Monday 24 September 2018

2018 #16 Reinkers: Colour-Mixed Tag with JoFY {by Keren Baker}

2018 Topic 16: Reinkers

How lovely to have Keren here today! She's been super experimental with re-inkers and Grunge Paste and...shhh.... glitter!! But we'll Totally allow her the glitter as it's a post using the delightful new JoFYChristmas stamps, so that is totally OK!! ~ Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Keren Baker with you today, and I'd like to share with you making a coordinated colour combination by using re-inkers. Truthfully, I was blown away by Jo Firth-Young's stamps and wanted a technique that would be in the background so Jo's stamps could shine!

Sometimes its easy to pick two colours to work together and then at the end of the project, something doesn't quite click. I've used the reinkers both to be an undercoat colour base for the crackle and also to colour the Grunge Paste!

I began with a fun find from the Works - a giant wooden tag purchased for just a couple of pounds. I started off by gessoing it. 

Mixing the reinker with Fresco Finish- Snowflake produced a marbled effect. What was really fascinating was to see the changes once I added the Crackle Glaze

I tried using just the reinker ink as the undercoat before the crackle and it didn't work, but mixed with a Fresco, it worked beautifully. You can see in the photo below. This is because the crackle glaze needs to be sandwiched between 2 coats of paint. So if you tint the paint for the base coat - tadaa! Success!

Once I'd prepped the crackle, I just needed to get on with the rest. If you look carefully at one of the close ups, the Oxide Reinker changed with the top layer of Fresco Finish-Snowflake - the vibrant colour (presumably the dye part of the ink) really shot to the surface and actually was wet pulling through to stain the cracks in the drying top layer. I dabbed it a little and just left the blue to dry by itself. 

I then did something sacrilegious and added both Snowflake Fresco, Reinker AND glitter to Grunge Paste. I'm fairly certain it wasn't designed for this - but the mix helped loosen up my leftover bits at the bottom of my Grunge Paste pot!  Now onto the best bit...the stamps


Once I'd added snow-like dots of modified Grunge Paste, I started stamping lots of stars, baubles and a candle. The beauty of the way that Jo has designed them, is that you're able to cut apart the images and still retain the individual full images - so that certainly makes the sets super versatile.

I coloured in using alcohol markers and felt the candle flame didn't work as I was introducing orange and yellow which seemed out of place, so I trimmed it off. The candle also looked too much in the foreground, so I knocked it back by adding some more Grunge Paste mix which just combined the images better.

I did chicken out of stamping the gorgeous scripty words directly onto the tag as it was going to go onto the paste and crackle so I stamped on the tissue paper that came with my PaperArtsy order and simply added with PVA glue. I just had to add the sequins, Nuvo drops, bead edged wire spirals and attach all the other stamped images.

I think that using the Distress Oxide Reinkers will have varied effects when using with other products as a mixative. Due to the combination of types of ink in the Oxides, they will react differently. I truly love the way they worked with the Frescos as a base in the Crackle Glaze- the vibrant colour rising in-between the crackle. I'd like to see next time whether mixing two colours of oxide reinkers means they separate through the Crackle Glaze or remain mixed. I certainly will be going back to purchase more giant tags too!

Thanks for joining me tonight- I hope you love Jo Firth-Young's stamps as much as I do !
Keren x

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Mac Mable said...

Love how you've used the re-inkers on your super large tag. The crackle glaze looks fabulous and those stamps are wonderful and so contemporary. Glorious tag and thank you for the amazing inspiration and the step by step x.

Helen said...

fabulous tag, love the crackle, and the glitter... might even inspire me to start my C cards... soon(ish)!!

Corrie Herriman said...

Looks fantastic !
Corrie x

Miriam said...

Fabulous Keren. Love this!

Etsuko said...

Stunning big tag project with beautiful reinkers technique and result. xx

Art By Wanda said...

Wonderful project, Keren!!!!

Anneke said...

Love this project Keren! Beautifully styled photos as well!

Lucy said...

What a fantastic post, Keren! Great experiments! And those new stamps are top of my wish list,

Lucy x

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely tag and the process. Just to be clear, was your first layer just Distress Oxide and then the crackle glaze followed by the snowflake paint on top or did you mix oxide and snowflake together?

Words and Pictures said...

That's such a delightful tag, Keren... makes me want to go JOFY-shopping! I love the colours, with just that tiny pop of festive red added to my favourite blues and greens.
Alison x

Keren Baker said...

Pleasure! I mixed oxide reinker with snowflake Fresco for the base layer as just distress oxide over a base of gesso didn’t work well. Then added crackle, then just the snowflake Fresco over the top! xx