Saturday 3 May 2014

{3UP} Night 7: BRAND NEW Hot Picks

Hi Everyone, it's Leandra here for the final night of this semester's 3UP challenge. Tonight it's a special 3UP as we are featuring the 6 brand new Hot Pick Stamps HP1301-HP1306. 
In celebration of this release, it's become a 6UP, not a 3UP tonight ! ...see what we did there?? 

I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation to see what they have all been up to with these beauties so lets take a look! We have already been shipping these stamps to retailers over the last 3 weeks, so some clever retailers who stalk us daily have already got them available in store and online, and plenty more orders are shipping out as we speak!

FIRST UP: Lisa's Butterfly Canvas
A lot of different techniques have been used by Lisa to create this canvas. She's custom-made flowers, and used the butterfly section of the large collage repeatedly as individual embellishments.

Name: Lisa Winnard
Twitter: @lisa_winnardStamp: HP1301

Lisa Says: My name is Lisa and have been crafting since I was a tiddler. I am a full time mummy to two beautiful little girls age 3 and 1. I am a stampaholic and love any kind of messy crafting.

I decided I wanted to introduce lots of different textures to this creation and succeeded by using lots of different techniques.

I created my own canvas background by attaching muslin cloth to an old picture frame back, then used Distress Ink to colour the background. I stamped onto cosmetic tissue and used melted beeswax to adhere the tissue images to the board. I also stamped directly on to the muslin cloth to create a different look from the beeswax images. I added extra wax around the edges to create a raised bumpy, textured surface then added some gilding flakes on to the board to create texture and add some colour and shine.

I stamped various images on to textured white paper, inked and die cut them into flower shapes and dipped some in the beeswax and others into clear UTEE to create a shiny texture. I stamped the butterfly image from HP1301EZ onto smooth card, heat embossed using clear powder, cut them out and inked them with Distress Ink.

Lastly I used the LIVE WORK CREATE stamp, stamped on to white card, inked and cut them out individually. I sat each piece in a silicon frame mould and poured clear UTEE over the top to create three mini frames.

I added the measuring tape to create a 3D effect and more texture around the flowers to mock the image on the butterfly stamp. 


SECOND UP: Miriam's hanging boards
Miriam has a mixed media masterpiece, here, lots of technique and a great end result! Love how she has added layers of paints softly and gently to the background.

Name: Miriam Grazier
Twitter: @MiriamGrazier
Stamp: HP1302

Miriam Says: Hi, I'm Miriam.  I live in Bristol but am originally from Cardiff (the Welsh accent comes out after a few glasses of wine!).  I'm married and have a very clingy black cat who follows me around everywhere and likes to perch on my shoulder like a parrot! By day I am a HR professional and I love to spend my free time cooking or creating -  my chocolate truffles are very popular at Christmas!  I started crafting 7 years ago and haven't looked back.  I am a stamp addict and love nothing more than getting covered in paint and ink. I was delighted to be selected to create something as part of the #3UP challenge and had great fun using these gorgeous stamps - hope you have fun creating!

Take 1 small and 2 x 8x8" grey-white boards. Cut one of the larger grey boards down to create a  2in wide rectangle. Cover all of the grey boards in Chatsworth papers. Cover areas of the full grey board in grunge paste. 

While the GP is still wet, spritz the number stamp and stamp it into the grunge paste - this leaves the lovely texture in the GP and because the stamp was wet the GP does not stick to the stamp making it easy to clean. Allow the GP to dry.

Squeeze a few drops of each paint onto a craft mat and water down a little. 
Sponge the paint over the dried boards.  By sponging the paint it created a lovely texture. Because the paint was watered down it still shows part of  the papers through.  In areas where I wanted the paint to be darker I just added a bit more sponged paint. I kept adding more paint until I was happy with it. I then let the 3 boards dry.

Once dry I stared to stamp in Archival ink - I stamped the background numbers over the large board and corners of the cut board. For the 100mm board I stamped the large image with the crab. On the cut board I stamped a quote from the new Eclectica Lin Brown stamps

I glued the small 'crab' board to the middle of the larger board. I always collect shells from my holidays in Portugal and so thought this project would be a perfect opportunity to use them - I glued these on with glossy accents. Once dry and secure I added treasure gold to different areas of the boards - this gave some highlight and shine

To finish, I marked and punched holes in all of the boards.  I attached the boards using jump rings which I had rubbed with Treasure Gold. I attached string to the top to finish.

THIRD UP: Hazel's Ink Pot and Quill
Always one to think outside the box, this time Hazel's chucked out the ink, and created a faux quill for her telephone table....I can't help it... I'm now imagining her phone to have one of those wind up handle things...and an operator at the other end

or perhaps it's like this...

in situ ...voila ??

...I think I'm in trouble already next time she see me...however, you'll be relieved to know Hazel can tweet though so she's thoroughly modern regarding her social-media skills on t'internet!! 

Name: Hazel Agnew
Stamp: HP1303

Hazel Says: Hi, Hazel here, otherwise known as craftroomgran or zimbud (Leandra's reference to me needing a zimmer… NOT) {Leandra edit: Hazel of course refers to our imaginary zimmers - we have competitions decorating them and racing them down the motorway (they have wheels, and go really fast)... I have been crafting since I retired in 2008 and finding PaperArtsy on Twitter has totally changed my approach from churning out cards to altered art. Encouraged by the fabulous PAtwits I created a blog in October 2013. A little known fact about me (which Leandra asked us to include) is that I had piano lessons from the age of 5 till 18 and enjoy playing Beethoven, Mozart etc and also singing. {Leandra asks: so is the piano a zim-attachable unit decorated with red sparkles with a matching chopper guard flag thingy ??? #welljell } 

So here is my challenge, entitled 'La Colmena'. I was lucky enough to be sent the stamps HP1303 I decided to make something useful and upgrade my phone table accessories. They were mismatched and in need of a makeover. 

I emptied the ink from my Windsor and Newton bottle, Grunge-Pasted through a stencil, painted the bottle with French Roast and then rubbed on Treasure Gold: Aquamarine and Spanish Topaz to highlight. I turned my biro into a quill pen by making a feather as Julie Ann showed us earlier this semester.

I added a matching Grunge Paste stencil to my note box, stamped with some of the script and added half of the face stamp using Archival Coffee, once again highlighting with Treasure Gold.

I crackle-glazed the front of my notebook and stamped assorted script onto it using a mixture of archival inks to give a random scribbles look. Then I cut some Metal Card to fit one corner and wrote "vins" on the reverse, pressing through on top of a spongy mouse mat. This was to copy the stamp with the word Vins on the top. I then rubbed Treasure Gold in Oxynite, Spanish Topaz and Brass onto it and glued to make a pocket. I made some "business cards" using more of the stamps and tucked them in.

Now for the wooden box. After covering it with Fresco paints I made a cover for the drawer by once again using Metal Card. This time I wrote "Plumes" and "Crayons" on each side and repeated the Treasure Gold process. I randomly stamped the large script stamp once again using archival inks. Finished off the box with Treasure Gold on the edges.

To finish the feel of the project I made faux letters, stuffing envelopes with card, ageing them and tying them with aged ribbon. I made notelets with half of the face, edged with gold pen and made an old photo, painted over with Gloss Glaze and created a postcard. 

I was going to weave a story about this ageing actress called "La Colmena" The Beehive, who was desperately clinging to her past but have already rambled on for too long. I also took many more detailed photos, but will probably put those onto my blog.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy looking as much as I have enjoyed playing with PA's glorious products!


FOURTH UP: SUSAN's rolled paper canvas masterpiece
Susan has done great things with paper and stamps on this piece! It's very clever! I love how she has used rolled papers as her background!

Name: Susan Jennings
Stamp: HP1304

Susan Says: Hi, I am extremely lucky to be a stay at home mum.  Prior to my career change I had been employed as an accounts administrator for a group of garages located in the West Midlands.  I have always been involved in the madness of craft, I guess you could say I was born with it in my genes.  My skills range from knitting, sewing, cross stitch, upholstery and of course paper craft. What I am not so  good at is twitter, pinterest and facebook, my blog is pretty new too. It was set up a few years ago but it was only when my friend suggested I enter one of my creations onto a challenge site I realised you needed to have a  blog, it’s still quite basic but I’m getting there, slowly.  My first ever job when I was 16 was adding colours to enamelled trinket boxes on an outwork basis 50p a base, 25p a lid, it was pocket money, it was only when staring into a shop window I realised how much these little beauties were worth to buy. 

Anyway back to business. A 6”x6”box canvas was painted with Nougat and dry brushed with Chartreuse, stamping using the new Hot Picks HP1304EZ script and 50c stamps in Honey Dew and Chocolate Pudding added detail. 

Rolls were made from brayering with Chartreuse, Chalk and Honey Dew and stamped in black archival ink using the Script stamp, the edges were distressed rolled and lashed together with twine. Hat pins covered in White Fire and Onyxite Treasure Gold and pushed into the top of the rolls, treasure gold was added to edges of canvas.

The face was stamped onto Card painted in Chocolate Pudding, Crackle Glaze and Blush and cut out, Blood Orange added colour to lips and cheeks and a Chartreuse to the eye lids. Hair was made from stamping the 50c and 25c stamps on card painted in Chocolate Pudding, Blood Orange, Tikka and Chutney, heat embossed with black embossing powder and cut out, Treasure Gold was added to the edges. 

The same circles were used to make the flowers, slits were cut into each circle, tweezers were used to curl the corners and a brad added to the centre. Stems were made from wire twisted into leaf shapes which were stuck onto leftover paper, the leaves were cut out and glossy accents added.  A few metal embellishments were added to complete the look.

FIFTH UP: MARIETTE's flower card
I love this distress watery stamping card technique. This is really versatile for all kinds of projects!

Name: Mariëtte van Leeuwen
Stamp: HP1305

Mariëtte Says: Hi, this is my 3UP entry with the new Hot Pick stamps. I am an addictive stamper for several years now and love the diversity of stamping. There are so many techniques you can incorporate in your art, it’s so versatile and it never bores me. In fact after a busy day at work it helps me to relax and gain new energy by stamping. The messier the better! 

I had the honor to play with the new Hot Pick set HP1305 and decided to show you that PaperArtsy stamps can also have a soft and romantic touch. The technique I used on this card is stamping with distress markers and using a water-colour technique for a soft feeling.

Scribble down some ink from your distress marker (tea dye) on your craft sheet and blend it with water. Take up the mixture with a big brush and apply it randomly onto a piece of water color paper. Dry. Color the flower collage stamp directly with distress markers. I used the following colors: worn lipstick, crushed olive, peeled paint and brushed corduroy. Before stamping onto your water color paper, spray water on the stamp with a mini mister. Then you can start to blend the colors on the flower and leaves with just a small brush and a little bit of water.

With a blending tool and brushed corduroy distress ink go around the edges to create a border and add depth into your card.

Adhere some white lace and create a bow from twine. The little flower as embellishment is done with the same water color technique as described above. The little flower stamp is from the HP1009 set. Adhere the project to white paper and finally on pink cardstock to match the color of the flowers. I hope you like the way I used this fabulous stamp.

SIXTH UP: Sandie's mini book
Sandie has made her own fantastic book, and bound the papers, these could be used for ohhhh so many projects!! A great technique.

Name: Sandie Cottee
Stamp: HP1306

Sandie Says: I work full time as a nurse but creativity is my way of life.   A balance of work & play is really important to me and a few hours creating can put my world to rights.  I would describe my style as eclectic, I love paper, multimedia and textiles as well as trying out new ideas.  I am passionate about photography and journaling, and my main love is handmade books.  We have a campervan and although space is small I always pack creative projects that I am working on.

I have run book-making and other classes and hope to do more of this in future.  What I needed is a pocket notebook to write down ideas.  I was so excited to be chosen for this 3UP and the stamp set I received (Hot Picks HP1306EZ) had the perfect quote!To paint the book cover tear or cut thick paper to preferred size - fold to make 12 double pages. For the cover I painted 4 of the sheets using Fresco Finish chalk acrylic paints mixed with liberal amounts of water and painted both sides.

Randomly layer each sheet on top of each other onto a waterproof surface.  Leave to dry but while the sheets are still damp separate and lay them out to dry completely.

Choose one sheet for the cover of your book. The rest can be used for other projects or as additional pages.

Using the large nautical stamp, mask off the design, and stamp the text across the back and front cover in white. For the focal point, use a design of your choice (I used SITT1), then stamp the quote, cut in strips and mounted to black. Insert the pages into the book, and 'sew' a closure with ribbon.
It fits perfectly into my pocket, and I loved exploring ways with these stamps. Thank you for letting me take part, it's been huge fun.

Thanks to all of our 3-upsters this past week. You guys always put on a good show! We can't thank you enough.If you would like to play along with our #3UP this week, then feel free to link up by Sunday May 4th at 5pm (I know, that's tomorrow) and go in the draw to win a surprise prize at the end of the week. As it's the end of the semester, the prize will be a special goody bag with a variety of items to the value of £50. 

Each entry generates you a ticket in the draw to win. Maximum number of entries per person is 3. Your entry must be a new creation made this week, and explain which person's 3UP entry inspired you to play along. Good luck, winners will be announced on Sunday May 4th, 7pm.


Miriam said...

Fabulous projects - it was a delight using the amazing new stamps!

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Well done everyone, gorgeous projects to finish off the week spectacularly. Huge thanks to Lisa,Miriam,Hazel,Susan,Mariette and Sandie, really great job, all of you.

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Sandie said...

Thank you everyone - I was so excited to be invited to share my project and loved making my notebook. It's the first time I've used the paint technique in this way and I will be doing it lots more!
What an amazing week it has been, so many incredible projects and ideas. It will take me a week to revisit at leisure and to enjoy them all over again.

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Wowser! What a stunning end to a spectacular week. What talent ladies! Congratulations on the beautiful work, Lisa, Miriam, Hazel, Susan, Mariette and Sandie.

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Wowzer - what a finale! Amazing, amazing projects - gorgeous work all round. Hazel's desk set is just fabulous, and the Susan's rolled canvas... all of them really! The new Hot Picks are simply fantastic! "Need" them all!!
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I loved taking part in this year's challenge. I adore these stamps, all of them! Great projects from everyone. Thanks for all the lovely comments, very much appreciate. And a big thank you to Leandra and the PA team for this amazing opportunity.
Lisa xxx

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Hi, Sue here, just been reading the super comments on the main Paperartsy Blog, the link to my blog has an extra full stop at the end, if you delete this it should take you straight there. Happy blogging everyone. : )

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