Friday 20 October 2017

2017 #15 Pearlescent: Autumn Leaves with EAB {by Helen Chilton}

2017 Topic 15: Pearlescent

Welcome to the magic that is Helen Chilton. Tonight she shares skins, pearly infusions transfers and other deliciously creative ideas that make you ohhh and ahhh at her unique creative discoveries! Lots to enjoy here people!

Hi everyone, it's Helen with you today, and I'd like to share with you ...... a pearly picture with autumn leaves and some of Alison's wonderful quotes.  

I got out my bottle of Fresco Finish Pearl Glaze and thought I'd put it through its paces. When it says 'pearl' it really means pearl - the finish is gorgeous. Add to that colouring it with Infusions and you've got a match made in heaven. I've used a wooden framed double glass piece that allows for lots of layers. Everything has been painted with the Pearl Glaze.

First of all I thought I'd try making some pearlescent peel off layers (skins) so I spread some out on a piece of plastic (I used a slippery fish document folder) and added some Rusty Car and Slime Infusions. I love the different colours you get. They just make me happy!

Use your fingers to spread the colour, then leave to dry out overnight.

When you peel it off you get this fantastic piece of pearly magic. 

It's so beautiful it's hard to cut it up but I forced myself and stamped one of Alison's quotes directly on top.

Then I thought I'd take it a step further so I stamped a Lin Brown leaf onto the plastic in StazOn...

added a blob of Pearl Glaze and some Infusions...

painted it in making sure to go over the edges...

and then when it was dry peeled it off the plastic. The magic here is that the stamped image comes off as well and you get a beautiful, delicate leaf. 

I've then used these in my picture. I've also cut up one of Alison's quotes here to fit my layout - they really are so versatile. You could even just pick out a few words here and there across all the quotes - because they're all in the same font, mixing and matching is easy.

The pearlescent layers are very delicate so need careful handling - make sure the Pearl Glaze is layered on thickly enough so you can peel it off. With the leaves this fragility worked in their favour as any torn edges/holes just made them look more autumnal. 
You could try out this technique with the other glazes in the PaperArtsy range: Satin, Glossy, Matte, Metallic, Frosting.

I'm also going to try die cutting the layered pieces - I'll probably die cut it on the plastic and then peel it off after.
As you can see, I've had a wonderful time playing with the glaze and stamps - imagine all the colours you could get with the different Infusions. I'm off to have another go!



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Blimey Helen! How fabulous those layers are! You must have squealed with delight when you peeled your skins off the plastic, they look amazing as leaves and with the quotes on top too! Thankyou ~ Leandra

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Helen said...

wow, this is beautiful, Helen! Love the leaves, they look amazing.

Craftyfield said...

Pearlescent skins... exciting... I wonder if applying the glaze directly on the stamp would work, i.e would it release in one piece. Maybe something to try if I ever get around to it! The frame looks amazing Helen!

Mac Mable said...

Wow how creative. I have never seen anything like this before. Thank you so much for the amazing inspiration with your fabulous creation x

SewPaperPaint said...

What a creative idea and such a beautiful project to show it off! Love this Helen. Hugs, Autumn

Words and Pictures said...

Oh my word - those pearl skins are just magical - wonderful with the leaf stamped images too, but it's the naked ones which really made me sit up and gasp! And the layers of text look so amazing - it looks like they're all at different depths - are they stamped on to layers of medium? Whatever the case - I love the skin-quote and the frame-quote too - glorious to see them played with so creatively.
Alison x

Words and Pictures said...

Got it - just caught the bit about the double glass in the frame - how cool! xx

Monika Gulyas said...

This Pearl Glaze is really magical!! The leaves are fabulous!!! Great project!!!

craftytrog said...

Fab technique Helen! Those leaves and skins look amazing!

Hazel Agnew said...

Wow Helen, how exciting is this! Love it! Xx

craftimamma said...

Those skins are wonderful and that's something I've never tried. Must give it a go sometime soon.

Lesley Xx

Art By Wanda said...

Oh, Wow, Helen!!! This is fabulous!!!!!!!!! The skins are wonderful and way cool with the leaves!!!!

Miriam said...

what a great idea Helen - wonderful!

Annie said...

So inspiring Helen...your pearly leaves are just it !!!

TFS and best wishes
Annie xx

Kirsten said...

Goodness, that is beautiful.