Saturday 3 December 2016

NEW PRODUCTS {JoFY stencils} December 2016

Hi Everyone, 

It's Leandra here to announce our final new product release of 2017. These lovely stencils by Jo have been in the works for a while, and you will see shortly how they coordinate with existing JoFY stamps. As ever, this concept is designed to offer you versatility when it comes to layering of paints, texture and sparkle.

So let's take a closer look at the actual stencils (note the codes are not consecutive, so take care when ordering!)


I'll hand over now to Jo Firth-Young who will introduce her new products, and share with you a few ideas. Enjoy and don;t forget to leave us your comments!

~ Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Jo here to share with you some fun ideas with these new stencils. I'm going to run through each of the stencils, and share an idea with each to jump start your creativity.

Stencil PS032: {Life, Joy}

About PS032This is the first of my stencils featuring large words. I wanted to create word stencils that could be used in art journalling, scrapbooking or on home decor pieces.

Technically PS032 was released sneakily by Mr & Mrs PA in October at the final consumer show of the year they attended, but this is a nice opportunity to bring it to your attention.

Here is a 12x12 journal page. The word is stenciled in Fresco Finish paint (that gorgeous 'Midnight' from Seth Apter's Limited Edition set), and the snowflakes (JOFY48) are stamped, appropriately, in Snowflake Paint.  I love how 'joy' is a statement but not overwhelming element on the page. You could also use 'Joy' on many other celebratory pages - births, engagements, marriages - or even for the little things in life that bring joy to our lives.

On the same stencil is a tall stem - it can be used as a piece of foliage or a flower - the choice is yours. 

For this simple card I created 3 overlapping stems. They were created by stenciling 3 layers; first a white stem, then cleaning and flipping the stencil over (to change the direction of the stems) and finally stenciling the blue stem. To create the final layer the stencil was cleaned and flipped over again (back to the original) and a green stem added. I used a grey pencil to softly add a shadow line to each layer to add depth and definition.

Stencil PS033: {Beauty}

About PS033:  I think this stencil is going to be really useful - the 3 foliage elements will be great on backgrounds underneath the coordinating stamps from JoFY14 set shown above.

This card  was created with a brayered background, and the stencil and the stems from JOFY14. I think this stencil motif would also look lovely using Pearl Glaze on a painted background - very subtle, but here I wanted to show it to you in a more contrasting colour.

Stencil PS038: {OK}

About PS038: Another really useful stencil - its obviously going to work really well with JOFY43 because several images are larger versions of the stamps but its also has some really useful background images - gotta love the rings! and who doesn't like a splat or two on a project!

On this panel - based on a brayered background - I stenciled rings and splats from PS038 and also the chevron from PS041.  I wanted to show how well the different stencils can work together.... its just waiting to have a die cut word added when the time/occasion requires.

 Stencil PS039: {Wings}

About PS039: I hope you all like this stencil as much as I do! It deliberately builds up to create a butterfly (all those little shapes fit into the wings) so you can create your own details or use those on the stencil. It also creates a big image which is why it is presented as a half-butterfly. You will need to stencil one half of the butterfly, clean & flip the stencil over, and repeat the image using the body as the meeting point. OR you could have half butterflies flying about - lots of possibilities. 
Here's a diagram showing where the elements fit into the wings... not designed to be a tight fit so you have space to doodle or embellish as you want - great for the zentanglers, doodlers or the paper-piecers out there!

I created a canvas using this stencil as the main focal point.  At 10x14 inches its quite big (for me anyway) and it was lovely to have so much space to create in and a stencil big enough to 'fill' it. On the canvas I also used the scallop and loops borders of PS041 and 'beauty' from PS033.

Here is the butterfly in close up, showing the elements in place.

 Stencil PS041: {Borders}

About PS041: I have a feeling that this could be a 'go-to' stencil for me - all those lovely borders - and yes, they will match up and repeat.

I don't have a sample for each of the borders on this stencil but I've used it several times on the samples in this blog post.
Now might be a good time to show you this page from one of my art journals because it uses the borders and the honeycomb stencil coming up. I am normally quite 'less-is-more' when it comes to creating but this spread is definitely 'more-is-more'.. :o)

The pages had been covered in under-papers and looked like this:

When I had been very busy and knocked the colour back with Chalk, blended the blocks in with more of the same colour as the background (the turquoise - Captain Peacock) and added layers of stenciling it looked like this: 

The most vibrant journal pages I've created for a while!.  You can see the hexagons of stencil PS042 wandering across the page (White Fire) and this what I intended them to do, then there is the chevron (Snowflake) from PS041, and the stems (Snowflake) from PS032. The alphabet (in Bougainvillea paint) is a Donna Downey stencil also available from PaperArtsy.

 Stencil PS042: {Hexagons}

About PS042: I think enough has been said about how much I like hexagons so you can imagine how happy this stencil makes me! And I really hope you like it too - its going to be great for journaling and how cute would those busy little bees from JOFY30 look stamped on it! 

I've created a panel using the stencil with a Gelli printed background and then printed a second layer with the stencil itself. I also wanted to remind you that these stencils can be used for paper pieces and so I laid the stencil onto book text, drew around the large circle, cut it out and stuck it to the panel. The little printed circles are from JOFY31, and the small text is from JOFY46.

Phew that is a lot of stencils to talk about all at once!  I hope you like them and will be a useful addition to you art/craft kits.

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Wow, isn't it great that Jo has added these stencils to her collections. Its great that they work with so many existing stamps too, total bonus! I think these might find there way into a few stockings this Xmas!




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oh Jo!!! I always love your stencils, and these are fantastic additions.. Really love the big words. can't wait to get hold of these.

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These are fabulous!

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Fantastic array of stencils, I need them all.

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Wowser, love them all! ...and such amazing samples, gorgeous Jo! xx

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LOVE these!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gorgeous stencils Jo and fab samples to show them off.

Lesley Xx

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Fantastic designs... and that butterfly!! Stunning x

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lucky to get the hexagons and the butterfly stencils yesterday at The Artistic Stamper, cant wait to play. Great to see Jofy too xx

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Great new additions Jo.

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Oh wow what exciting stencils Jo! That butterfly is so well thought out. Love them all,

Lucy x

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What a stunning stencils Jo!! Love them all!! xx