Sunday 1 July 2018

2018 Topic 12: Transfers {Topic Introduction and Challenge}

 2018 Topic 12: Transfers

Well hello everyone, Darcy here with a new challenge, this time we are revisiting an old but sometimes tricky favourite. Transfers can seem almost magical in the way they work and there  are so many techniques. We looked at transfer techniques 2 years ago, if you would like to refresh your memory on that post you can find it HERE.  

It is always good to revisit older themes though as new techniques and artwork are being produced all the time, so let's look at how people are transferring images now. 

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Here is a technique that I have never tried, it requires a laser print copy rather than an inkjet, but lots of places will make copies for you. then all you need is a blender pen, use it on the reverse of the copy and Voila! it transfers. 

FP Jana 

This piece was one in the same way but this time the transfer medium is nail varnish!

Giuli Primavera 
This next sample is done using acrylic paint, it is a very popular and simple method and also works with mod podge and gel medium. 

For those of you that have played with encaustic  art, here is a quick and easy way to transfer an image, again using a toner print but this time onto parchment paper which is reusable. 

Susan Stayer 
Now this next example isn't strictly a transfer method, however it does sort of fit the theme, as it is a way of using one image to create another. if you like the look of watercolour portraits but don't feel confident in drawing then this is for you. 

This sample shows how a transfer looks when placed over a gelli printed background, wow, how well does this pop!

Birgit Koopsen
Here is how Birgit creates her backgrounds using the gelli plate and then adds her transferred image. 

This leads nicely into another technique from Birgit, one that is taking the gelli world by storm, how to transfer a magazine image onto a gelli plate. This is more of a resist technique than transfer, but combined with the gelli plate it does end up being a very effective transfer too. 

You can read the blog post HERE 

Some more fun ideas now, here is another gel medium transfer, this time onto metal spoons. Genius!


Have you ever wanted just a bit or distressed text adding to your project? this is a perfect way to add that using old book pages. 

Birgit Kerr
This is one I would love to try, these beautiful old photos have been transferred onto fabric and then sculpted into leaves. 

Miranda van Dijk 
On the subject of leaves, you can hammer real leaves to transfer their colour and shape. (yes you do actually hit them with a hammer)

Here the image has been transferred to paperclay, this would make a  lovely embellishment or even lightweight pendent. 

This has me wondering, would a transfer work onto Grunge Paste? I see no reason why not, why don't you give it a try. 

Darlene Oliver
Leandra has a great video on using satin glaze to transfer an image to fabric, this one only requires an inkjet printer. 

Let's not forget good old clear packing tape, it might seem humble but this makes fantastic transfers and is so easy. Not only can you use images but you can make great labels for jars too. 


Finally, don't forget that your background is just as important as your focal image, take some time to build up layers of images and stamping to create depth an interest before adding your transferred image. This way the background will show through and create more impact. 

Michelle Caplan
You have 3 weeks to take part in this challenge, I hope you have fun with it. There are so many techniques to try out, endless entertainment as you watch the magic happen. 
Don't forget to follow Darcy and Leandra's Pinterest boards if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!

~ Darcy

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Lucy said...

What a brilliant intro to a fab topic! I love the idea of using packing tape transfers for bottle labels!

Lucy x

Miriam said...

ooh - this is one that is completely out of my comfort zone! I must give it a go!! Great inspiration - if inly I didn't have to work tomorrow - I have ideas!

Preeti D. (aka Dutt Preety) said...

wow! such a cool topic :) I've always been fascinated by photo transfers but haven't tried it yet, this post has inspired me to give it a go :) loved the examples shared especially the ones with the metal spoon, leaves and fabric, brilliant.

Carol Plume said...

what a great topic, something different to try…

Hazel Agnew said...

Love this topic.

Ginger said...

I love this topic.

Suman Pandit said...

always enjoy the challenge topics and a wealth of inspiration on the PaperArtsy blog....Image transfers are so fascinating !!sumanpandit(at)gmail(dot)com