Saturday 14 July 2018

2018 #12 Transfers:Part 2: Tape Transfer {by Dounia}

2018 Topic 12: Transfers

Dounia continues with her experimentation in this post, with more super-interesting effects. AS we have the challenge open for an additional week, you can still join us to share you preferred transfer techniques! ~Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Dounia back with part two of this exploration of transfer techniques. This time I will be sharing some ideas using clear tape, one of the quickest ways to transfer!

Clear tape transfer is not a new technique but I hope to show you it can be creative and versatile, and without any drying time, perfect my impatient self!

If you have not come across tape transfer in your creative musings before, here is a great video tutorial by Sara Naumann:

Quick summary: You cover your chosen image with clear tape, overlapping if necessary.  You burnish it really well then soak the paper with water. Finally you rub the back side to take off the paper pulp until smooth.

The basic process is the same as paint/medium/paste transfer but you get a transparent film you can then apply to you project. I like that there is no drying time! Personally, I tend to make a bunch at the same time and let them soak in a bowl of a water as the plastic tape, unlike the paper, will resist it.

I find this technique particularly useful to transfer small images, from magazines or catalogues. As what you see is the ink stuck to the tape, clouding is not a problem and you can transfer words, they will be the right way around! These pieces are then easy to position and glue exactly where you want them to be, like the little characters in this project:

As the pieces are slightly transparent (that depends on the paper) you can easily create depth and interest by layering the images:

You can also transfer a pretty or interesting pattern, from paper scraps for example. The transparency film can be used as the background of a tiny project or die cut to make embellishments like these butterflies:

Another possibility is to use patterned plastic tape. They are not as common as washi tape but lots of designs exist out there. I have a useful one with the alphabet, great for titles. For an added layer of interest and easy coordination, I like to use it to transfer scraps left over from the background (here a classic Satin Glaze transfer).

I also own a lovely large tape printed with vintage images that provides beautiful elements by itself. Transfered backgrounds make them even greater.

You might recognise the moth from yesterday's project. On the same roll is also the butterfly for this project:

Clear Tape is a quick and easy transfer technique that can be a nice first experiment without worrying  about which or how much medium to use. It is quite versatile, from transferring whole pictures to creating embellishments. And there surely are even more ways to creatively use it! I hope you give it a try and have fun.
Dounia x

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Craftyfield said...

I have a piece of tape I did a while ago, lovely, but I haven't found a way to use it yet... Must make an effort, Dounia has done marvels with hers!

Miriam said...

Lovely technique....I love your finished project

Etsuko said...

Fantastic technique and lovely projects Dounia. xx

grandmad1ana said...

I could not get the video to work... are there any magic words to make it work?

Lucy said...

Another great post, Dounia!

Lucy x