Monday 13 March 2017

2017 #4 Abandoned {by Bryan Evans}

2017 Topic 4: Doors, Windows, Architecture

It's always lovely to have a man drop by to contribute on the PaperArtsy blog, and for this topic Bryan is the first of 2 men who are doing their bit to address the gender imbalance in this industry! Bring it on Bryan!  Bryan kicks of the post using a common household tool to apply paint on to see the effect...

Hi everyone, Bryan from Geezer Crafter here.

Lovely to be here on the PA blog tonight. I've chosen to share with you my project on the fab topic of Doors Windows and Architecture using some Urban Snapshots stamps.

The inspiration came from recent articles that I have seen showing photographs of abandoned, derelict places and buildings. A4 Water colour board is my choice of substrate, a bit intimidating, and I decided to work landscape. I like a challenge!!

I like some unpredictability in my backgrounds, so some masking fluid over a coat of Fresco Chalk Paint (Cheesecake) was the starting point. I wanted the effect of decay, so I decided to use Fresco Chalk Paint (Tango), as I have not used orange before.

I love finding new ways to apply and move paint, wonder what will happen with this.

I am really pleased with this colour, making me really happy!! A good source of Dopamine.

I am pleased with the effect of the scourer, though I may have been a little heavy handed. Next time I will dunk it in water, then apply the paint.

The picture frame came together with several die cuts, an idea borrowed from Seth Apter. I knew that paper towel mop would come in handy. A recent play with Infusions: A Bit Jaded.

I chose to use the gate as I was able to cut into it, hinges have rusted away, falling through the frame. The wordage just hanging on.

Urban Snapshots: Wrought Iron Plate 2 (USWI2)
A6 size stamp plate (quarter plate)

Glossy card stock is a nice contrast next to the matte of the chalk paints. I love the photographic quality of glossy card, so decided to add no colour leaving the images stamped in black and white.

Urban Snapshots: Arched Apertures Plate 2 (USAA2)
A6 size stamp plate (quarter plate)

Urban Snapshots: Structures Plate 2 (USST2)
A6 size stamp plate (quarter plate)

Textures made up of fabric scraps: wool and cotton. I referred to the excellent Colour Theory post by Liz Borer. It is 'In The Classroom' links section on the right hand side of the blog.

I wanted to create a feeling that nature was reclaiming my piece, so I cut away a section and rejoined using my painted scraps. A little playfulness, my sheep is having a nibble on the Spring greens.

I would love to see how you interpret this topic, perhaps try a new colour and format. I did enjoy working A4, and you must try the scourer !!. I thoroughly enjoyed building up the layers on the background, next time I will take advantage of the translucent quality of the Chalk Paints.

Blog: GeezerCrafter
Facebook: Bryan G Evans.

I really like how you have used your coloured scraps to 'hinge' together the different sections of this piece! And the scourer is fantastic! Not for removing gunk, but for adding paint - it has also been re-purposed for much a much higher use in life than cleaning! 
~ Leandra

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Helen said...

Great project Bryan

Julie Lee said...

Such an interesting take on the theme! I think I have one of those scourers somewhere! I love the sheep! Thank You so much for sharing this project with love Urban Snapshot stamps.

Artmadnana said...

Oh there is so much that I love in this! Where to begin? I love the contrast of the infusions laden frame against that rustic orange background. The scourer has really aged the background. I'm already hunting a clean scourer! But my favourite part is the fallen gate! What a clever, creative idea. I totally got it! Your project tells a story. It's a story of ageing, decay and abandonment. I love it.

Kirsten said...

This is great! I love the scoured background & the gate was a brilliant idea.

Ruth said...

I love the decayed textured background, the scourer worked a treat and what a great take on the theme Bryan! :)

Hazel Agnew said...

Haha Bryan, great take on the subject. Reread your piece to take in all the elements. Like the masking fluid idea and the scourer is epic, and you can scrub your hands with it at the end.
You always give me food for thought, but who the heck has plastic sheep lying around in their stash?
Great fun!

Lucy Edmondson said...

Great to see you Bryan, i just love your scourer idea, it has created a wonderful paint effect and i cant wait to try it. Totally up my street! Great project!

Mac Mable said...

Such a lot of detail and loving the sheep and it's nibbling...such fun. Great techniques and loving the scourer idea too.

Craftyfield said...

Trust a man to find a better use for scourers... Great projects with creative details Bryn1 Nice to see some of these older stamps too.

Lauren Hatwell said...

Love it! The sheep is a great idea, and I love the way the scouring pad worked too. Lx

Colleen said...

I love using odd tools to apply my paint, you achieved a wonderful effect. Great project

Etsuko said...

Wonderful project Bryan, I love how to use your Urban Snapshots stamps and great idea using kitchen tools. Also cool coloring. xx

geezercrafter said...

Many thanks for all of your comments, feeling very proud!!

craftimamma said...

Lovely piece Bryan. I especially like the texture you got using the scourer. Great idea!

Lesley Xx

Unknown said...

I love the way the frame comes together, very effective!