Friday 3 March 2017

2017 #3 Anything is Possible {by Lauren Hatwell}

2017 Topic 3 : Infusions

This evening we have some inspiration from Lauren, she always manages to come up with something just a little bit different. Lauren loves to play and experiment and find out 'what if?'

Hi everyone. Lauren here. 

Lovely to be here on the PA blog tonight. It's been such fun making samples for Elena recently, but I've been dying to play with the new Infusion colours too. I found I had loads of colour swatches left over from my experiments so this project was the perfect way to use some of them in a project.

I love the way the Infusions work with paint to really add texture and ramp up the colour; I'm also discovering how great they are with different gels and mediums. I really like the fact that you never quite know what quite how it's going to turn out. The colour crystals and the formation on the page will be slightly different every time.

Usually, when I'm making samples I tend to have a very clear idea what I'm doing and how I'm going to achieve it, so it's really nice to let go of that and just see what happens. It's always a journey of discovery for me.

I absolutely love all the texture here. I really like the way the Grunge Paste circles through Kim Dellow's PS034 stencil look like rain drop ripples on water. In hindsight, wish I'd just extended those little flashes of paint colour into the piece a bit more to look like a reflection of something on the bank. Definitely something to try in the future...

Ranger's Distress Collage Medium (Crazing) dries quickly and looks amazing with the new Green Man Infusions spritzed over the top. It really picks out the crazing brilliantly. The Stencil I used is the gorgeous Bloom Group by Donna Downey. I love the way it looks like something under a microscope here. A coat of Satin Glaze has preserved the cream of the tag underneath and helps to really highlight those crackles. Yum!

Rusty Car is my absolute favourite of the new colours (this week!?). It reminds me of autumn leaves a bit. The stylised leaves from ZA11 are another favourite; perfect for the job in hand.


I do like to include words on my projects and Emma Godfrey always seems to have something perfect for the job. This is from one of her new sets, EEG23. How scrummy is that Copper Fresco Paint as a frame too? 


How easy was that? I'm pleased with it but I also like the way it has started a dialogue in my head about future projects and things I'd like to try. I should definitely make more time to just play. It's quite different to the sort of thing I usually make and a great way to use up all those swatches of paper and fabric with my little experiments on. Pulling them together in this way is really satisfying. I definitely plan to dig out my gels and mediums and make a little swatch library with different effects and techniques on. I'm thinking Crackle Paste; I'm thinking Bead Gel.... Oh! The possibilities!
Thanks for joining me this evening.

Wow, gorgeous individual elements that fit together beautifully. The crackled piece is so intriguing, and those Zinkski leaves are coloured perfectly to contrast with the blue background~Darcy

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Helen said...

oh Lauren, I love these experiments you've been having. Hoping to have a play at the weekend.

Miriam said...

I love your experiments and finished project Lauren. And I have to agree, rusty car is my favourite too!

Hazel Agnew said...

Great experiments Lauren. Wonderful to see "what if" , love what you have created and still waiting for my new Infusions order.....bottle quicker!! Xx 😜

Julie Lee said...

You're so right about the result being a little different every time with Infusions, Lauren. They are such fun to experiment with. I'm really loving this beautiful project with its warm colours. xx

Dortesjs said...

I love your experiments and finished project to, great art and inspiration

Words and Pictures said...

Yum - love the Green Man plus crazing crackle - fab effect. A lovely project full of great results from your "what if"s.
Alison x

Colleen said...

WOW that rusty car on the copper paint and throw in the green man, BEAUTIFUL

Ruth said...

Awesome experiments Lauren with a beautiful result... the crackle glaze is so pretty, think I might have to try infusions with glass bead gel as well. Inspirational!! Ruth xx

Wendy Mallas said...

Love love love this, Lauren. Don't ever lose that skill of play. This is proof that it's essential xxx ❤

imagine that ... said...

Gorgeous - I especially want to try the crackle glaze technique! :)

Kathyk said...

FABULOUS project, Lauren, really great combination of colours. Bead gel? Hell, YEAH! Can't wait for that one... esp if you mean glitter bead gel!

Your project ROCKS!


Lauren Hatwell said...

Thanks so much everybody. Apologies for the typo's. I am hanging my head in shame. For some reason I thought it would be a really good idea to type up my blogpost at 2am... That will be a no then.... ;oD

Mr PaperArtsy informs me we have made just under 5,000 of the new Infusions so far. I can't even remember what colour my hands are supposed to be now :oD. We're on it Hazel. Honest!

Art By Wanda said...

Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Each part!!!

Jackie PN said...

Lauren, this is beautiful!
I so love how you designed this and the textures you put together!Your Infusion palette is gorgeous!
hugs,Jackie ")

Etsuko said...

What a wonderful project Lauren, beautiful infusions work and fab tag cracks. xx

Kirsten said...

That is gorgeous! I love the crazing & the infusions look fab.

Lucy Edmondson said...

Such a fabulous post, lauren!

Mac Mable said...

Great inspiration....Thank you. Loving that background x

craftimamma said...

Beautiful results Lauren and I especially love the Infusions over the crackle. Just wonderful! Xx