Tuesday 30 May 2023

NEW PaperArtsy Products: Hot Picks {May 2023}

Hi everyone, Leandra from the PaperArtsy Team here

We are super, super excited to share with you our newest release for PaperArtsy, 3 stamps and complementing stencils.

This release is a Mr PaperArtsy masterpiece! Lots of interesting designs that suit journaling just perfectly, as you will see from all the samples I have absolutely LOVED making for this release. And I got to do the stencils for this release, I wanted them to sit with the stamps and yet be not too perfect.

There is something that tickles my fancy when you combined bold bright colours with Vintage designs - its a bit unexpected and pretty funky, but  this has to be one of my favourite colour combinations that I go back to because of the bold pops that just sing with creative joy!

Don't forget Leandra (that's me) will be along to share with you LIVE these new products and ideas over in our Facebook Group, PaperArtsy People shortly after this post publishes. 
For the next few months, these stamps are available EXCLUSIVELY from our approved stockists. Please check the list at the foot of this post to find a retailer online or geographically near you, it makes sense to order within your country where possible.

Price: RRP €21.92 +VAT, Size:5" x 6" (13 x16.5cm)
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam, with a laminated storage/index sheet.

Hot Picks 2301 (HP2301)

The more you look at these designs, the more you discover. Each number is represented in English, French, Roman Numerals, plus there are other embellishments adding personality to each, and overall tiny script for cohesion across them all. Perfect for birthdays and events, on envelopes withing journal pages, or just for the heck of it!

Numbered Boxes

This journal spread is pretty simple to be honest. Paints are scraped on with a catalyst tool, boxes drawn with a Stabilo All pencils, then the pencil activated with water, and the numbers are all stamped on tissue and glued onto the page.

I have been using Versafine Clair ink as my 'go to' a lot of late. It is a much slower-to-dry ink that the original Versafine Ink, but it takes so little effort to ink up a stamp, the ink cleans up off the stamp beautifully with water, it has a long open time, so easy to emboss, and if you don't want it to look too embossed, then use a matte clear Embossing Powder.

Most of my samples I stamped the image onto tissue paper, heat set, then applied with one swoop a layer of the PaperArtsy Matte glaze over the image, dry that (naturally or with a heat tool), and then you are ready to apply the image to your journal page. The matte layer seals the ink, and makes the tissue a bit more robust, so when you finally adhere it to your page, you can pick it up, lay it down, wiggle it or lift up and down again until you have the position perfect.

I did apply a little Heavy Cream paint on the reverse side to allow the writing on the image to 'pop' off the colourful background


I thought it would be good to see how the numbers work with each other too, and created a bunch of mini collages for this spread. 

On these I also added more colour on top after gluing them down, Banana and Bougainvillea were the chosen colours with the odd bit of Southern Skies. 

Up close you can see all the cool details within each of the numbers, I think these are going to become much used numbers for me! All our favourite Hot Picks elements are in there from harlequin to script and of course rulers!

Hot Picks 2302 (HP2302)

It's a series of fishy collages for this set, and I have to admit I could not resist dissecting a few fish along the way! And if not the fish, the stamps! That is one of the great things about stamping onto tissue paper, you can use a water brush to easily pull apart sections of the stamp and find a new use as you do so.


Look closely and you will see the central collage is made from bits of images from various designs within this stamp set.

A bit of Heavy Cream was added behind the ruler and Mr Squid. There are 2 different Mr Squids on this set and they are both quite endearing, and the ruler is from the other Mr Squid, the one with the crazy tentacles/hair do!

The script is also from the other stamp, and I used a water brush to dissect it on a diagonal, allowing me to apply the 2 script sections above and below the newly created collage. For the journalpage, this technique allows me to make a bigger stamp to fill the space.

A date stamp was added, and I love the tiny words stamp (from HP2303), the Stencilled word is from PS393, more on that design in a bit!

Another finishing touch - this tiny little phrase is from under the 'Peace' bird from HP2303

More Randoms

Back to this sample, and again you can see each little collage in more detail in the close ups. All the images were stamped onto tissue paper, then adhered to the collage layers. They seem fused to the layers. Again a bit of dissection of some of the stamp designs went on!

The layers in these mini collages started with some brayered papers from left over colours I was mixing when making colour wheels. Those were layered onto painted book papers with extra bits torn, stapled and so on.

Another example of how the text alone can be adhered in place. And you can see the same text was stamped in white around the page edges too!

Half of Mr Squid lower right ...oops, poor guy ....

Mr grumpy fish in his happy colours - all the collages had colour added over the tissue paper - this is where translucent frescos come in handy as the stamped image doesn't get obliterated...

The other half of the other Mr Squid ... he cracks me up

Hot Picks 2303 (HP2303)

It's time for some 'Peace' in this world. This stamps set is a response to my inner frustration(s). I'm getting pretty fed up with the lack of truth and honesty coming out of the mouths of leaders. So many democratic (or not) countries seem to be losing touch with respect for others and their own people. I find myself constantly wondering (and worrying) where have things gone so wrong? And what can we do as individuals. Well for us, we can express ourselves with our stamps and stencils creatively, so here we are, a set that is a plea for peace! I guess the chaotic nature of this page is representative of the unpredictable world we seem to be in right now.

This stamp set is a heartfelt 'just chill out' moment! There are 2 stencils that work well with this set - I'll explain those in a bit.

More smooching of colours randomly onto the page, loving those frosty grey-blue colours with the pop of hopeful ochre and pink. The words on the stencil (PS396) just say it all.

There is the whole 'Peace' Bird stamp a teeny tiny collage ... 

 ... the 'relax' quote, one that when practised, you can create by losing yourself in the moment - my escape from this crazy world is to find the peace of soothing creative moments.

The words were stencilled in white paint, but they did not have the impact I was after, so I traced over in a black pigment pen then diagonally scribbled across the interiors with the stencil in place.

Another of the 'Peace' Stamps is this symbol, with the iconic PaperArtsy postmarks, some much loved script, and our black bird...we have a lot of regular symbols we like to use in our stamps. Repeating images is a type of security, I love that the Postmarks are an image from our original collection of almost 20 years ago.

Regular Size: 6.5" x 7" (16 x 18cm) Price: RRP €5.38 + VAT
PaperArtsy Stencil 392 (PS392)

We usually design stencils after we have designed the stamps, and I had been thinking about how I could represent both Peace and Love within an abstract stencil, and this was the result. 

The stencil is a bit like 2 fingers forming a V shape with Peace bird's wings flying  and the tiny hearts randomly dotted about to represent love. Metallic glaze catches the light over 2 layers of paint (white over teal green)

And in the sample below, it does look like a flock of birds, with one highlighted ...

I love using it to fade in and out of the background, and a sanding block can help to erode the image a bit too

This is the other side of the same journal spread ...

PaperArtsy Stencil 393 (PS393)

I really wanted to design a bunch of words to use with the stamps to also represent what 'Peace' should or could be, or can be even in these strange times. I played with size, and initially it was a lot more words in a much smaller font, but we landed on this being a good size for both backgrounds and feature words on journal pages. And I LOVE how it looks when you use drying retarder and a tiny bit of paint brayered on the stencil with a misting of water...

A mix of paint and 'reverse' stencilling ...

In bold happy colours, these words look so good ...

And both across and up the pages too...

It is easy to make them a focal by using the stencil as a template ...

PaperArtsy Stencil 394 (PS394)

Another stencil that I just adore, I was planning this in my head some time ago, but the first version was loads more of these marks than this. But I got told off by the stencil police as it took way too long to cut, so we had to enlarge and make it all a bit bigger.....but i still LOVE it!

Gone Fishing

This was another super simple spread, using both the marks and the word stencils in the background, easy and effective! Mr fish is looking a tag grumpy though!

These marks are so good ... 

They just add to the page layers so perfectly

We really hope you find something interesting within this release. It really is our pleasure to create and bring products to market for all our creative enjoyment!

If you miss any of the designer lives over in PaperArtsy People FB group this week (or in previous months), you will find them all pinned to the 'featured' tab at the top of the group home page. Well worth a look to see the variety of style and products that PaperArtsy brings to you from each designer line.

Our stockists leave their product links in the live chat so you can find new releases fast and with ease. Below you will see a list of the stores that tend to order consistently from us, and therefore should have the new products in stock. 

Thanks for taking time to be with us this week!
Leandra, Dounia, Mark and the PaperArtsy team

 PaperArtsy Stockist List

Our stockists are your go-to  source for all PaperArtsy products, and we suggest that you also use the PaperArtsy People Facebook group to source a retailer in your country. Many are members of our FB group and will happily share links to their online stores.

Bev's Cross Crafts, Spreyton, Tasmania https://www.bevscrosscrafts.com.au/
Crafters Cupboard, Berwick, Victoria www.crafterscupboard.com.au
Memories on the Murray, Murray Bridge, SA  https://www.memoriesonthemurray.net/
Natalie May Scrapbooking, Dover Gardens, SA https://nataliemay.com.au/
Scrapbook Superstore & More, South Penrith, NSW https://www.scrapbooksuperstore.com.au/
The Scrapbooker's Confetti Box, Swansea, NSW https://thescrapbookersconfettibox.com/
The Scrapbook Store, North Perth,WA http://thescrapbookstore.com.au/ 

Cart N Scrap Art, Antwerp, www.cartnscrapart.be
Créatelier Caracolle, Liège, www.createliercaracolle.be

Paper Art Creations Inc, Leduc, Alberta, www.paperartcreations.com/
Scrapbook Centrale, Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec www.scrapbookcentrale.ca
Scrap Addicts, Edmonton, Alberta www.scrapaddicts.ca/
Scrap and Bean, Edmonton, Alberta scrapandbean.com/ 
Scrapbooking Fairies, Drayton Valley, Alberta www.scrapbookingfairies.com/
The Paper & ink Boutique, Calgary, Alberta www.paperandinkboutique.com/
The Scrap Yard, Calgary, Alberta, www.thescrapyardcalgary.com/ 

Hobbyboden Scrapworld Samso www.hobbyboden.dk

Eirl Bancon Cartoscrap, Midi Pyrenees, www.cartoscrap.com
Fée Du Scrap, Saint Sébastien-Sur-Loire, www.feeduscrap.fr/
Horizon Créatif, Ste Jalle www.horizon-creatif.fr
Instant Créatif, La Possession, La Réunion, www.icreatif.re
Katzelkraft, Ingwiller www.katzelkraft.fr/en/
Kerudoc Creation, St Yvi www.kerudoccreation.com
Le Grenier des filles, Pierre Benite
Page de scrap, Saint Pavace, www.pagedescrap.fr/
Scrap Déco Home, Goutrens, www.scrapdecohome.fr/
Toutencolle, Dun sur Auron www.toutencolle.fr

Heidin Korttipaja, Istunmaki, www.korttipaja.fi/fi
Piia Paper, Kittiläwww.piiapaper.com/fi

Stempelbar, Berlin, www.stempelbar.de
Stempeloase Munich, Munich www.stempeloase.de
Stempelfee Shop, Hilden www.stempelfee-shop.de
Stempellaedle, Stuttgart, www.stempellaedle.de/shop

Scraps N Pieces, Kallithea www.scrapsnpieces.gr

Immagine SAS di Rapaccini, Rome, www.immaginelab.com
Il Negozio Della Mamma Di Cle, Torino, www.ilnegoziodellamammadicle.com
Marte Savona, Savona, www.martesavona.it
Pezze E Colori, Lissone, www.pezzeecolori.it/ 
Piccole Passioni, Siena, www.piccolepassioni.it

La Wadao, Odawara, Kanagawa, www.lawadao.com
Tiny Dots, Funabashi-shi, Chiba www.tinydots.shop-pro.jp

De Hobbystudio, Genemuiden, www.dehobbystudio.nl/
Doe@ding,Spijkenisse doeading.nl/
Hobbycompleet de Duif, Leeuwarden www.hobbycompleet.nl
Stampingcorner, Capelle Aan Den Ijssel www.stampingcorner.nl

Hobbygarasjen, Kopervik, www.Hobbygarasjen.no

Cien por Cien Manualidades, Barcelona,  www.100x100manualidades.es
Ideas 10 Manualidades Y Scrapbook, Bilbao ideas10manualidades.com/
Marakiscrap, Tarragona, www.marakiscrap.com
Scrap & Papers Experiences, Barcelona, www.scrappapersexperiences.com
The Paradise Corner, Barcelona, www.theparadisecorner.com

Butik Elva, Staffanstorp, www.butikelva.se

Mandy's Cards, Taipei www.facebook.com/mandy.card.77

United Kingdom
Amelia's Creative Crafts, Studley, Warwickshire  www.ameliascreativecrafts.co.uk
Art from the Heart, Harrogate, Yorkshire www.afth.co.uk
Crafts at The Malthouse, Herstmonceux,  East Sussex, www.themalthouse.co.uk/
Loobi Crafts, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, www.loobicrafts.co.uk
Stampers Grove, Springbank, Lilliesleaf, Melrose,Scotland www.stampersgrove.co.uk
The Artistic Stamper Craft Store, Faversham, Kent www.theartisticstamper.com
The Forget me not Kraft KabinRochford, Essex, www.TheForgetMeNotKraftKabin.co.uk

Artistic Artifacts, Alexandria, VA www.artisticartifacts.com/
Artistic Studio Creations, Fayetteville, Georgia www.facebook.com/ASCbyCrystal
Craftiness, Chatsworth, CA, www.craftinessonline.com/
Everything Scrapbook & Stamps, Lake Worth, Florida https://everythingmixedmedia.com/
Frantic Stamper, Oregon www.franticstamper.com
Free Heart LLC, Denver, Colarado, www.freeheartllc.com/
Joggles, Coventry, Rhode Island, www.joggles.com
PaperCraft Clubhouse, Westbrook, Connecticut, papercraftclubhouse.com/
Qingquing's Stamp Shop, Portland, Oregon
Runaway, Art & Craft Studio, NE Salem, Oregon www.runawayart.com/
Simon Says Stamp, Columbus, Ohio www. simonsaysstamp.com
Topflight Stamps, Irmo, South Carolina topflightstamps.com/

If you are interested in becoming a PaperArtsy stockist contact Dounia@paperartsy.com for more information

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Helen said...

oh I missed this yesterday! gorgeous release from Mr Paperartsy! love the samples too.

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Fantastic new Hot Picks stamps n stencil release showcased superbly with all of Leandra's fabulous journo pages. So much to love and plenty of inspo to be had .

Great Live too!
thanks for sharing

Karen Daley said...

Beautiful samples. I've been working with some Hot Picks stamps recently. I love the Hot Picks line! Can't wait for these stencils to come to my local store.