Thursday 5 May 2022

2022 Topic 07: Specimen Jar {by Jennie Atkinson} with Lynne Perrella stamps

Hi everyone, it's Jennie (Live The Dream)  with you today, and I am here to share a little vintage lace apothecary box.

I absolutely adore lace and even the tiniest piece can find its way into most of my projects. When I saw Lynne Perella's latest collection of stamps gloriously showcasing lace in her figures and embellishments I felt drawn to making a small box along the lines of a chemist's apothecary box and based around my love of lace.

I love making little boxes which are full of bits and pieces. I wasn't too sure how I would use the stamps within the box as some of them are quite large, but I gathered lace, flowers and other bits and pieces as my starting point. I wanted to keep the colours quite neutral. Lynne's stamps are incredibly detailed and I didn't want to spoil the vintage look by adding colour. So neutrals were my go to for this project.

Finding this little glass bottle was the one element which made me think of an apothecary box and I was delighted to find another whilst I was making the project!

The next step was to make the box. I have used the lids from Sizzix/Eileen Hull's Treasure Box die which make a perfect sized box for a project such as this. However, there are a number of box templates on Pinterest or (as I used to do before getting the die) save lots of box style cartons. 

I find PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics give superb coverage and a good base for any other mediums. I have used Chalk FF83 which I find makes a very good neutral base as it is not so stark as white.

I have used a crackle based paint which I have applied with a palette knife. I find this works well when you need to fill some of the gaps which result from some dodgy glueing! Some areas have been left blank for a more vintage look. You can see how well the crackle paint works with the Chalk Fresco Acrylic. Once dry I added a little gold metallic paint around the edges to create a sort of gilt edge.

I have used bookmakers tape for the hinge - a sort of soft linen tape which is quite easily available. But I also often use washi tape which I find is as strong. 


And then onto using those wonderful stamps! Lynne Perrella Collection LPC056 and Lynne Perrella Collection LPC058.

Whilst making the box I had an idea that a vintage style pin cushion would sit beautifully on one side. But which wonderful image to use! I stamped a few on calico to get an idea of the size. I have kept the pin cushion quite simple so as not to detract from the image. 

Just two pieces of calico sewn together and turned inside out. It is also lightly stuffed so more for show than use!

I wanted some smaller elements to layer in the box and also for the front. I like to stamp on cardstock which has been primed with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic - it allows the ink to sit on the paper rather than being absorbed. Once I start with a colour of paint I stick with it for the rest of the project.

Lynne's stamps are so beautifully detailed and none of that detail is lost when stamped on the primed surface. Once cut out I have blended a little brown ink around the edges to take away the white cut surface.

And then the fun of pulling it all together! I made a small shelf in the right hand box in order to use more of the smaller elements. 

This allowed me to tuck in the stamped elements amongst some muslin and add some flowers and pearls. I tucked some very fine nylon lace into the glass bottles...they look so cute !

And I just managed to fit her in! The pearls are from an old necklace I found in a charity shop which needed restringing and I am lucky that my husband makes these tiny spools from left over wood in his workshop.

I added some elements to the pin cushion, trying not to cover up any of the stamping. I was surprised how many bits and pieces of lace I managed to find - the backing lace for the pin cushion was from a wedding outfit I made many years ago. It is always lovely to have some memories in these little boxes too.

The front of the box has been decorated with more of the same elements. 

The little die cut frame has been painted in the same way as the box and the crackle paint added. I feel it keeps a consistent flow to the project if the same elements, techniques and colours are used.

Although it might not be seen very much I also like to finish the back of the box with a couple of small elements. I think the letters and fan are going to feature in many projects .....  it is a favourite already!

And now to a wonderful discovery!...well for me!

I have had PaperArtsy Metallic Glaze for some time but have not used it. I had painted this cheap metal clasp in PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic (Chalk) but it looked a bit dull and matte. 

I decided to give the Metallic Glaze a go and loved the shine it gives but also it seems to have reacted with the metal to give a little rusty finish here and there. It did need time to dry so not something to be applied when in a hurry, but I am going to try it on some other metal bits and pieces to see what effect I get.

Lynne Perrella's stamps are a glorious celebration of lace and for this project I have kept the colour neutral to focus on the detail and the accompanying actual lace in my box. But...I so want to colour these stamp images! My mind is racing as to how I can use them with other textiles, particularly my herbal tea berry dyed lace and ribbons, but I am also excited about how wonderful they will look in journals, vintage scrapbook pages and on birthday cards. They have tremendous potential for layering in themselves so would be great for 3D decoupage techniques and then there is stamping on tissue...I could go on!

As always thank you for joining me and happy crafting!
Jennie x

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Cocofolies said...

A really gorgeous Vintage project Jennie! Beautiful xx

Etsuko said...

Absolutely beautiful Jennie!! Lovely project with Lynne Perrella's fabulous new release and used gorgeous laces. xx

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful box Jennie! The stamps are absolutely stunning ❤️