Thursday 29 December 2016

PaperArtsy Blog Summary of Topics 13-15 {Curated by Debs Wainwright)

Blog Summary: Colour Mixing, Paper Piecing, Patchwork

This picture from Nederhoff in the introduction of topic 15 patterns, captures all three techniques nicely!

Today's curator is Deborah Wainwright (Debs) and she is looking back on Topics 13-15.

We are fortunate to have such wonderful bloggers who share stunning ideas. They constantly surprise us all with their creativity, Debs is going to share with you a few of her picks form this Autumnal  period.


Hello all, Debs here from ArtZone and I'm so happy to be sharing some of my highlights from three of the PaperArtsy 2016 themes with you tonight.

This year for me, has been a great one for learning! I have been fortunate in being able  to try out many new products which always excites and inspire me, as well experimenting with different techniques.  Teaching a journal class monthly has really helped me think about what I'm going to create, and how I'm going to use the products, whereas, non teaching creations start with no intention and move towards finish pieces by listening to my intuition, the results are not always pretty but they are what they are...

Recently I have been playing with my art digitally; taking pieces I have drawn or painted into apps on my iPad and producing different composite art pieces. Layering up different pieces this way also helps me with composition and colour in my non digital art, as the skills are so transferable.

I was so pleased to be able look back at all the wonderful creations under the three topics below, not just because of the fabulous works of art I'm going to share with you, but because these topics mean so much to me in my own creative journey. It was hard to choose which projects I favoured as they were all fabulous, so I picked those that spoke to me when I reviewed them for this post.

Topic 13: Paper Piecing/ Patchwork

First let's introduce topic 13 which was a new concept for me, I had played with Paper but never realised what fabulous art could be made (I have learnt so much from all the artists who create on here). Here is one of mine I completed, inspired by this challenge. All the details can be found here.

My first favourite in this topic is this gorgeous canvas board Owlandish by the lovely  Lesley Ebdon which captures the topic wonderfully with all the different elements. A real fun looking piece, which makes me smile with all the coloured houses which the little owls live in. Such a pretty place too with flowers and sun that always shines.

And then this lovely Delft Tiles By the very talented Liesbeth Fiddler I loved the colours Lisbeth used they are so just right! It was just fabulous to see how Liesbeth thought outside the box with this one, creating the tiles was ingenious and then topping it with the Teacup woman  as Liesbeth calls her, just tied it altogether. You could almost imagine being in a Dutch kitchen drinking tea.

And lastly in this topic we have the lovely Lin Brown with a charming Journal Cover I chose this because I just love how Lin interpreted the topic by using fabric as a piecing technique. Look how wonderfully the fabric has been stamped with the different colours using a mix of complementary colours as well as those that contrast.

Topic 14 : Colour Mixing

This topic is very close to my heart, as I love mixing colours and of late I've been using a very limited palette and mixing the colours I need.

For example, in this piece I used only the Four colours from Seth Apter's range and mixed up the colours I wanted to use. I think when I counted them there was 21 colours.

Now onto my 3 favourite projects, the first by the lovely Ingrid Vichova  whose Complementary Canvas I fell in love with, as soon as I saw it. What an amazing way to showcase this topic. I loved how all the colours blended so well together, over all the luscious texture, and then the few places of rust just popping off the canvas, finished it wonderfully!

It was difficult to choose my favourite pieces as all the topics had such amazing pieces to choose from but this one by Alison Hall, really caught my eye. I just loved the contrast of mixing the infusions for the background and the topped with the black and white,  gives another fabulous way to show what can be achieved. 

And last in this topic I'm sharing one of own  I chose this one because it shows several ways to mix colours. I deliberately chose colours which do not mix well together wet, as they will make brown. (mixing together the three primary colours in any combination will make brown). However putting them side by side when dry gives a nice contrast.

Topic 15 : Patterns

The last topic Patterns, is another fascinating one as there are so many ways to make and use them in your creations. I have added the pic below to show how you can mix your creations with digital technology to create something different. The sample shows a journal page I completed using JOFY stamps which I then took into an app called  Capture by Adobe, this can be printed out, and used anyway you want to create a unique piece. Or you could use your favourite stamps and then create a pattern, print it and then colour it. To see the original and what I did with the pattern Paper please follow this link

Now onto my favourites, I loved this Botanicals Tag by Katy Leitch which showed how using part of stamps to create your pattern is really effective. Like Katy says in the original post it doesn't matter what stamp you use as you will not see it in its entirety. For example, Katy used a clock stamp.

My next choice is by the fabulously talented Julie Ann Lee whose 
Trinket Goblets really caught my eye. I love how Julie Ann used inspiration from nature, and as she says, patterns are all around us in nature if you look for them. Her beautiful faces peeping out from the leaves certainly have a story to tell!

And lastly, but of course not in any order, is this gorgeous Giftbox, Tag and Card from Chris Cresswell, who has showed with some colour and simple stamping, you can created the boldest patterns. I love this little coordinated set which was created with a Gelli plate, stamps and lots of doodles from Chris. This clearly demonstrates how you can use the fabulous stamps from any of Paper Artsy's Designers and make them your own by using doodles. 

Okay, I hope you like my choices. As previously said, it was difficult to choose and a big responsibility, so thank to Leandra for giving me this opportunity. It was actually a pleasure to go back and really read the posts; all too often I skip over them, because I'm too busy with other stuff, that I miss how well written they are. It also reminds me I love to read, which I do not do nearly enough.

I hope my choices of projects has inspired you to get out in the craft room and play, it certainly has me! I leave you with Happy, Creative New Year, hugs Debs xx


Helen said...

Great choices, Debs, from some of my favourite topics of the year. Thank you.

geezercrafter said...

Thanks Debs, it is great to reminisce over these great topics, very tricky to choose your favourites!!

Hazel Agnew said...

Well done Deborah. Great summary. Some fab examples. Xx

craftimamma said...

Another lovely reviews of three fab topics Debs and thank you for including my paper piecing Owl land! I had real fun with that one. Love your other choices too.

Lesley Xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Such an excellent review debs. You put me to shame with your creative enterprises this year. Wonderful choices here, I remember those delft tiles blew me away,

Lucy x

Julie Lee said...

What beautiful choices, Debs and what a great review. You really show how varied and inventive the contributors have been and that the possibilities with these topics are so exciting! Thank You for reminding us and for including my project too. xx

Claire said...

Lovely post Debs and some fab choices for those topics xx

Kirsten said...

Great choices Debs, I'm sure it was a lot of fun looking back at all the gorgeous projects. Happy New Year.

Etsuko said...

Brilliant choices Deborah!! I remembered yours and these wonderful pics and I always watching everyone's great works and learning. Wishing you a happy 2017!! xx

Words and Pictures said...

Lovely variety in your collection, Debs - a great post full of reflection.
Alison x