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2018 Topic 4: Whimsy (Intro and Challenge Links}

 2018 Topic 4: Whimsy

Hi everyone, Darcy here, bringing you another great topic. This time we are launching ourselves into the world of whimsy, and what a delightful place it is too. 

Before we start, let's see who won the Topic 3: Watercolours...

The winner is: Christine from Crafty Endeavours

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So just what is whimsy? according to the dictionary it is quaint, fanciful or humorous, it can also be unusual, unpredictable, playful or odd. It has also been described as strange and without explanation, nonsense, silliness but most importantly it is optimism! It is full of hope, happiness and innocence. 

Mary Derkach
So, let's get whimsical!

Whimsy is not new, here we have the work of Paul Klee from 1928, it is said he had a wanted to make 'secret visions visible' , he did this by concentrating on line, shape and colour and injecting fantasy. 

Paul Klee. Cat and Bird. 1928
Paul Klee
You can see how this influence was carried forward, here is a piece from 1967. 

Sara Catena
Fast forward again to 2015, see the same strong lines, shapes and colours. 

Image result for whimsy cat juliette crane
Juliette Crane
Of course it isn't all about cats! Let's look at some whimsy people. 

There are many artists that are known for their whimsy people, Willowing, Suzi Blu, Andrea Gomoll to name but a few. 

Here is a beginners video from Ady Almanza, if you check out her youtube channel you will find all sorts of helpful videos. 

and another from Marta Lapkowska.

Here we have a journal page from Kate Crane, she has her own distinct style of whimsy people too. 

The Kathryn Wheel: Holiday Doodles
Kate Crane
Another artist you should explore is Micki Wilde, her whimsies are a little more soulful and sometimes sad, but this makes them even more endearing.  

painting by Micki Wilde. She did everything I love, the symbols, the colors, this face... oh and have you spotted the fox ?
Micki Wilde
Take a look at the work of Karen O'Brien, her details and textures are so wonderful. 

15x30" on wood by Karen O'Brien
Karen O'Brien 

There are so many whimsical stamps available for you to have hours of fun colouring in. Some are human, some not so much... like our own range of Zinski stamps. These are delightful, adorable and a 'must have' in any whimsy collection. 

Ann Chuang
The JOFY collection is dull of whimsy elements, flowers, leaves, people, robits...something for everyone. 

Jo Firth Young
This piece is a double whimsy, not only is the hand painted face a whimsy girl, she also has a whimsy hairdo, made completely from Jofy flowers. 

With her bright, fun style we also have stamps from Tracy Scott, some are deliberately flowers, others are abstract shapes that can be made into flowers, but they all have that sense of fun and frivolity that is whimsy. 

Tracy Scott
Colour is one of the important parts of whimsy, take this gorgeous owl from Tamara Laporte, zingy colours that can barely be contained on the page. 

Love, seems to be the only way. This quirky bird agrees! :)
Willowing Arts
Another important aspect is shape, though there is very little colour in this piece we have the fantastic use of shape and line, just look at those cute bobbles. 

sheep image
Ganna Dovgan
This cute pup really tickled me, have a read of the description under the image. 

Hound of the Blankyvilles with caption by RichSkipworth
Rich Skipworth
Animals are often used in whimsy because we see them as cute and innocent, though they tend to be the fluffier species. Sometimes you will see other animals that are not so fluffy, but making them whimsical gives them a more friendly feel. 

Annie Peaker...
Annie Peaker
A spider wouldn't generally be called cute, but here it is made whimsical and that changes everything. What can you think of that would normally make you afraid? how could you make it more friendly?

Image result for whimsy spider art
Lucia Stewart

How do you feel about whimsy parking lines, would this help people park in the right place? it would certainly make me smile. 

Peter Gibson
Birds are always a good bet for whimsy, their shape can be simplified without losing identity, and all sorts of colours work well. 

Fiona S.

Mousies are equally common in the world of whimsy, a perfect example is this little mouse, Evangeline. 

Vanessa Caban 
So are you ready to take a leap into whimsy, go bold, go bright, go silly, whatever you do have lots of fun. 

Don't forget to follow Darcy and Leandra's Pinterest boards if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!

~ Darcy

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Another great post from Darcy and a great theme too!

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Great topic, lots of lovely eye candy for inspiration thankyou! Cathy x

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Can't wait to make a start on this challenge. The inspiration is so much fun,I especially like the one with the hound and his blanket as it reminds me of my Spanish greyhound! He walks around with his blanket on him lol. Xx

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What a fabulous topic Darcy!! and delightful samples. xx

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Congratulations to the lucky winner. This one looks like a fun challenge

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Awesome challenge topic.

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The parking lines are fabulous as is that weird cat at the start of this post. I think this is a great topic and the inspiration is great fun. Thanks Darcy.

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Absolutely wonderful topic. The inspiration posts got my creative juices flowing after a long hiatus. Although all Paper Artsy stamps are amazing, I particularly Love the Cat's Meow stamp series. Cheers

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