Wednesday 4 July 2018

2018 #12 Transfers: Treasures made vintagey {by Ellie Knol}

2018 Topic 12: Transfers

Ellie covers a box with fabric and crates gorgeous Vintage effects in the process. What a fabulous gift! ~ Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Ellie Knol with you today, and I'd like to share the different types of transfers I've tried for this project, and the book-box I made with one of the transfers.

Doing a theme as a team means that we (as a team) try to cover all the different ways to transfer an image of course. One of the techniques I wanted to try is to use freezer paper for the transfer onto fabric with an inkjet printed image. To be able to compare the outcome, I chose to do a transfer with the same photograph with other methods too.

This is the finished bookbox.  I will tell you how I've done this transfer in a minute. You are going to like it!

I really love the effect of the transfer to fabric.  It gives the transfer a very unique and vintagey look. 

Starting at the beginning of the making now. As I said in the intro: "One of the techniques I wanted to try is to use freezer paper for the transfer onto fabric. To be able to compare the outcome, I chose to do a transfer with the same photograph with other methods too."The first one was the best as far as I am concerned.

Transfer 1: Print your image onto freezer paper. I attached the freezer paper to a sheet of printer paper with a spray adhesive first. I chose to sharpen the photograph before printing and used a vignette to soften the edges of the photograph. I used a greyscale inkjet printed image. The fabric I used was already prepped with a thin layer of gesso. Tape the printed image down on the substrate to prevent it from shifting. By burnishing it onto the fabric, it will grab all of the ink. I even ran it through my Bigshot. Make sure you fix the ink with a fixative as otherwise the image will smear if you apply mixed media techniques on top of it, as it is an inkjet printed image. I am not sure a toner ink will also work with this method.

Transfer 2 : The more classic approach to do a transfer: use multi medium after printing the image onto printer paper. I chose to use an iron to fasten up the drying process. After the paper fibres were rubbed off it left me with a very faint transfer. Not good, but it might come in handy when I prefer a faint image.

Transfer 3: Basically the same as the second transfer... I left it to dry naturally. I also ran it through the Bigshot after burnishing it. It is a neat transfer.

I chose the first transfer to work with. I adhered the image to sturdy cardstock before gluing it to the book-box with bookbinding glue.

The bookbox was covered with fabric. I painted that fabric with Snowflake Fresco Finish Acrylic paint to make it the same white as the fabric with the transfer. I also used it to whitewash the metal embellishments.

I stamped script with Archival Ink Watering Can using MINI 61.

Hot Picks Set 1010 on EZ mount foam (HP1010EZ)

I stamped the bubbles from set HP1010 with Snowflake Fresco Finish Acrylic paint randomly; also with Archival Ink: Watering Can.

Hot Pick Set 1006 on EZ mount foam (HP1006EZ)

I heat embossed script from set HP1006 in the left bottom corner in white. The staining has been done with Distress Ink Tea Dye.

Eclectica³ Everything Art Set 01 (EEA01)

I heat embossed script from set EEA01 in the left top corner in white and added a playful black line around it with a marker. 

PaperArtsy Stencil {ESC} 074 (PS074)

I used structure paste and the PS074 stencil to add a pattern on the spine, front and back cover of the bookbox. 

I am going to use the bookbox for all black and white photographs and small treasures from my mom.

So now it's your turn to try doing a transfer with freezer paper. It's fun! Maybe use a colorful picture... onto wood maybe? 

I am really happy how this turned out. Maybe I need to make one more for my sister... she'll like that!
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Helen said...

wow, Ellie, this is a beautiful book-box!

Miriam said...

This is gorgeous Ellie...I love your technique too. I must give this a try!

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is so clever, Ellie, and turned out so beautifully. It is not something I have tried. I love the idea of covering lots of transfer ideas as a team!

Lucy x

Christine Alexander said...

so beautiful, thanks for the technique info. they all look gorgeous.

craftytrog said...

Great ideas and a beautiful project Ellie! Xx

Corrie Herriman said...

Fabulous !

Craftyfield said...

Gorgeous Vintage look! Thanks for sharing your experiments, I only have an inkjet printer so I'm looking for the best transfer method for that!

Hazel Agnew said...

This is fabulous Ellie! x

Etsuko said...

This is beautiful book box Ellie. xx