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NEW from PaperArtsy {Eclectica³ Scrapcosy} February 2017

Eclectica³ Scrapcosy

Well it wouldn't be the start of a New Year without bringing you a new designer. I have been looking for a Vintage Style designer to bring into the fold for some time, and then as if by magic, Raquel Burillo (aka Scrapcosy) appeared on the radar. Earlier this year she did an amazing comparison video between Brusho pigments and PaperArtsy Infusions, which is really useful information. You can watch it here.

Raquel has curated a series of images into collections, each has its own flavour; Botanical, Floral and Vegetable. Each stamps set has stencils that also reflect those themes.

Let's take a look!


Here's a video with plenty of inspiration and explanation!

Raquel is so new to the industry herself, but she is such a willing and ready learner, and it is her lovely manner with the Vintage Genre that I love. Her experienced wingmen (I call them the 'wise women') have been such a wonderful support to her as they have helped Raquel plan this release as a team so beautifully! See for yourself!

~ Leandra

Hi everyone, Raquel here from Scrapcosy. This is a super special night for me, I'm over the moon! It's great honour being here, as a guest designer for PaperArtsy, and showing you my very first collections of stamps and stencils.

When I open an old book and I look through its aged pages my heart fills with joy if I find a beautiful illustration hidden on it. While doing a research with the purpose of creating a paper collection based on coloured images, I started to find these other beauties in black and white, which captivated me. I couldn't help it, I had to get them out of the books, enhance them and bring them back to life, and what better way than in the shape of stamps?

The three collections of stamps feature vintage images dated from 17th and 18th century.  I love that type of illustrations. The artists at that time really got into the detail and produced perfectly shadowed images, which despite being in black and white, didn't need much more to pop out of the paper and catch your eye. Luckily for us, the high quality of PaperArtsy stamps allows us to enjoy these images with the same level of detail. You won't believe it until you see (and touch) the real rubber, really... More about how the stamps and stencils came to life in a later section. 

Now lets go to the good stuff... tonight I invited Jennie Atkinson and Lynne Moncrieff to help making samples with these new products. Thanks to both of you again, ladies!  :) Please go and check out their blogs where you will find more detailed information about these stunning samples and the techniques they used to create them. Well worth a visit or two! Leandra is right, these are the 'wise women', so much to learn from them. I feel so lucky to have had them on board! 

Since I couldn't choose, I had to flip a coin to help me decide... and the coin told me to start with Jennie! I love Jennie's style, so delicate, on the vintage and shabby chic side, always paying attention to the texture and the little details. She treated the flower stamps ESC01 as delicately as they deserved it and her use of infusions with ESC03 amazes me! I still can't figure out how she achieves her wood effect and the vibrant colours at the same time. I hope she explains it with more detail in her blog! She has the patience to cut the flowers and arrange them at will, mixing them with other elements from the other sets creating a stunning result. You better see it yourself! 

'À la Fleur' using ESC01 and PS049 by Jennie Atkinson

Despite being very detailed, each image of this set stamps with absolute clarity. It was difficult to choose which stamps to use! but this set of three had the feel of a Victorian ladies botanical diary and really appealed to me.

The smaller stamps are just perfect for ATCs and smaller cards. I decided to make an ATC trio utilising these stamps and some of the smaller text images of ESC03.  However, I think these images would make some beautiful seed packets for a gardening friend or a lovely cover for a gardening memories mini book.

Mixing the Infusions with Satin Glaze created a more vibrant colour and allowed me to create more depth of colour. I am not a “painter” but I found this little set very relaxing to create.

I have used some of the smaller images from the stencils to provide the texture. All of the stencils from this set provide so many possibilities and are so beautifully laid out it is easy to isolate a particular word, symbol or number.  I am certain they are all going to become great favourites!

Painting the grunge paste lightly with gold Fresco paint makes for a lovely light vintage feel: I preferred this to tinting my grunge paste with the gold. The background was painted first with Chalk Fresco and finally vintage splatters added once the painting was dry.  

'Vegetable Patch' using ESC02 and PS050 by Jennie Atkinson

Vintage vegetables are just wonderful for creating  fun cards and gift tags for gardening friends and family. Who thought a cabbage could look so good!

This very detailed image stamps so beautifully clear and was very easy to paint with blended Infusions. A must for anyone who has a keen gardener in the family. I am desperate to make vintage seed packets for my gardening mad family.

The combination of the onion stamp and the gardening stencil makes for a great masculine card. 

I have blended brown ink over the grunge paste to create a vintage look. The Chalk Fresco background also provides a wonderful base for stamping and painting.

'Tea in blue' using ESC03 by Jennie Atkinson

This is such a useful collection of stamps! The smaller stamps are just perfect for adding background stamping and the flowers are particularly beautiful and can be stamped flat or fussy cut to create layers. I know that this is a collection I will come back to time and time again.

As these stamps have such a wonderful “Tea Chest” feel to them I wanted to fussy cut and layer the flowers over a faux wood panel.  Splattered Infusions over a Chalk Base provided a great background. I love the vintage feel of the Sleight Blue and Brown and with the touch of gold on the grunge paste.

The smaller stamps are fabulous for adding background images and I loved the added texture created using grunge paste through the stencils and then painting with a little gold paint.

This close up shows the wonderful depth of Infusions over the Fresco paint.  I use lots of water with the Infusions to get the lighter hues which provides a wonderful base for the overstamping and grunge paste.

You will be amazed at how many of the little stamps I used on this ATC set!  And think beyond ATCs! I often use these small works of art as the centre piece for a card and anyone of these ATCs would also make a lovely decoration to a gift wrapped box of tea.

Now it's Lynne's turn. What can I say? Seeing her use of layers and more layers is a pleasure. Her projects are stunning and also on the vintage side. She was also the perfect match for this release. It seems her samples (more on her blog) built up naturally, combining and mixing the stamp sets across, full of details, staples holding pieces of tinted fabric and many other details that you can only discover when you look twice or three times at each piece. Just have a look for yourself!

'Garden Variety', samples using ESC01 and PS049 by Lynne Moncrieff

This focal stamp (left tag) would work beautifully with blue/green tones for an oceanic theme.  Turn the stamp upside down to use as foliage on a tree branch, colour the berries.

A layer of Satin Glaze (right tag) makes the smaller stamps “pop”.  Imagine it with delicate watercolours / pencils / markers.

Perfectly sized for smaller sized art.  This stamp would be perfectly sized for jewellery, stamp the flower head only for ear-rings.

The floral stamp is such a generous sized stamp but I decided to only work with a section of it.

Use any of those floral stamps to form backgrounds. What about using them as a trio to make gift wrap. Stamped onto kraft paper would make for quick gift wrapping solutions and then pair with a matching tag, simply stamping one of the flowers onto a kraft tag. I might just have to do this so I have some gift wrap to hand for when I need it!

'Rustic Vegetables', samples using ESC02 by Lynne Moncrieff

This stamp and all from the set bridge that gap from masculine to feminine making it such a useful set for greetings cards and also for gifts for any family/friends who love gardening. A fun idea if gifting a garden themed gift, stamp this image onto a gift tag to tie onto the store bought gift. 

Stamp this beautiful onion stamp with a deep red instead of Potting Soil.

'Nature's Beauty' using ESC03 by Lynne Moncrieff

A beautiful stamp which is perfect for those who love to colour their stamped images or instead of applying ink, apply Infusions, mist with water to give a watercolour effect to the stamped image.

Using this stamp as a whole or just for a detail, perfect either way. I like it just as this small corner element on this tag. I would also stamp the whole of the stamp onto the corner of a square card then simply add a sentiment – this would make a quick card especially onto a background made with Infusions or brayered Frescos.

I really like this simple floral stamp, it has an under-stated elegance. This is a perfect stamp to pair with script, postal marks and other traditional collage style stamps.

So now it's my turn. I'll explain how each collection came to life and I'll show you the projects I've made with each of them in pictures and in videos.

Let's start with ESC01!

ESC01 was born the minute I found the dahlias bouquet, I fell in love, and then as by magic, the remaining flowers bloomed among the pages of the same catalogue to become a set (there were others which didn't make it... just yet!). As these are complete flowers, any of them can be a focal image of a card with a single sentiment, and we also have the dahlias stamp which is so big that you can use it as a background too. 


The stencil PS049 had to be designed as a florist shop which I named as 'Le petite dahlia' and I located it in the romantic Paris, Oh, la, la...

If you want to see how the first project below was made, here you have the first video in the series of three that I've prepared for tonight, for this first collection:

Project One

'Le petite dahlia' using stamp set ESC01 and stencil PS049 by Raquel Burillo

This first project is a card I made with one of the small flowers. This is one of my favourite stamps. I felt like using these new infusions in combination with foil (an experiment of mine), just a delicate touch for a delicate flower.

Here you can see the foil which stuck to the walnut crystals. These can only be seen when the light hits them properly

Step One: First I created a base layer with infusions and lots of water on a smoothy paper and I dried it completely. I believe this is Rusty Car:

Step Two: Then added more of the same infusions, mainly in the borders, spritzed some water, put foil on top and I passed it through the laminator twice. Can you see the gold spots?

Step Three: My next step was adding some stencilling using PS049 and grunge paste and I dried it

Step Four: Then I used gold fresco paint to paint the letters trough the stencil

Step Five: And here it comes the stamping! I stamped this beauty with Versafine ink vintage sepia

Step Six: I created a card base by folding a cardstock in which I painted just the borders using gold fresco again

Step Seven: Finally, I assembled the card with glue

Project two

'Simple flowers' using stamp set ESC01 and stencil PS049 by Raquel Burillo

These flowers looked so nice by themselves that I decided to make few mini-cards (ATC size more or less) with them.

I painted the base with Infusions (Olive green) and satin glaze, adding a little drop of gold fresco paint and I gave vertical strokes. I stamped with versafine ink black onyx.

For the stencilling, first I stencilled using black ink and then I off set the stencil and used grunge paste (tinted with gold fresco paint). By offsetting I get those nice shadows.

ESC02 is an unusual stamp set, maybe more masculine? It came out of another catalogue, this time about seeds and vegetables. Remember that in the 18th century there were not many cameras, so the only way to convince your customers that your seeds were the best in town was to show your vegetables in the nicest and most appealing way, so they hired the best illustrators. I don't know about you, but in my case, I want to try and plant those radishes (I bet you thought these were carrots, hehe) and see if they come out in 20 days as promised!

In addition to cards or art journaling, this stamp set can also be used to decorate cookbook notebooks, or even to create Halloween or season decoration. And the 2 vintage labels are the perfect final touch that you can stamp, cut and stick to finish any project.

I wanted the stencil PS050 to be a sign of a shop specialised on the vegetable farmer's world, because I really had a project in mind, the one you'll see below. And I also wanted to incorporate other elements that could be used in mix media for your backgrounds.


Watch the video below on how to use this collection to create a wooden-like sign using infusions with glaze, as Leandra explained to me once, but with a twist, adding gold and cutting into "wood pieces" first for a different finish:

Project Three

 'Crate of vegetables' using stamp set ESC02 and stencil PS050 by Raquel Burillo

When I designed ESC02, this was the project I had in mind: Using infusions to create a wood effect and adding the stamped images on top, coloured using infusions as a watercolour.

Steps One to Five: 

(1) I cut a 5 by 7 piece of smoothy paper, the heavy one, and I stencilled my design with grunge paste and I dried it with the heat gun. 

(2) Then, I painted with chalk fresco paint to get a uniform colour to work with. The paint dried very quickly

(3) My next step was scary... I cut the design in 5 stripes of 1inch wide each

(4) On each stripe I applied infusions (Blue Sleigh) in 4 to five random spots (not uniformly) and extended them using satin glaze mixed with a drop of gold fresco. This combination of colours is a winner!

(5) After adding brads on each corner, I glued the stripes in order onto a black painted paper, leaving 1mm separation between each stripe so the lines could be seen

Step Six: I painted through the stencil with black sooth distress ink and this is what I got. I just love the effect! 

Step Seven: I stamped my vegetables in black using versafine black onyx ink and I water-coloured them using infusions Olive Green, Rusty Car and Golden Sands.

Step Eight: I cut the shapes and glued them in place 

Project Four

 'Veggie-Polaroids' using stamp set ESC02 and stencil PS050 by Raquel Burillo

I decided to create Polaroid-like frames for these vegetables and I added some stencilling on each of them by way of giving titles. The technique used is the same as before: satin glaze with infusions and once dried, stamp with Versafine ink black onyx

For the background I added gold fresco too and I changed the direction of strokes to be horizontal.

And the technique for the stencilling is the same I explained on project 3, applying grunge paste before applying the satin glaze with infusions and once dried, ink it through the stencil with black ink.

Let's go for the final set! 

ESC03 was actually the first set I put together. I love travelling and although I get lost many times, I love maps! This is why I wanted to bring in map elements like the compass, the two scales and the gorgeous frame with the real title of a real map. The frame was selected not only for its beauty, but also because the 3 beautiful plants belong to the same region too (according to the atlas). I thought it would be also playful and useful adding the two pieces of words which refer to sections in the book (tomes and pages).

I don't know about you, but if I think of 17th century, maps and navigation, the first thing that springs to my mind if the tea trading, so PS051 is focused exactly on that. It's a fictitious sign of a family of tea traders. In addition to the sign, I decided to include the bottom part which is a bit fabric-like so it can be used as a background for mixed media. The stencil will be my main star in the final and sixth project of this release.

Find below the video about these 2 final projects on this third and final collection. You'd better grab a cup of tea and some scones because this one is pretty long:

Project Five

 'Floral and Cosy' using stamp set ESC03 by Raquel Burillo

This time I wanted to use infusions to create a canvas or linen effect, as Leandra explained to me the first time I discovered infusions in her make and take at Ally Pally. I also wanted to add other fabric related elements, thread, buttons and lace, which is something that I love doing. This is a very simple project which is great to give as a little card collection once you mount these on card bases, for instance:

Step One: I selected these 2 colours of infusions: Golden Sands and Rusty Car. I sprinkled them evenly on the smoothy paper surface and I extended them using satin glaze, first in vertical strokes and then in horizontal strokes

Step Two: Then with some versafine ink in vintage sepia colour I stamped the images. Since the surface was non-porous after applying the sating glaze, I heat set them with a heat gun.

Step Three: I sew the borders of the cards using my sewing machine

Step Four: As final step I aged the edges with distress vintage photo ink, so my tread would look less white and more aged and then I sticked the lace and sew the buttons in place.

Project Six

 'Importers of Tea' using stamp set ESC03 and stencil PS051 by Raquel Burillo

The purpose of this project was initially to get a base for one of the cards above, but I couldn't find the right colour of background that I liked, so after playing around with infusions for quite some time, as you may have seen in the video, I changed completely my mind and went to try a different colour and the result was so striking that it deserved to be a project on its own.

I coloured my grunge paste with infusions and then I inked it to get a deeper brown colour

Even having a dark brown as background, you can see the hints of different layers of colour underneath. And you should touch the paper, it has a special feeling

When seen against the sunlight, I'm amazed at the shadows caused by the stencil art. I'm sure I'll repeat this technique again. I already have a project in mind involving the decoration of a handmade nespresso capsule holder...

Thank you so much for popping by tonight! It's been a pleasure to show you my designed products in this release. I hope you liked them and that you enjoyed the release as much as I did preparing it with my team. 

I have to say a huge thank you to Leandra and Mark for believing in my stamps (and stencils) and giving me the chance to become part of the PaperArtsy family as a guest designer! Their brand is beautiful in many ways, not only their products are, but also themselves and their philosophy, so I can't be happier that I approached them in the first place and said yes!

Before I leave for the night, let me give you my contact details:

Youtube: As you may have realised, I like to share the videos of the things I make, so this is my youtube channel, should you want to subscribe and see more (or perhaps you want to see the videos in Spanish too, also available there)

Blog: I've also covered this release in my own blog here, which I normally write both in English and Spanish, so my family can follow (you don't know how proud my mum is right now, hehe). You can also see other projects and contact me if you have any questions, or even let me know if you'd like me to give you a workshop in a special event or in your shop.

Instagram: you can find me in instagram as @scrapcosy

Facebook: I'm in facebook as Raquel Burillo, and I also have the scrapcosy facebook page which gets fed from my blog:

That's all for today, thanks for your time! I leave you with Leandra and Mark now. Have a lovely evening!

See you soon!


As you can see, Raquel is seriously enthusiastic about her new stamps and stencils, and what a massive resource this blog post is to refer to. So many awesome techniques and ideas for you to explore.

Please note, the grammatical error in stencil PS049 (Dahlia stencil) has been corrected, but unfortunately the error wasn't realised before all these amazing samples were created by Raquel and her wingmen.

All tonight's wing-men have detailed step out's explaining how they made their samples on their own blogs tonight, so do drop by and take a look by following the links: Raquel, Jennie and Lynne. Don't forget to leave the lovely Raquel some feedback here too.

Congratulations, this release is a classic Raquel! Well done!

Mark & Leandra
Below is a list of the retailers who have already got these new releases in stock ready for you to buy NOW!

Scrapbook Centrale, Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec
(Zinski, JoFY, ESC, EKC, EKD, EEG, ETS, LPC, Infusions, Frescos)

Treasured Memories Scrapbooking, Duncan, BC

(Frescos, Infusions, EKC, EEG, ESC)

Artistic Studio Creations, Fayetteville, Georgia
(ETS, Infusions)

Artistree Workshops, Fulton, New York,

(Zinski, EKD, EKC, EEG, ELB, ETS, ESC, Ink and the Dog)

Clay with Me, Colorado

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Creek Bank Creations, Indiana

(MN, Zinski, Jofy)

Ephemera Paducah, Paducah, Kentucky 

(Fresco Chalks, Lynne Perrella, Seth Apter)

Frantic Stamper, Oregon 
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Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps, Roswell, New Mexico

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Simon Says Stamp, columbus, Ohio www. 
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Stamplistic, Cleveland, Ohio Picks, LPC, JoFY, ELB, Squiggly Ink) 

The Queen's Ink Savage, Maryland

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Craftylicious, Mildenhall, Suffolk
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Keep on Crafting, Burt St Edmunds, Suffolk
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That's Crafty, Romford, essex 
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The Forget me not Kraft Kabin
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TIny Dots, Funabashi-shi, Chiba

(JoFY, Frescos, Infusion)


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