Saturday 22 September 2018

2018 #16 Reinkers: Shaving Cream and Reinkers with EKC {by Wanda Hentges}

2018 Topic 16: Reinkers

Ohhh this technique takes me back! I love it when our bloggers revisits a crafty idea from back in the day! Wanda has many cracking ways to manipulate shaving foam !! ~ Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Wanda Hentges with you today, and I'd like to share some cards with you that start with a shaving cream technique background.

I had several different ways to use reinkers on my mind and finally decided to focus in on using them with shaving cream but also touch on a couple of other ways. Marbling with shaving cream is so much fun!!!!  If you've been stamping a long time, you have probably heard of the technique.  Today we are going to focus in on using reinkers with the shaving cream but you can also use sprays and paints.  This is one of those technique where I like to cut a stack of paper and then just play for an hour.  You can learn so much with that play and at the end have a big pile of backgrounds (or the beginnings of backgrounds) to use on future projects. 

For this post I chose to use Distress Ink reinkers but you can use any kind you want and I would recommend trying different kinds and also trying different kinds of paper to see the differences and determine what you like.  I put some shaving cream on a styrafoam plate and spread it out with a palette knife.  I didn't realize until I started that the can of shaving cream I had was almost empty.  Even though I shook it well it wasn't as light and foamy as usual but a little heavier and a bit airy.  It still worked fine.  I dripped 2 light colors on the foam to begin with.  

When I lay the paper into the shaving cream, I hold both ends, bend the paper some, place the center in first, and let the ends down into the cream.  If you lay it down flat you could trap air under the paper that would hold it from the shaving cream creating voids on your paper.  Unless, of course, you want voids on your paper.  I make sure the paper is pressed in everywhere, peel it out of the cream and use a palette knife to scrape the shaving cream off and put it back on the plate.  Then it's important to wipe the rest of the cream off both sides of your paper using a paper towel or old cloth.   

I did use this first piece, as is, to make a simple card.  I stamped images from Kay Carley's set, EKC17 with Archival Ink. 

On a scrap of paper I stamped the small butterfly from EKC02, added color, cut it out and glued it on drawing on an antenna with a black pen. 

I inked the edges of the panel with Distress Ink and then added Metallic Glaze to the edges with my finger.  The Metallic Glaze looks fabulous as you turn the card!!!!

I like to continue using the same shaving cream, just adding more colors, until it's just not good anymore.  I spread what was there back out, dripped on the blue, and swirled with the skewer again.  It's fun to try different patterns of swirling.

I was spreading the shaving cream back out to add color and swirl again but thought it looked cool at this point and took another pull.  

For this pattern I moved the palette knife in a circle and I think it made a really cool pull.

I just had to use that one!!!  The plants are stamped along the bottom with Archival Ink.

Another way to use reinkers is for adding color to pastes.  Here I've added just a drop to some Grunge Paste....

shaving foam... and then I put it through an image from the Kay Carley stencil, PS076.

After I'd stenciled it, I wished I'd gone darker or used another color.  The great thing is, after the paste is dried, you can put the stencil back on and add more color and since the color of the paste was pink, it blends more with the card.

I had more paste then I needed so I added some around the edges with a palette knife.  This makes a great dimensional edge!!!

I still had more paste left so I added more reinker, mixed it up, and grabbed a stencil (PS036) and different background just to use it up.

I didn't use this piece yet but it's always great to have extra backgrounds around.  

I finished this card up with just a splattering of Metallic Glaze and a bow from twine.  

I had set the plate of shaving cream aside and a few hours later this is what it looked like.  I took a pull to see what it looked like.  I laid the paper in just like I had before....  

... It gave a kind of dreamy, airy look to the print.  

I did not move the shaving cream at all.  No going over it with a palette knife and no swirling with a skewer.  I took another print but this time I set the end of the paper down first near the edge of the plate and pressed the paper working from that end to the other end.  I loved the soft blending I got!!!!  

I repeated that same thing a few more times turning the plate a bit each time.  Way cool!!!!!

This time I made a more complex card starting first with braying some colors on - another way to use reinkers.  I love to brayer Distress Oxide reinkers.  I put a small amount of reinker on the craft sheet and with a very light hand run the brayer through the ink and then, again with a very light hand, brayer it onto the paper.

You get a very different look brayering the Oxide reinker verses regular Distress because of the opaque quality of the Oxides.

Here are the same colors on a piece of white cardstock although a bit more of the reinkers squeezed out onto my sheet when I did this piece.

Using stencil, PS042, I added stamping and sponged ink to the piece masking either with paper or tape as needed.

Here I've mixed just a drop of Sunflower Archival Ink reinker with some Transparent Gloss Texture Paste and I'm going to put this through the stencil.  I wanted just a hint of color to the paste so I chose a very light color.  I used Archival reinker because I didn't want the ink to mix with the ink already on my panel.  

Here it is after the paste is all dry.  Cool, huh!!!!

I used a Pitt pen to outline the sections.  Metallic glaze dots were added using the end of a paint brush and Metallic Glaze is added around the edges.  An extra butterfly was stamped, cut out, and glued on. For more dimension, some leaves were added....

I die cut the leaf branch from another background, cut up the branch, used flower tools to create details and shaping, added some ink for more detail and glued them on.  

Bottles of reinkers tend to just sit in a drawer or on a shelf until we have to re-ink the pad that they match but they can actually be a larger part of our creating.  I hope this topic helps you to pull out those bottles and get more use from them.  I look forward to seeing what you create!!!!!  Don't forget to link up in the original topic post.  And if you happen to have a can of shaving cream around, have a play, it is a whole lot of fun!!!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read to the end of this post!!!  

Hugs, Wanda


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Anneke said...

Very inspiring Wanda! You made fabulous cards with the backgrounds as well!

Miriam said...

It looks like you had a wonderful play time Wanda. I love your finished cards. Fabulous.

Words and Pictures said...

These are so pretty, Wanda. I love the delicate stamping which lets those fabulous foamy backgrounds shine.
Alison x

Mac Mable said...

Such a fun technique with the shaving foam. Such unique and fabulous backgrounds. Thank you for the experimenting and the fabulous inspiration x.

ionabunny said...

Wow, mega post. So many beautiful cards. Never tried shaving foam technique. Let me at it!! Hugz

Etsuko said...

Beautiful foam technique works. xx

geezercrafter said...

Love all of your experiments, the dreamy, airy shaving foam rocks!!!

Corrie Herriman said...

Wow, such a great collection. I have never tried the shaving cream technique, but I might now ! Thank you !
Corrie x

Lucy said...

Oh wow, you've got some stunning pulls by making patterns in the foam, absolutely beautiful!

Lucy x