Friday 13 October 2017

2017 #14 Changing The Colour of Glitter with EKD {by Keren Baker}

2017 Topic 14: Changing The Colour of Glitter

She's back in the room. So I have coloured staples with alcohol markers to change the colour, but I have never thought to apply the same concept to glitter.

Hi everyone, it's Keren Baker with you today, and I'd like to share with you an easy technique; colouring glitter. I actually have a ridiculous amount of glitter (that I rarely use) but I wanted some more earthy and subtle colours so decided to try and colour my own!

To start with, I used the fabulous 048 PA stencils from Kim Dellow...

... along with some Grunge Paste onto some Smoothy Heavyweight Cardstock. Before the Grunge Paste dries, simply sprinkle over glitter and leave to dry completely.

The technique is pretty simple- although do be gentle with your alcohol markers- the grittiness of the glitter can cause problems with your nib and also some of the glitter will be removed whilst colouring so best to wipe your nib regularly. I found gentle 'dotting' onto the glitter removed the least amount and left my nibs intact. It also seems to spread the colour more than just on cardstock, so be careful around the edges of the glitter and blending is..let's just say, a little hit and miss.

It does however give a fab effect- and one that can be added to (colourwise) if the amount of depth of colour isn't quite what you want. I loved the plain glittered stencilled pieces so much, I added one in to the arrangement.

For the rest of the flowers, which I used more alcohol markers to colour with, I used the matching stamp set EKD06 from Kim Dellow...

Colouring using these type of markers means you can colour whole sections in the same colour, to get a cool effect

Just be warned- this technique is not for trying just before you go anywhere; this glitter gets EVERYWHERE! I like a little glitter with a bit of restraint and this technique means I can have both!

I loved creating bespoke colours- what would also be interesting would be to use translucent glitter over Fresco paints, as that type of glitter takes on the colour underneath it and would be a less messy technique. I also want to try putting an already coloured base (using alcohol markers and the stencil) and then using PVA glue and then translucent glitter to see what kind of effect that creates. It will end up with a better blended colour transition but how that looks under glitter would be really fascinating

Thanks for joining me- do excuse me whilst I go and cough up some more glitter stuck in my throat!
Keren xx

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I really like this idea Keren, and I'm amazed at the shading that you can get on top of the glitter too!! and you get texture, its all round totally fabulous! Thankyou! ~ Leandra

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Clare Lloyd said...

It’s gorgeous

Corrie Herriman said...

Great idea with fab results !
Corrie x

Clare said...

Absolutely stunning project! I love the stencilled, textured flowers. Clare x x x

Mac Mable said...

Another great idea to use glitter...thank you for the inspiration and love your amazing card x

Scrapcosy said...

I love your idea of colouring the glitter! It looks beautiful!! I hope you've coughed out all the glitter by now! It really gets everywhere, LOL :)

Helen Gullett said...

WOw... Karen your card is srunning!!! Love the way you use glitter with paste and colored them with markers. So creative!
Thanks for the tutorial amd inspiration.

I Card Everyone said...

Fabulous, Keren! Would you hate me if I told you I'm glitter-less? I really rather enjoy watching you do your magic with it!

craftytrog said...

Fab effects Keren! xx

Artmadnana said...

I love these stamps and the complementary stencil. I think I'm too heavy handed to colour my own glitter. I'm sure I'd end up with clogged up copics lol! But I admire your dexterity to produce such gorgeous colours on this fabulous card!

Kirsten said...

A beautiful card.