Sunday 27 March 2022

2022 Topic 05: Stamp Mash-up {by Renata Peley} with Zinski, Kay Carley and Hot Picks stamps

Hi everyone, it's Renata Peley with you today, and I'm here to share with you a new art journal page that I made, with a sneak peek of a stamp set from the upcoming release by Zinski Art. This coming week PaperArtsy has 4 releases for your pleasure, and these large ZinskiArt faces are the first of those tomorrow, Monday 28th March. 

In my opinion, the girl from the Zinski Art stamp set ZA72 is so feminine, flirty and a bit mysterious that just by looking at her, she inspired me to make a page in exactly that kind of style. For me, the mix of blue and purple colors gives such mysterious and a bit magical feeling, and my chosen stencil by Kay Carley and Hot Picks stamp give my project that feminine and floral feel.

As I said before, the color scheme for this project was decided in my head as soon as I looked at the girl in the Zinski Art stamp set, and I also knew that I will use the Fresco Finish Acrylic Paints by Paper Artsy, but what kind of background did I want? Well, what goes better with the mysterious and flirty feeling than the lose watercolor look, I thought, and with that I started working on my background.


I put my chosen colors (PeriwinkleForget Me Not and Smurf) on my craft mat and prepared a glass of water. For paints to mix in a way the watercolors do, I had to wet my paper, as well as dilute my acrylics with a lot of water. When blending colors, I always tend to start from brighter colors and slowly add darker shades until I achieve the desired result.  And, of course, when the base color was done, I had to add some splatters, because I just couldn’t resist. For that I used the same colors as for background plus some opaque white color (Snowflake).

Now that I laid down my colors, I wanted to do some stamping and for that I chose the HP1301 stamp set. Since, as mentioned earlier, I wanted a feminine feel, I decided to stamp the script and flowers from the stamp set. I placed the flowers a little bit more toward the edge of my paper to give it sort of a framing.

The next step for me was to introduce a stencil from Kay Carley. The stencil of my choice was PS061 as, in my opinion, it adds more to the floral feel of my page.

For a bit, I was debating on which stencil technique I should use, but at the end I decided to go with the heat embossing. As I've seen, some people dab the ink pad directly over the stencil, but I prefer to pick the watermark ink with the ink blending tool and dab it through the stencil that way. I think this option is better if you wish to keep your watermark ink pad clean, though mine isn’t as pristine as I would like it to be.

With the heat embossing done, I considered my background finished and the time came to work on my focal image. For that I chose the soon to be released stamp set ZA72.

This stamp is honestly really cool because it gives so much possibilities for varying the elements. I was playing around for a bit, as I will show you soon, but at the end I decided to give my girl some hair, so I freehand drew it with a pencil at first and when I was satisfied with the looks, I reinforced my drawing with an archival ink pen.

I mean there are just so many options. If you decide to draw her hair, you can go crazy with it. You can do long hair blown in the wind, crazy hairstyles, simple ones, realistic ones, or you can use the stamp set as it is and give her a gorgeous flowery hair.

To be honest, my original idea was the flowery hair and I loved it, but at the end I decided to go with the other one only because I felt that my background was busy enough and the flowery hair would just overwhelm it. Anyway, depending on your background, you can choose which way you want to go with the hair. And let’s not forget that there is one more hair style included in the stamp set as it is.

Like many of you, I like adding little quotes or sentiments to my art journal pages and I found the perfect one for this page included in the stamp set. I did the heat embossing once again on this project. On the picture below, you can see that I decided to heat emboss with white embossing powder on a black cardstock and for that it’s really important to prep the cardstock with some baby powder so you won't have the little white speckles all over your text strip.

For this project, I decided to go with a bit thicker black frame, so I just glued my page on a piece of a black cardstock. I have some other art journal pages like this floating around, and one day I might just bind them all together. And with enough of a black frame, I won’t have to pierce my project for the page binding.

I was thinking to remake this project at some point. My plan is to go with a bigger piece of paper for the background, so I will have enough space to go wild with the hair making. I feel that with stamps like this, there are just so many options for combining the elements. And this also applies for some other stamp sets by Zinski Art that will be released at the same time as this one. So, my advice to you is to go crazy, let your imagination go wild and most importantly have a lot of fun.


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