Monday 27 February 2017

2017 #3 Bleached Infusions {by Helen Chilton}

2017 Topic 3:  Infusions

It's very fitting that Helen kicks off this Topic using infusions in all kinds of ways. Behind the scenes in recent months she has been my infusions go-to assistant as we were preparing to release new colours. Helen seems to have a knack at finding out something new and interesting as she works, so I think this partnering is a match made in Helen-Heaven!
Hi everyone Helen here.

Great to be here on the PA blog tonight. I've chosen to share with you a project using some of the new Infusions, Lynne Perrella stamps ELP036 and bleach.

I have to admit I'd got the bleach out for a class I was doing and decided to see what it did to Infusions. Being made up of a pigment and walnut crystals I wasn't sure if it would all bleach out, if some walnut would be left behind or what was going to happen. Probably why I just had to have a go - I like the unpredictable. Sometimes these things work, sometimes they don't. Combined with that I wanted to try the Infusions on glossy, non porous cardstock to see how they 'took'.

What I've always loved about the Lynne Perrella stamps is the wealth of detail. If I want a particular part of a larger stamp, I mark it up on the back and then just go for it without a block..

I like being able to use the images in exactly the way I want - it makes you realize their enormous versatility.

Next I went for the Infusions - yes under there is my collage. My courage almost failed me at this point.

Even more so when I blotted it as it all seemed a bit murky. The funny thing was though that when I heat dried it the colours faded quite a bit, probably because it's on glossy cardstock so the colour sits on top.  I ended up putting on three Infusion layers.

I had no idea how the bleach would work so it was a great relief (no, I wouldn't have to start again!) when it created a beautiful, almost sepia effect that I loved.

Then I rejuvenated some of the colour with a bit of water - you could always add more Infusions at this point if you want.

After that the background was very quick, just sprinkle and spritz and let it all run together.

Then I thought I'd have a spritz with the bleach - you need to be very careful with this. Again a slightly surprising effect - it's left behind some of the walnut crystals, particularly where the Violetta is. Love it!

Bleach is a great way for picking out and highlighting tiny details - I especially like the waves and the lace in this close-up.

I really enjoyed my bleach experiments and plan to try it out with some of the other Infusion colours to see what happens with those. 
Don't despair if it looks a bit dodgy on the way - it seems to work out all right in the end. I think the walnut crystals in the Infusions add a surprise element to your art work and the Lynne Perrella stamps are just perfect for this technique as the bleach allows you to highlight some of the many tiny details in the drawings.

Bleach works with all kinds of other designs as well -  if you look on my blog you can see some other samples made with some of the new Zinski stamps as well.

Oh wow, I haven't tried them on glossy card either yet! It's one of those types of card I tend to stay away from! What a revelation! The bleach worked a treat! Helen strikes again!!

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Kirsten said...

Gorgeous! I love all the different layers & spots of colour.

Helen said...

Wow you're a genius, what a great idea! It looks fantastic.

Lauren Hatwell said...

Helen, you really are an Infusions Guru. What a beautiful piece of work! Lx

Artmadnana said...

The colour you are left with after three layers of the infusions is really gorgeous Helen. It's a beautiful collage. I loved using bleach on the infusions vthe results are so unpredictable yet amazing each time. Great on the faces and different features. I love this piece.

Dortesjs said...

AWSOME love it ;O)))))))))))))))))

Craftyfield said...

The bleaching properties of the Infusions is a life saver, especially when you've put too much powder! Ask how I know...
Beautiful make from Helen.

Etsuko said...

Beautiful page, great idea of the bleach and fabulous image you have used Lynne's stamps. xx

Jane said...

What a gorgeous your make...xx

Mac Mable said...

Such an interesting project. The bleach worked well and yet left a slight sepia/vintage look so very perfect for your amazing project. Learnt lots today...Thank you x

geezercrafter said...

Love the bleach techniques you have used, lovely sepia look.

Chris said...

Fabulous Helen, just love the effect on these stamps. xx

Hazel Agnew said...

Another great idea Helen. Love the muted, sepia effect. Suits the style of the LP really well. Have ordered all of the new infusions and now waiting to play! Xx

rachel said...


craftimamma said...

Fabulous experimental results Helen and the sepia tones are perfect with the LP images. I can't wait to get the new Infusions!

Lesley Xx

Jackie PN said...

Helen! What a way cool technique!! Can't wait to give it a go! I just love your pieces- thank you for the inspiration!
Jackie ")

Art By Wanda said...


Words and Pictures said...

So mysterious and beautiful!
Alison x