Wednesday 28 December 2016

PaperArtsy Blog Summary of Topics 10-12 {Curated by Leandra Franich)

 Blog Summary: Doodles, Our House, Fabric.

The year is drawing to a close, and we are at the halfway point looking back on our blog best bits of 2016.

Today's curator is me, Leandra and I'll be taking you back to Topics 10-12: Doodles, Our house, Fabric. Possibly my most favourite 3 topics. Let's check out what creative goodness the bloggers came up with! Hint: there are no words, just take a look at this eye-candyt!!


Topic 10: Doodles

Doodles are just weird. You can doodle without thinking, like if you are chatting on the phone, or sitting in a lecture, and produce the most amazingly random creation, but if you try to be deliberate, you can just stare at a blank page for ages. This is when Pinterest is handy... or the PaperArtsy blog!! Once I 'see' the idea I can then doodle so much more easily. Here's a few ideas from our happy doodle crew...

My first pick is this candle holder by (Laura Bomber, Laura Art) I love how she doodled into texture paste, and then distressed the effect with paint to highlight the texture. The stamped flowers provide a lovey detail,

Penny Nuttall, our stitchery expert, taught us how to paint, stamp and accent with stitches using Kim Dellow's perfectly suited stamps! Penny's ideas never fail to please, she really masters the art of crossover between textile and paper arts.

I simply can't leave out this fantastic Vintage-inspired Keepsake Box by Hazel Agnew. I adored Hazels color palette AND her doodled flowers were to die for!

This was really unique from Pavla, floating doodles! Everything about this is bright, cheery and fun! Sometimes you really do wonder how people dream up these amazing ideas!! Well done Pavla, this was a fantastic post!

Topic 11: Our House

The House Topic really seemed to stretch all boundaries. We love throwing in a 'loose' theme every now and then, because people seem to dig deep and come up with the most bonkers things! The attention to detail in this topic was astonishing. I guess everyone just thoroughly enjoyed the topic and kept going to create such gorgeous pieces of art. Perfect!

Here is a gem from Lucy Edmondson who created a delightful row of houses, with tiled-face-roof (that's not something you say every day) and she jumped into a Lynne Perrella tribute along the way! If you get a second, take another look here, its truly wonderful!

Speaking of roofs, Etsuko didn't hold back on this stunner! The turrets had leafy, mossy tiles, and the textures on the exterior walls were fabulous.

From this point she added colour and the most amazing details to pull it all together. A masterpiece! See the finished result here.

Lin did a wonderful mash of her stamps with flowers atop houses for her roofs! It seems anything is permissible when it comes to your crafty roof! No rules!

I have to make space for one more house-themed creation! I told you houses are just too much fun! Trish Latimer did a beautiful box-arrangement decorated with our Retro style Cat's Meow stamps (released 2004 by Marieke Blokland TIP: follow the link and check out Marieke's online classes, I know a LOT of you would love them!). I love that Trish really created a circus vibe on her stunning arrangement

Topic 12: Fabric
Textile art seems to scare a lot of people. I try to think of it a malleable paper, and if you approach it as you would a piece of paperl the fear disappears. Paints, infusions, Ink, all can be applied, and you can use the different types of weave and thread to great effect too!

Ruth Mescall is another textile genius. Hessian is one of those surfaces you generally stay away from, its so rough and uncompromising. But look how Ruth becomes the conqueror! She adds detail stamping onto tissue paper adhered to white zones, and fine stitching. You can see the steps clearly here.

Darcy created a bespoke pencil case. I love the end result ...

...but check out the lush layers along the way...If it were me I could not have gone past this point, look at the colours!! This is my idea of perfect layers and intensity of colour!!!
And finally Helen Chilton made an infusions background to create this heart using Ink and the Dog minis. She always finds out something new, and yup, she's at it again. This time she sprinkled infusions onto a stamp, spritzed and stamped. That's the gorgeous spots of intensity that you can see.

It's lovely to highlight just a few of the amazing artists we feature on the blog every year. I hope you have enjoyed looking back with me!

Tomorrow we are back with another night of remembering! See you then!.



Helen said...

I love these reminiscences, it is so easy to forget such beautiful work.

Caz said...

New Year join in with the challenges more...this reminded me of the house one I joined in on....some great inspiration on these 'look backs'!

Hazel Agnew said...

Fabulous revisits. Such a wonderfully versatile bunch! Xx 😜

Lucy Edmondson said...

Ooh what a lovely selection, it'seems funny how you forget. I remember now I really wanted to make one of helen's infusions hearts. Thank you so much for including my Madness row of houses, leandra,

Lucy x

Julie Lee said...

Lovely memories of some gorgeous projects. xx

whyducks said...

What wonderful projects, I really look forward to seeing what 2017 brings. xx

Miriam said...

Lovely to look back at such fabulous topics.... I had forgotten about some of these.

craftimamma said...

Love these mainly because they are not topics I had a go at myself but I especially loved the house one. Some amazing inspiration!

Lesley Xx

Kirsten said...

Great to see these beautiful pieces again.

Etsuko said...

Wonderful revisits, I really adore these ingenious creation. And thank you so much for great comment.
I wish 2017 will be the happiest and best for you and your family. xxx

Words and Pictures said...

Ooh, some really great stuff here - I did catch a few of these, but it's lovely to see them again.
Alison x