Wednesday 8 March 2017

2017 #3 Among the Flowers {by Debs Wainwright}

2017 Topic 3 Infusions and Paint


We have a lovely method from Debs. Here she has mixed infusions into paint to alter the colour to a soft, chalk-infusion. Not only will this make the paint permanent, but also allows you to work on what might be more comfortable territory than using them in their raw, more unpredictable manner.

Hi everyone Debs here from the ArtZone, I'm so happy to be here this evening as I've been playing with some of the new colours of Infusions as well as some stamps that I have had a while but not used for some time. I love looking through my stamps until I get the pull towards a set and then create something with them, as in this small wall hanging.

As soon I saw the new Rusty Car Infusions I knew I wanted to use it to create a rusty effect; I do love a touch of rust! To activate the crystals I used Paint Drying Retarder as it gave me more control over the drips.

So many beautiful colours as it dried onto the crackle background. I really liked how the dribbles run into the cracks in some places and not in others giving a random effect.

More dribbles, but this time I used them to form stems of the flowers, again I used the Retarder to activate the Infusions to give that control I needed to form stems. If I had spritzed them the colour would have disperse further.

I love the way the colours changed by mixing with the paint, in this case 
Chalk Fresco Finish Paint, which worked well for the leaves.

Repeating the process for the flower, produced a pretty pink but I was keen to darken the value, yet didn't want to loose the details of the stamp, so I used  a tiny brush inside the thicker lines.

Outlining around the flower and leaves, felt right to me as it gave more definition, and provided good contrast to make them pop of the board. The leaves  are from EEV04

The light it slightly better in this photo as you can see much of the texture created by the crackle background. I do love watching the process of Crackle Glaze as the heat dries the paint and the cracks appear, like magic.

Getting to the end I couldn't think of a better sentiment than those from Zinski Art plate no, ZA08 which sums it lovely! The New Infusions and New Releases  from Zinski Art can be found at stockist now!

I hope you will try this out yourselves, there are so many ways to use Infusions that the possibilities are endless. Myself, I will be trying out the Retarder more with Infusions as I loved the effects it creates, especially over the painted background, and the colour stays on the surface rather than soaking in.

I'll say goodbye for now, as always take care and stay creative!

Hugs xx


This is super pretty Debs, and what a nice way to use infusions 2 ways in the same project! Love the rusty drips, but also works well with the paint too! Perfect! ~ Leandra

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Helen said...

That's gorgeous Debs

Kirsten said...

This is gorgeous, Debs. I love the texture combinations.

Mac Mable said...

I would never have thought to use the infusions this way. Thank you so much for the inspiration x

rachel said...

awesome work Debz - I love the way you have used the infusions - fab idea xx

Dortesjs said...

totally great, love this ;O)

Hazel Agnew said...

Really interesting experiments Deborah. Great ideas there! Xx

Ruth said...

Great to know about using retarder with infusions and a lovely project Debs! xx

Unknown said...

Love your wall hanging! And new Infusions color is great-especially with the effect you created with crackle:)

Craftyfield said...

The results are beautiful! Great ideas.

geezercrafter said...

Fantastic experiments Debs. I will be buying some retarder now, just love the use of Rusty Car. Fab

Etsuko said...

Fascinating project and fabulous the retarder effect. xx

Julie Lee said...

What a brilliant idea. I love the effects on this beautiful project, so original and effective! xx

Words and Pictures said...

Great effects with your paint/infusion mixes, Deb - and it all looks fabulous over that crackle.
Alison x

Lucy Edmondson said...

What a great idea and great effects debs!

craftimamma said...

More ideas to try when my craftroom is workable again (soon I hope). Lovely piece Debs.

Lesley Xx