Saturday 30 June 2018

2018 #11 Enshrined: 'In Flanders Fields' with HP {by Lucy Edmondson}

2018 Topic 11: Enshrined

I'm totally loving the serene blues and greens that Lucy has used in this project, they are such a pretty contrast to the red of the flower! And the hidden drawer is such a delight! Fabulous Lucy! ~ Leandra
Hi everyone, it's Lucy here, from Lucy's True Colours, with you today, and I'd like to share with you a Poppy Remembrance Shrine, using a PaperArtsy chippie niche.

I'd had this chippie shrine in my stash for some time so it seemed a perfect opportunity to use it. Poppies have always been important to me. I love their delicate orange-red faces bobbing in the breeze from the hedgerows, but most of all they remind me of my childhood home of Richmond. Richmond Poppy Factory opened in 1925 in an old brewery building, and is still in that same building today, which I drive past each week. The workforce was originally provided by the injured ex-servicemen from the Star and Garter Home, one of the most stunning and iconic buildings in Richmond overlooking the Thames. I heard a snippet on the news the other week that the oldest poppy seller has just retired aged 103. She sold her first poppy on Richmond Bridge aged six!

So it was a pleasure to use the many poppy and poppy seed pod stamps from the various Hot Picks sets, the soldiers, and the snippets from the poem, 'In Flanders Fields'. But most of all I enjoyed painting the vibrant poppy! If you would like to learn more about the chippie shrines and the process of putting the pieces together, please see the PaperArtsy blog post here.

I needed plenty of pieces of card to cover all the little pieces for the shrine, so I used a simple baby wipe splodging technique with Fresco Finish Paints in Ice Blue, Bora Bora, Dusty Teal, Mermaid, and a little Zesty Zing. I was aiming for a good contrast eventually with my poppy. (Whoops, apologies seem to have grabbed a discontinued, Ice Blue, in trying to knock back my colours a little, try Antarctic).

I used a huge selection of stamps from Hot Picks HP1505HP1605, HP1301, and HP1305, to stamp all over the prepared cardstock in different colours, often using just parts of stamps, and then used the card to cover all the chippie pieces.

My favourite part - the poppy! I stamped it in black archival HP1505. I curved it slightly, as you can see. I held the frame over it so I could get the positioning right.

When I painted the poppy, I carefully used a little watered down Snowflake underneath first so the true colours would shine through, and not be affected by the coloured card underneath. I decided not to do this for the leaves as I thought the greeny-blues would look pretty. Close up the pattern gives a lovely veiny look to the leaves. For the poppy I have used Cherry Red, Autumn Fire, and London Bus, to give some variation between orange and red, and for the leaves I have used Hey Pesto.

To finish, I have stamped the large clock on the back plate from HP1509 to reflect the passage of time since the Great War, the many wars since, and the many Remembrance Days the poppies have signified.

I enjoyed every minute of making this project! I loved the contrast of the blues and greens with the bright poppy, and having such a huge range of stamps to work with, within my theme, and I loved using the ready cut chipboard pieces so that I knew the drawer would slide in and out (no chance if I tried that piece of engineering myself!). I enjoyed reflecting on the beauty of the poppy, its history, and its personal meaning to me. I had intended adding a door to the shrine, but in the end hadn't wanted to have to open it in order to view the poppy. 

If you make one of the chippie niches, do use some masking tape as Leandra suggests to hold the pieces together whilst the glue dries, or you will be doing everything one handed for quite some hours! To finish my project, I found a little knob for my drawer, a Kilner style ceramic beer bottle top bought from a French 'vide grenier', or 'car boot sale'. It was fun to incorporate a little found item to add a personal touch.

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Helen said...

oh, Lucy, this is gorgeous! Poppies are some of my favourite flowers and this shrine looks fabulous.

Miriam said...

This is gorgeous Lucy - beautiful project

Keren Baker said...

That’s so beautiful! Love the little drawer! x

Helen said...

Love this project - the colours are wonderful and the idea just beautiful.

Hazel Agnew said...

This is stunning g Lucy. I absolutely love your stamp choices and your background is amazing. Sets off the poopy beautifully. Great post, thanks. Xx

SewPaperPaint said...

OH my gosh Lucy! This is totally stunning! What a great idea and pretty colorway. Hugs, Autumn

Julie Lee said...

What a beautiful project, Lucy, reminiscent of summer skies and glorious flowers. I love that shade of blue and the poppy is so beautifully showcased. They are a favourite of mine too. We have grown them as part of our wild flower lawn this year and I was so excited when they lifted their bright cheery heads. xx