Friday 24 February 2017

NEW from PaperArtsy {Zinski Art Part 2} February 2017

Zinski Art Collection {Part 2}

We have come full circle in just 2 short months...from Elena. We started with our first Zinski Art release In January at the USA Creativation tradeshow in Phoenix, and now we finish with another release from Elena coinciding with our UK tradeshow, Stitches. 

Elena has an adorable style, and one thing in particular that has grabbed me with this release is the way she and her very capable assistant sample-makers have turned these quirky flowers into flower-people so easily. Maybe Elena planned it that way, but whatever she does, it always makes me smile. I love that about her designs. We have more new quotes that you will find just a little bit different, and perfectly suited to her stamps too!

Let's take a look!

Here's a video with plenty of inspiration and explanation!
~ Leandra

Hi everyone, Elena here to show you my newest stamps designed for PaperArtsy.

As you can see, I've continued the flower theme and added some fun sentiments I think will work really well with my character stamps from my first stamp release of ZinskiArt monsters. 

Once again, I invited Wendy Mallas and Lauren Hatwell to help make samples with these new products. Please go and check out their blogs where you will find more detailed information about these stunning samples and the techniques they used to create them. Well worth a visit!

Let's start with Wendy Mallas.  
Wendy is about fun and humour, which shines through in her quirky samples. She's made some really cheeky little characters out of some of the flowers, showing how versatile these stamps are and how easily you can make them your very own.  I'll pass you over to Wendy now, to tell you more about her cheerful creations.

Have Fun! using ZA09, ZA12 (and Zini's 01, 06 and 07) by Wendy Mallas

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This sentiment screams "PARTY!" to me. Those monsters will appear everywhere. Elena's beautiful flowers made up an enchanting garden.

Sorry... using ZA10 by Wendy Mallas

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Look at those little faces. The one with the striped hat made me think of the Cat in the Hat which then generated all the faces in my mind. 

Jazz Hands... using ZA10 by Wendy Mallas

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This sassy little flower has a song to sing. Elena puts so much movement into her designs; they almost come to the life on the paper!

We All Scream for Ice Cream using ZA10 and ZN03 by Wendy Mallas

The 'flower boy's' hat reminded me of an ice cream cone. All it needed was a happy little monster who loves ice cream, and who doesn't?

Next up we have Lauren Hatwell.  
Lauren never ceases to amaze me with her incredible skills and attention to detail.  I just love how she's able to take things to another level and she has really made my characters come to life.  Her imagination and ideas are so inspiring.

I Would Grow Extra Arms using ZA10 and ZA12 by Lauren Hatwell

I love the way all the stamps work so beautifully together. The sentiments are perfect for some really great cards and journal pages. Elena really has thought of everything and her sense of fun shines through the entire range.

Naughty but Nice using ZA10 and ZA12 by Lauren Hatwell

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Elena's amazing designs really do transport you to another world; a world where anything is possible.  I don't know about you, but I would LOVE to have a garden filled with cake flowers...slurp!  It's clear somebody else is thinking the very same thing...

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I really wanted all those fabulous characters to look like they are popping off the page, so I've used lots of paper puffing and grunge paste to help bring everything to life.

Fussy Cutting Fiesta using ZA11 by Lauren Hatwell

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I do love a bit of fiddly fussy cutting and I do LOVE a bit of repeat stamping. This gorgeous flower is such a good strong design that it stands up beautifully to the bold repeat stamped background using a sentiment from the January release (ZA08). Added to that, there is a wealth of opportunity for layering it up to add dimension.  I love it!

Bright and Beautiful using ZA09 by Lauren Hatwell

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I know you shouldn't have favourites, but if I had to pick one from my samples, it just might be this. Elena's gorgeous GORGEOUS flowers are such a joy to play with whether you want them to be beautiful, quirky, or something else entirely.

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I've puffed out the flowers and added a layer of PaperArtsy Gloss Glaze to really make the colours pop. It's my new favourite technique. I wonder if you can buy Gloss Glaze by the gallon!?

So now it's time to show you what I've made with these new stamps. It's nice to be able to be free and loose when creating.  My first thoughts with these stamps was, they're flowers, but they're not real, so I can do whatever I want with them....right?  I don't have to worry about "whoops! I've cut a petal off" and I don't even have to use them as flowers if I don't want to. They can be background blobadoodles (now if that's not a real word, it jolly well should be!), animals, birds, or anything else you want them to be. 

Now to share a few of my own ideas for ways to use my brand new stamps. I hope you'll enjoy them....

Project One
Monsters Go Wild in Swirly Land using stamp sets ZA09, ZA10, ZA11 and ZA12 by Elena Guzinska (ElenaZinskiArt)

First I've made a journal page layout

Step OneFirst I stamped out the flowers from sets ZA09 and ZA11, together with the monsters from ZA01. I coloured everything in and stamped a quote from ZA12 

Step Two: Next, I cut everything out before setting aside while I prepared the background.

Step Three: Using Fresco Finish Chalk Paints I swirled some circles within circles with a brush and let it dry.

Step Four: Then, with the Chalk coloured Fresco Paint watered down, I made a wash to push everything back, before pasting all the cut out pieces using an under and over decoupage technique and some gloss glaze.

Step Five: Squeamish people look away now... I'm afraid I cut one of the monsters in half so I could elongate him to allow him to hold his sign.  Then I doodled some scribbly hands on each side of the sign and added some zig zag stitch style doodles on the edges of the page.

 Now my monsters are having fun amongst the flower buds in swirly land.

Project Two
 Crazy Canvas Panels using ZA02, ZA09, ZA10 and ZA12 by Elena Guzinska (ElenaZinskiArt)

I've also made two 7"x5" canvas panels.

Step One: First I painted the panels with Fresco Finish Chalk Paint and made marks while it was still wet with a wooden skewer. I then dabbed with kitchen towel and, once dry, I watered down some paint and made random splashes on the canvas.  

Step Two: Now you stamp the images onto each board. I used the half moon from ZA02 as leaves before adding a variety of stamps from ZA09, ZA10 and ZA12 to complete each scene.

Step Three: Now to colour in the images...

Step Four: Last but not least I added a border to each canvas. The scalloped border on the yellow canvas was created by simply loading the brush with Chalk coloured Fresco Paint and dabbing along the edges of the board. When the paint was dry I drew in the scallops with a black pen.

For the blue board I just scribbled a rough border around the edges of the board with a black pen. I like the imperfect look, so not a ruler in sight!

Thank you all so much for popping along here this evening. I hope you've had as much fun as we've all had. I've really enjoyed seeing the projects some of you have been making with my stamps up to now. They were all designed with happy in mind, and to make people smile so it has been fantastic to see your gorgeous imaginative creations which have really brought a smile to MY face and I can't wait to see more. Thank you all big giant lots :o)

I really do hope to see you on my facebook page. Links are below. See you all soon. 

Facebook: Elena Guzinska

I really am super excited to see what you all create with these stamps, we have a wonderful array from Elena to choose from now, so that should keep you content for some time as we see out the last of the winter months!

All tonight's wing-men have detailed step out's explaining how they made their samples on their own blogs tonight, so do drop by and take a look by following the links: Wendy, Lauren, Elena.

Thanks to all for another wonderful post full of super ideas!
Congratulations Elena! 

~ Mark & Leandra

Below is a list of the retailers who have already got these new releases in stock ready for you to buy NOW!

Scrapbook Centrale, Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec
(Zinski, JoFY, ESC, EKC, EKD, EEG, ETS, LPC, Infusions, Frescos)

Treasured Memories Scrapbooking, Duncan, BC

(Frescos, Infusions, EKC, EEG, ESC)

Artistic Studio Creations, Fayetteville, Georgia
(ETS, Infusions)

Artistree Workshops, Fulton, New York,

(Zinski, EKD, EKC, EEG, ELB, ETS, ESC, Ink and the Dog)

Clay with Me, Colorado

(ELB, LPC, ESA, JOFY, Infusions, Frescos, EKD, EKC, ESC, EEG)

Creek Bank Creations, Indiana

(MN, Zinski, Jofy)

Ephemera Paducah, Paducah, Kentucky 

(Fresco Chalks, Lynne Perrella, Seth Apter)

Frantic Stamper, Oregon 
(Zinski, LPC, JoFY, ELB, EEA, EEG, ESC, EKD, EKC, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps, Roswell, New Mexico

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Simon Says Stamp, columbus, Ohio www. 
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Stamplistic, Cleveland, Ohio Picks, LPC, JoFY, ELB, Squiggly Ink) 

The Queen's Ink Savage, Maryland

(Infusions, ESA, LPC)

Seth Apter, New York
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Stamp Fever, Orange, California

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Craft World Scotland, Glasgow
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Crafty Snippets, Billingshurst West Sussex


Craftylicious, Mildenhall, Suffolk
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Keep on Crafting, Burt St Edmunds, Suffolk
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Loobie Crafts, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, 
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LouLouPurple, Gwynedd, Wales

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Rowan Tree Crafts, Carnforth, Lancashire

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Stampers Grove, Edinburgh, Scotland 
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That's Crafty, Romford, essex 
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The Artistic Stamper Craft Store, Faversham, Kent 
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The Craft Barn, Merstham, Surrey 
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The Craft Box, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
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The Craft Den, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
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The Forget me not Kraft Kabin
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Whichcraft, Wallasey, Merseyside 
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Expression Hobby, Marcinelle
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Hobbyboden Scrapworld Samso

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Kerudoc Creation, St Yvi
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Toutencolle, Dun sur Avon
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Stempeloase Munich 
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Stempelfee Shop
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Creafine, Papendrecht 
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Hobbycompleet de Duif, Leeuwarden 
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Papillon Hobby, Hendrik Ido Ambacht

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Scrap & Co, Klarenbeek


Stampingcorner, Capelle Aan Den Ijssel 
(Zinski, Jofy, ETS, ESA, Lynne Perrella, Frescos)

The Stamping Cottage, Schaijk

(Fresco Chalks, LPC, ESA,  Zinski, Hot Picks, ETS, JoFY, ELB, Infusions)

Art and Soul Studio, Burrum Heads, Queensland
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Crafters Cupboard, Berwick, Victoria
(JoFY, ELB, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Time To Create, Modanville, NSW
(Zinski, ESA, ETS, EKD, EEG, ELB, ESA, Infusions, Frescos)

Mandy's Card, Taipei
(Zinski, JoFY, ETS, ESA, ELB, EEA, Frescos, Infusions)

TIny Dots, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
(JoFY, Frescos, Infusion)


Raquel Burillo said...

Beautiful samples from all of you! It's impossible to see these plants as JUST flowers, they have so much personality! Congratulations on the release Elena!

Dortesjs said...

waue these are just awsome BIG LOVE, i could bye them someday ;O)

Words and Pictures said...

Another brilliant release from Elena and such fabulous inspirational samples from all - a great post to finish off another amazing week!
Alison x

Elena said...

Thank you Alison:) xx

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Elena said...

Thank you Raquel :) xxx

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I am in love with today's releases and the samples are fun and fabulous! can't wait to go shopping!!

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Fabulous flowers and sentiment stamps from Elena's second releases. Gorgeous and fun samples from Lauren and Wendy!! xx

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Creative and fun samples by Elena, Lauren and Wendy! Fabulous work!

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Another wonderful release, congratulations...just love the flower faces, such creativity from you all! x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Another triumph Elana. Awesome work. You and Wendy are absolute superstars. So lucky to be on team Zinski. Lx

Mac Mable said...

Such fun stamps and amazing projects. Full of colour and marvelous inspiration, thank you x

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I love these sets so much, along with Kim's & Emma's they're my favourite. And the samples are stunning.