Friday 22 November 2019

2019 #18 Shaving Foam: Festive Foam with ETS {by Chris Dark}

2019 Topic 18: Shaving Foam

Chris has taken Infusions and shaving foam to another level; the beautiful marbled results are inspiring. She has some useful observations when comparing them directly with Fresco Chalk Acrylic paints and creates some boldly coloured marbled patterns.

Hi everyone, it's Chris Dark with you today, and I'd like to share my shaving foam projects for this topic. I hadn't ever tried the shaving foam technique before although I'd seen many lovely creations around the web. It's very satisfying to see the results when you lift up your substrate and scrape away the foam. The crispness of the pattern when using Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics was a nice surprise; this is where my results resembled the marbled papers you see on the inside covers of old books.

I added water to Infusions powders to make my liquid watercolours using Blackcurrant, Golden Sands mixed with Slime and Sleight Blue.  This is definitely my favourite use of the shaving foam technique, I love the boldness of the results. You can see below how that looks before my stamping over the top which in all cases doesn't allow it to show through very much but I really like how I get depth in the layers of colour and stamping with a nice background to start with.

Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics were used for the 'shaving foam with paint' technique in Wolf Eye, Blue Smoke, Iceberg, Midnight, Magic Moss, Waterfall, Electric Violet, Purple Rain and Sorbet and Tracey's gorgeous new stamp set ETS32 for the stamping, such a great addition to her line.

I've turned everything into Christmas cards and I like that I can make stamps not intended for Christmas work with the addition of doodling and festive die cuts.

Starting off with liquid watercolours made by adding water to Infusions powders and you don't need that much powder to get a really vibrant colour.

Splashing the Infusions watercolours onto a bed of shaving foam with a fan brush; love this brush for splashing.

All the colours added randomly.

Swirl the colours around with the end of a paintbrush.

Take a print and scrape off the foam. This is my favourite print!

I mixed together Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic in Moss and Midnight and brayered onto the stamp.

I made a pattern all over this sheet. The stamping has a slightly variegated appearance due to the two colours of paint.

Here I've used the paint technique and kept to a blue colour scheme.

On a second print I added some pink to the mix, the effect is crisper with the paints.

A snowflake fest on the next cards, I love how the stamping helps the die cuts to stand out.

This was fun and I'll definitely try it again especially with Infusions trying some different colours and mixing differently on the foam. I hope you'll try it too and let us know your results with Frescos, Infusions or both!

Have a great weekend, I hope you get some art time!

Chris x

Instgram: @chrisd999


Miriam said...

Oh wow Chris.... These are beautiful!

Lucy Edmondson said...

Great effects, Chris!

Lucy x

Jenny Marples said...

Gosh Chris these are so dramatic! Love your colour choices for these wonderful cards x

Etsuko said...

Stunning project Chris, the Infusions marble is so beautiful!! These are lovely works. xx

A Pink said...

Loved seeing and reading about your sf creativity, Chris . Fabulous results both with the frescos and the infusions. Such a cool idea to use your prints to create some lovely Christmas cards- they look wonderful as a background , a stocking and a bauble . TFS x