the paints (top line) like it would if you were to mix the paints with white paint such as PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic Paint : Snowflake. (bottom line) 

To apply the foam/ Fresco Finish mix onto PaperArtsy Heavy Super Smoothy card I used a PaperArtsy brayer, working one colour at a time. 
Both the foam/ Fresco Finish mix and the loose braying created some lovely 'ripple' effects. 

After I'd brayered all three of the mixes I felt the panel still needed something more so I added a few more PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic Paints into the mix: Butternut and Midnight (no foam added) 

I  thought Butternut to add a touch of warmth and Midnight to add the dynamic and bring the  whole piece to life.
The second way I used the foam was by mixing it into some PaperArtsy Grunge Paste along with some PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic paintAntarctica.

The photo above shows the grunge paste straight from the pot on the LHS and the grunge paste after its been mixed with the foam and the paint on the RHS. 

I applied this mix through PaperArtsy's Stencil by Kim Dellow PS036 

Where I'd mixed the paste into the foam well the texture was smooth.   

Where I hadn't mixed the paste into the foam quite so well the texture was much grungier. 
A great contrast of textures all achieved in one round of stenciling. A win win in my book!

The third and final way I used the Shaving foam was again to mix it with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic Paint, this time Snowflake.

 After covering the stencil with the 'Foam/ Fresco' mix I used the stencil to monoprint. 

 It created a lovely subtle lightly textured print. 

To finish off the background I used some of the stamps from PaperArtsy Eclectica Kim Dellow Collection EKD01 and EKD03

With the panel being quite busy already I thought the simple line designs of the stamps offered just the right amount of extra detail.

For the focal feature I used some of the stamps from one of PaperArtsy new designer stamp sets: Eclectica Gwen Lafleur collection EGL01.  

They are coloured using the initial three PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paints I set out creating with (no shaving foam added). I either used the complete stamp design or part of the stamp design. They all rest on Seth Apter die cuts painted with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic paint: Midnight

I know I've been a bit of a 'creative rebel' veering away from the basic shaving foam technique but I'm pleased I did as I had a lot of curious creative fun along the way and on the whole the ways I've used the shaving foam today proved to be far less messy than yesterday and produced some pretty cool effects and texture.  I just love those 'ripples' . 

If you have never tried creating with shaving foam before then I would encourage you to give it a go. Ok, it can be a little messy but there are ways to control the mess and I'm sure you will have plenty of foamy fun!
Thanks for joining me today/ tonight and yesterday  
Keep on creating 

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Lucy said...

This is amazing, Amanda! I love how you have experimented and moved away from the traditional marbled look. The mix of colours and the linear effect you have created is wonderful, I love it!

Lucy x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Super cool!

Amanda said...

Looks fabulous
Amanda x

Redanne said...

Amanda, the results are fabulous!! Love your project. xx

Words and Pictures said...

Amazing as always, Amanda - your sense of colour and the energy and drama you create always excite me. I love the stencilled texture over the already textural colours. Fabulous!
Alison x

Miriam said...

This is fabulous.... I've loved both your posts.

A Pink said...

Thank you so much Lucy, Miriam, Alison, Anne, Lauren and Amanda for taking the time to stop by and for your lovely kind comments . Both are very much appreciated .
A x

Etsuko said...

Amazing background, gorgeous colours and great shaving foam texture. I love the way you have used the new Gwen's stamps for focal point!  xx

Jenny Marples said...

LOVE the drama of that background Amanda! Adding the stencilling and monoprinting on top of the colourful background so perfectly compliments the Gwen focal points xx

Chris said...

Absolutely STUNNING Amanda, ingenious technique and such a brilliant project!! xx

geezercrafter said...

Fab project Amanda.