Friday 9 May 2014

Tag Flip Book {with Eclectica³ Ellen Vargo Stamps by Designer Ellen Vargo}

It's me, Ellen Vargo, so happy to be back here on the PA blog to share another inky-painty-stampy project.  The last time I saw you all we had just released another two new stamp sets in the Eclectica3 EEV series, so today I wanted to share some fun ways to use them, along with some of my other stamps, and we'll be making a mini book out of tags.  Any ONE of these tags would make a lovely gift so don't feel pressured to make the whole book... I just wanted to show you lots of options.

I started with three #10 manila tags and six #7 manila tags.  To create the backgrounds for each #10 tag, I used an old credit card to scrape fresco paint (one color of paint on each tag, front and back - so six sides).  I'll show you how I did one of them - the method is the same for each, just use a different color paint.

First spread a thin line of paint across the top of the tag.  For this tag I used Hey Pesto.

Then use the credit card to scrape the paint down the length of the tag.  If you want a deeper shade just add another coat of the same paint.

Then I stamped the scratchy square stamp from EEV02 (these stamps are *awesome* for backgrounds! I'm just sayin'!).  Use a coordinating shade of archival ink for a tone-on-tone background.  I used Sap Green.
Voila!  Instant background!  Then I used some collage papers that I made using lots of stamps from EEV05 and EEV06.  

Just stamp one image over and over again to create a nice pattern - I *love* repeating patterns.  I used the washer stamp from EEV06 and black archival ink on deli paper (dry wax paper) - but waxed tissue paper would also work beautifully for this, just make sure you heat set the inks as you're stamping so they don't bleed. 

 Here's a picture of my collage paper stash...

 (this picture is from a different tag, but you get the idea...). 

I applied a border using the collage papers to the top and bottom of each tag, using Glue 'N' Seal matte, and used all the same techniques to prepare the front and back of each #10 manila tag.  Here are the fronts:

And the backs:

I added some border stamping to each of the #10 tags using black archival ink and stamps from EEV05 and EEV06.  Once again - I used these stamps to create *patterns* - do you see a "pattern" emerging??? LOL!

Then I prepared six #7 manila tags using distress inks, Hot Picks stamps, and other PA background stamps, and adhered them using dimensional foam tape to the #10 tags.  (I trimmed one inch off of the bottom of each #7 tag for a better fit.)  Then stamped an encouraging greeting on Smoothy white card and adhered to each small tag. I'll list the supplies used in the captions for each picture.

(Zesty Zing paint, Chrome Yellow and Manganese Blue archival inks, Stamps: EEV02, EEV05, EEV06, Backgrounds 2HP1010)

(Limelight paint, Sap Green and Venetian Orange archival inks, Stamps: EEV02, EEV06, Words 3HP1006)

(Yellow Submarine paint, Venetian Orange and French Ultramarine archival inks, Stamps: EEV02, EEV05, EEV06, Backgrounds 6HP1009)

(Tango paint, Venetian Orange and Emerald Green archival inks, Stamps: EEV02, EEV05, Backgrounds 4HP1005)

(Hey Pesto paint, Sap Green and Venetian Orange archival inks, Stamps: EEV02, EEV05Words 2HP1011)

(Zesty Zing paint, Chrome Yellow and Emerald Green archival inks, Stamps: EEV02, EEV06HP1006HP1004)
I scored a fold line one inch from the top of each #10 tag so the "pages" would flip nicely and used double sided super-sticky tape to adhere all three tags together at the top.  Here are some pix of the finished mini book.

Close up of the pages on the fronts:

And close up of the pages on the backs:

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you liked my mini book and got some ideas on how to use my stamps to create awesome patterns and textures for your next stamping project!  I'll be back next month for some more fun - see you then!

~ ellen.

Ellen is giving away one of her newest stamp sets to two lucky winners.  Leave a comment on her blog HERE for a chance to win!

A huge thank you to Ellen from all at PaperArtsy HQ, it is wonderful to have you with us again this semester. Your stamps are just fabulous over every colour, creating brilliant textures. this tag book is so full of vibrancy and interest. 

If you would like to join in our weekly challenge with any of this week's guests who have blogged since Sunday night, then join in to link up your creativity HERE you will go in the draw to win PA stamps of your choice! You need to link your entry by17:00 (London time) Sunday11th May 2014


Helen said...

what a fabulous tag book!! I love the new designs of Ellen's stamps (in fact I may have ordered one from a LSS this very morning...)

massofhair said...

Love the Tag book because of the sentiments, very empowering book.Thanks for the inspiration Ellen :-) xxx

Unknown said...

Love the layering on these tags. x
Beautiful ♥️

Hazel Agnew said...

Wow, lots of potential here Ellen, not brayering this time so need to practise credit card method. Vibrant and exciting ideas. Thanks. X

Craftyfield said...

Fantastic colours, in tune with the sentiments, I think, to keep positive.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful tag book. I love the colours, the patterns & the quotes, the entire piece is gorgeous.

Wanda said...

I really really like this little tagbook! Great colours and patterns, amazing!

craftytrog said...

Fantastic!!! I know what I'll be doing tomorrow! ;o) xxx

Ruth said...

Lovely bright colours and patterns are all working beautifully together, love the idea.

craftimamma said...

This is lovely and I do love the message on each tag. Wonderful colours and the creation of all the patterns from your stamps makes for a beautifully balanced style.

Lesley Xx

Michelle said...

Love the bold colors. Such fun tags!

Inky and Quirky Designs said...

Wonderful,I especially love that washer type stamp....hmm have I got room for more stamps...


Lucy Edmondson said...

Gorgeous. Ellen! Lovely combining of stamps,

Lucy x

Unknown said...

Wow, lovely creations. Love the use of colour and layering of stamps. Have to try these!!! Thanks, Jan

Unknown said...

I love tag books, another great way to apply paint that I will have to try shame I cut up all my credit cards lol xx

Unknown said...

wow-Ellen!! Just fabulous!!

Anneke said...

Lovely traditional Colors. Looping at them makers me feel happy. Thanks for your explanation. Going to give it a try with the creditcard. Anneke.

Deb said...

Wonderful colours and textures, love your tag book Ellen!

Sue said...

I really like this Ellen, full of inspiration xx

Steven said...

ooooooh Me likey ver,very much Ellen. these stamps are soooo verstaile

Unknown said...

Ellen you are now my favorite artist to follow. Your work is CONSISTANTLY outstanding and informative. Please come to indiana and teach. I would be thrilled with any stamps. I have a limited budget and would love to try some of your wonderfully creative ideas.

mamablitger said...

Oh dear.... Your tag book is fabolous. LOVE all the details and your tutorial.
Also love the vibrant colors and the way you created the backgrounds. Great idea to combine two sizes of tags this way.
Thank you so much for sharing your art.
Hugs from SPAIN

Keren Baker said...

This is gorgeous- the quote is fab and I love the bright colours and gorgeous stamps.

HelenM said...

I love the colors you used on the tags! So pretty

Seth said...

Love this book. And your color choices are fantastic!

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow absolutely gorgeous stunning awesome creation, really love the way you work, truly amazing. Kezzy :-) xxx