Sunday 12 March 2017

2017 Topic #4: Doors, Windows and Architecture {Challenge}

 2017 Topic 4: Doors,Windows,Architecture


Well hello everyone, Darcy here, welcome to our latest topic. This time we are exploring Architecture and the most basic elements that we take for granted every day..doors and windows. For the most part they are purely functional, and I bet many of us never really stop to look at them. Some of course are highly decorative and they catch your eye, but even the most basic door hides a whole other world behind, and a simple window can afford you a sneaky glimpse into what is beyond. 

Architecture has been important to humans for thousands of years, and the basic principles of architectural designs all stem from those set out by the romans and Greeks. Each era moving forward had it's own art movements and within those we see very definite architectural styles. One style that you will all recognise is Art nouveau, this style has such beautiful sinuous curves and lends itself to using in artwork. 

Unless you are lucky to live in such a stunning building you may have to make do with creating your own architecture in your journals, or on canvasses or cards etc. To get started look around at your neighbour's doors and windows, check out those on hotels and shops, even old scrappy doors on a shed can be inspirational.

Before we start, let's see who won the Topic 3: Paints and Infusions Challenge...

Some stunning pieces as always, with some really inventive uses of the infusions and spectacular results. It is fantastic to see a good mix of vintage tones and vibrant splashes of colour. 
The winner of paints and Infusions  is: Jane  from Castle-Kelly Crafts

Email Darcy to claim your prize.

If you do want to create an actual door, there is no better way to start than with a fairy door, these can be so magical: especially if you have small children around, they would love to find them in a garden. 

Something Different
How about decorating existing doors, who would not love a fairytale wardrobe, so pretty. This idea translates down from a full size wardrobe to perhaps one in a doll's house or just create these doors on a journal cover? With the variety of PaperArtsy flower stamps available, this would be so easy to replicate. 

More magic now in the form of a window, all this decoration has been added to an old cracked window, these can be picked up from junk yards and would make for amazing pieces of garden art. 

Staying with decorated glass, wouldn't you love a stained glass feature in your home. there are many ways to achieve this. You can buy panels like this from a glazier, you can learn the art of stained glass for yourself or you can find a workaround. How about recreating this with glass paints, or even the amazing translucent paints from PaperArtsy. Another way would be to add coloured film to the window, or painted acetate. Never give up if you find something you like. 

You can create your architecture from almost anything, I found these hollowed out books and thought they were such a cool idea. The window means you could set a little scene inside. 

Shannon Moore
Similarly these books also have little windows, there are so many old books in charity shops that need rescuing, to end up like this gives them new life. 

The Stylish House
Staying with books, this use of paper cutting is so clever. These tiny windows must have taken forever to cut, but well worth it. 

Emma Jackson
More innovative use of books here, just using a page and creating this amusing collage with a torn window in the centre. This would make a brilliant journal page. 

Erwan Soyer
Next we move onto a handmade book with a brilliant window feature on the front. Anna-Karin has a full tutorial for this over on her blog. Just look as that crackle, don't you want to stroke it? I love the piece of hessian that looks like a roller blind just ready to be pulled down!

Another book, you must click through and visit to see the other pages on this book, just gorgeous! Viola has really captured the vintage look with this. The teeny tiny door on the front is such a lovely touch and such an easy addition to so many projects. 

Are you a quilter? you will love this next door, such yummy fabrics, don't you want to reach out and stroke it. 

Margaret Ramsay
More stitching on this door canvas, so many gorgeous details here. Think about how you could stamp out your image and then stitch over it. 

Michelle Mischkulnig
Let's look at some collages, journal pages, textures and general painty scrumminess. This one reflects the colours and textures of architecture, with just a few details in pencil, perhaps a stabilo

Next up a plaque, the focal image is a Gothic arched window, but notice how the texture on the surface echoes the patterns in the window, little details like this can really tie a piece together. 

Dee Adams
This one is a collage of architectural elements and shapes. Look at the different bits, tickets patterns, the torn,punched edge of notepaper, postage, some text.. none of those are building elements, but together they create a wonderful collage of buildings, tied together with a strong focal image of a real street. This gives you license to just play, collage, add some paint, see what 'architecture' you can build.  

Karen Stamper
Next we have a gorgeous canvas with a window as a focal image, to see this creation come to life take a look at Gabrielle Pollacco's video. 

When you think of windows you think of glass right? an excellent substitute in crafting is acetate, this is the perfect window and can be used between book pages and on cards. Try adding some to your project for an extra layer. 

Gosia Mackinnon
Along similar lines you can use cellophane, this can be bought as ready made bags or buy florists cellophane on a roll and make your own bags. Then you can create a window through to a bag of goodies like this sweet Easter gift. 

Michelle Last
There are just so many wonderful examples of architecture, I suggest you search on Pinterest for styles and take your inspiration there. Windows and doors need not be simple shapes, try some curve, look at cutting out arches, let your inner Bob the Builder take over and have some fun creating your dream architecture!

Don't forget to follow Darcy and Leandra's Pinterest boards if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!

~ Darcy

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You must have a great time researching these challenge topics, the examples for this one are stunning. Congrats to Jane on her win.

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what a great idea for the next challenge!

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I agree with Kirsten, stunning examples to inspire us. Need to go and play! Well done to Jane too. Xx

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A fun theme...great inspiration. Thanks x

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Congratulations to Jane. Another fun and interesting challenge...Thank you x

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Doors are a favourite of mine... I have several stamps fitting the bill, lots of choices so good theme for me!

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Great examples for this interesting challenge!
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Jackie ")

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I agreed with Julie this is great introduction Darcy and stunning samples. Very interesting theme. Congratulations to Jane. xx

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Thank you to all for your kind comments on my blog and congrats for winning, lucky number 13!! Great new topic and brilliant introduction to the theme. Look forward to seeing everyone's artwork. Xx

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Congratulation to Jane!!
And what a great post Darcy, wonderful challenge theme and inspiration, thank you.
Even I still cannot play very often with you all on PA's blog, I still enjoy discovering from time to time the wonderful posts and make here, by Everyone. xx

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So many great ideas in this post and from the contributors thus far! Thanks for this wonderful challenge.