Saturday 31 December 2016

PaperArtsy Blog Summary of Topics 20-22 {Curated by Leandra Franich)

Blog Summary: Grids, Alcohol Inks, Bleach, Mail Art. 

Well here we are, the final day of the year, and the final summary post what our bloggers did for us all in 2016 here on the PaperArtsy Blog.
One of the biggest blog challenges this year was to 'spot the word' within Gabby's creation above. See this blog post for more
2016 seems to have been a year of international tragedy, unrest, and confusion, we have experiened a year of unexpected turmoil and change. We also seem to have observed an  unprecedented level of celebrity deaths, many way too soon. In among the chaos that was 2016, I feel our little blog has hopefully offered a haven of positivity and encouragement.

The year ahead will no doubt hold as many surprises at that which has just passed. We may not be able to control the outside world, but we do have some significant choices we can make about our own lives, how we choose to use our time, who we choose to spend quality time with, and what we do for our own pleasure. Crafting is often a welcome escape from the realities of the rest of the world, but it is also a wonderful way to express deeply-felt emotions on any scale or topic.

I hereby challenge us all to make more art, find our happy place, take time for yourself, absorb, marinate and pickle yourself in the process of learning or doing something new. Somehow it always seems to give you some perspective, and joy.

Here's to the year ahead!
Happy New Year! 

So it's me again today (Leandra),  remembering with you the final days of our blogging year. And boy has it flown by! Today we look at the final topics of 2016, and the great ideas expressed within! Let's take a look!

Topic 20: Squares and Grids

One of the first stamping techniques I learned was the 'grid technique' ...using Post it notes to mask off a grid line, then apply colour direct to paper with Adirondack Inks by Ranger... and that whole method of working with structure has always continued to appeal to me. I like the structure a grid offers, and working with squares is such a great way to isolate focal points too.

My first pick is This flower 'grid' by Helen Chilton. Helen always seems to turn an idea on its head with ease! Her bright colurs and pops of white really make this grid so cheerful.

Jennie Atkinson seems to have morphed into an infusions guru this year. Her natural Vintage crafting style is perfectly suited to Infusions. I love how our first ever stamp collection released in 2004 (Ink and the Dog), works perfectly with our newest 2016 product release: Infusions!  (something old, something new). See here for more.

A typical Emma Godfrey masterboard turned from this...

...into this. Framed it looks amazing!  I love how Emma seems to strip back and make things look simple, when actually there is a lot more to it than meets the eye!

And finally, Ingrid stamped into texture to highlight patterns for this topic perfectly. Lovely rusty layers and textures within!

Topic 21 : Typography, Fonts, Quotes

I do find that words and numbers are such useful elements when building up backgrounds. For example, a script stamp is utterly indispensible, but so are number and alphabets stamps, no matter what font or size, they are very handy to have in your stash! In fact I'll let you into a little secret... one of our first releases of 2017 fits this category PERFECTLY... I wish I could share more!!! Guess what!? You will find out more tomorrow! I promise!

Claire Snowdon created this dreamy background using words and quotes with gesso to soften. The layers of paints and inks in pinks and blues is highlighted by infusions on top. I loved this, so simple and effective!

In a similar vein, Tricia started with Newsprint under her typographical imagery, and made her Tracy Scott stamps pop in the process!

Sanda showed us the entire process of her journal page with words and numbers in her background, it is always amazing to see other people's method of creating up close like this!

One to remember for next year! Keren's Christmas wreath made from a numbers mini stamp!

Topic 22: Alcohol Inks and Pens

I might be handy when it comes to gin recommendations, (here is my latest find, Nordes). I'm certainly not as competent when it come to alcohol INKS! Particularly pens. So I am fascinated by the posts for this topic! Very useful info! No I won't be tinting my gin!

My first pick is Kay Carley showing her wonderful skill with Alcohol ink markers. Just the daintiest touch of colour hits the spot!

Lauren shared the mind-blowing blending solution on a flannel for texture tip in this post! (I did not know that) She's another closet copic guru. See here for more... 

Jennie did a simple technique here, but oh my how cool does it look!!

Topic 23:  Bleach
The end results from some bleach techniques, can be very similar to alcohol inks (resists in particular), but as ever, the bloggers come out with a load more crazy-good ideas with a household available (craft) ingredient!!

For example, Corrie bleached out denim with a bold flower stamp so effectively! Details here.

Hazel had a blast using infusions with bleach! Oh and she got some numbers in there too!. bold stamps seem to be the stamps of choice here!

Nikki used bleach splats and more in this post. It's very elegant!

 Topic 24: Mail Art

Our final topic of the year, Mail Art, which was appropriate considering the postal service was somewhat overloaded at the time! Sadly we could only fit in 1 week of this topic, but we still saw a lot of loveliness! As Christmas was imminent I expect many of you missed out seeing these posts.
Roxanne (by Bun) enjoyed exploring her new love for Fresco Paints! Lots of awesome tips within her post too!

One of the HUGE reasons we put so much effort into our blog content year after year, is so that you are inspired to play along. Even though the mail art challenge came at the worst time of year as far as people's busy lives go, I was blown away with the challenge entries. This is what is is all about, sharing with us what you create in response to the blog. We LOVE to see that. Let me share a few with you...

For example in response to Mail Art, look at this from Pavla!!


Helen who is one of our most ardent blog followers, and she really should be called the most senior on high PAtwit (haha), killed 2 birds with one stone, and made some Christmas gift envelopes for her niece and nephew! I think she must have entered every challenge this year!

Claire used her EEA stamps for this gorgeous idea


Well there you have it people the final 4 topics of the year and only a smattering of the gorgeous posts highlighted. It's been an utter pleasure!

We hope you continue to follow us in 2017, and be aware, we have sneaky peeks starting TOMORROW of our imminent new releases.

Our sale ends today too, so be quick for that!

All the best for a safe and happy New year Celebrations



Helen said...

oh what a surprise to find my gift envelopes featured! I had a blast with them, and Rachael and William liked them (or maybe the contents!) too... I am looking forward to a new year of creativity and buying some new PA goodies... Happy New Year to all at Paperartsy and from all the PATwits, a big thank you for all you do. You guys work so hard and we love you all.

Craftychris said...

A lovely array of beautiful artwork, another fab flashback, thank you! Your blog certainly is a haven of positivity and encouragement! An awesome place to visit! Thank you! Happy New Year to you all! xxxxxxxxxxx

Lucy said...

You have worked so hard leandra, giving us so many of the round ups and this is another bunch of beauties. I SO agree with what you have said about the turmoil in the world over the past year and that we can't do anything about it except support each other and take pleasure in the joyful creativity we share. You and all at paperartsy certainly have brought so much positivity and impetus to me personally. Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy and creative year ahead,

Lucy x

craftimamma said...

I echo exactly what Helen,Chris and Lucy have said and the only thing to add are my own best wishes to you at PaperArtsy both in your business lives and your personal ones. Thanks for all the pleasure you give us as well as the wonderful products and I hope 2017 is a peaceful one for us all.

Lots of love
Lesley Xx

Artmadnana said...

A wonderful array of art in this post. Such creative people. It's lovely to look back at some of the year's art work and be reminded of the stamps and the various themes. I do hope 2017 is another successful year for you both and for your family. I hope you get lots of orders at CHA but that you get to have some time for yourselves and your family.

Hazel Agnew said...

Another amazing array of gorgeousness Leandra. Wow, another year and there you are still at the helm with your trusty crew. I wish you many more exciting voyages for the year to come; an alladins cave of surprises and a bucketful of love! Xx

Claire said...

Hi Leandra, happy new year! Great final blog post for 2016 and some wonderful projects shared - feel very honoured to have had two of my projects chosen. I love the PA blog and how friendly and inspirational everyone is. I know it takes a huge amount of organisation but I really appreciate all the effort from everyone. Looking forward to seeing what new stamps are to come from PA in 2017! Claire xx

Kirsten said...

Happy New Year Leandra. An enormous THANK YOU to you & everyone at PaperArtsy - the elves, the designers, the blog contributors - for all your hard work throughout 2016. For me, the blog posts were little lights of happy in a very dark year. Thank you & I hope 2017 is wonderful for you & all the team.

Words and Pictures said...

A really great selection, Leandra - and I'm looking forward to checking out the rest of the summary posts too, so that I can see more of what everybody's been up to. Fabulous so far!
Alison x

Miriam said...

A fabulous summary. I have loved the recaps of the fabulous topics.

Julie Lee said...

Thank You for all you have done over 2016, this is such a beautiful post. We can look forward to a great year of creativity in 2017 with the memories of all these gorgeous projects fresh in our minds too. xx