Wednesday 22 September 2021

NEW PaperArtsy Products: Eclectica³ Kay Carley {September 2021}

Eclectica³ Kay Carley Collection
September 2021 New Product Announcement

A note from Leandra:
I think this is Kay's best Christmas release ever! I love all the fun you can have with the elements. Of course they also work with what she has done in previous years, or you could invest in one of these new stamp-stencil combos  and do so many variations within that too! Those stencils are the icing (or Christmas frosting on top!) helping you add colour, add layers ...check out how the trees fit within a bauble 'shadow' ...As ever with Kay, there is lots to explore here so buckle up and look closely at the creative options!
Don't forget Kay will be along to share with you LIVE her new products and ideas over in our Facebook Group, PaperArtsy People shortly after this post publishes. I hope you can drop by for the live, or try to catch the replay. It's super lovely to see the designer and hear direct about the new release and understand first hand the possibilities!!
For the next 4 months, these stamps are only available EXCLUSIVELY from our approved stockists. Please check the list at the foot of this post to find a retailer online or geographically near you, it makes sense to order within your country wherever possible for both speed and to save on postage costs.
Hi everyone, Kay here

I'm super excited to share with you my newest release for PaperArtsy consisting of 4 stamps and coordinating stencils.

These designs are my Christmas release for this year and each set is quite different - there is a complete wreath as well as elements to make your own wreath, stylised holly trees, a BIG bauble and lastly some snowdrops. Each of these stamp sets has been designed to give maximum versatility and of course my collection wouldn't be complete without some matching stencils! I will explain a bit more about them as we go along so off we go...

  New Stamps
Price: RRP €21.92 +VAT
Size:5" x 6" (13 x16.5cm)
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam, presented in a clear hanging bag
with a laminated storage/index sheet.
Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 50 (EKC50)
The idea behind this stamp set was to be able to make Christmas cards quickly and easily hence a 'complete wreath'.... this can be inked up, stamped out and coloured quickly (thanks to the matching stencil which we will look at later. I also incorporated a selection of Christmas wording sized to fit within the wreath and then I added smaller individual stamps to enable you to create any size of wreath you want.

For this sample I kept the background very simple and added my pop of colour just to the flowers and holly.

You can see that I kept the flower and holly shapes quite simple to make them easy to cut out and position onto the wreath to add dimension. This could be layered up further too for anyone who enjoys decoupage.

Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 51 (EKC51)
With this stamp set we have two sizes of holly trees - both of which are a good size to be used as 'stand alone' stamps but they have been sized so that they will look good when used together as well.

Quick 'clean and simple' Christmas cards are a breeze with this set but for anyone who likes decoupage they would look AMAZING layered up!
Once again these trees can be painted quickly and easily thanks to the matching stencil ;)

Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 52 (EKC52)
Now we are onto my BIG bauble stamp set.... I had in mind that it would practically fill a 6"x 6" card with little effort although it will work on other sizes of cards too as I didn't make it 'too big'! This was purposely designed to be 'plain' so that it can then be decorated using stamps, stencils patterned papers etc... thus making it really versatile to have lots of different looking baubles!

As a 'starting point' for the 'bauble decoration' I designed the trees and the wording contained on this sheet to fit within the bauble but I am sure you will already have lots of stamps that you can utilise and with some simple masking you can use bigger stamps to decorate the bauble too.

I did include a hanging bough on this set for the bauble to dangle from but for this sample I chose to keep the whole card quite minimalist and just doodled in some lines and squiggles as well as the little snowflake/asterisk things between the 'Season's Greetings' wording.

You may be wondering why there are 'two little trees' on this set rather than just 'one little tree'...originally I had planned for the three trees contained on this set to be all 'one stamp' but there just wasn't room to keep them together so when I decided to split them up I thought it would be beneficial to keep all 'three trees' to make it easier to line them up within the bauble. (I do this within a stamping platform and test it out first on a Post-it Note positioned over the stamped bauble. When I am happy with the positioning I remove the sticky note, re-ink my stamp and stamp into the bauble.)

These trees were then embossed with WOW! Twinkling Lights embossing powder.

Eclectica³ Kay Carley 53 (EKC53)
This is my final stamp set for this release. The three separate leaves have been designed and sized to fit with both flower clumps. Although the wording on this set is very much Christmas based the flowers themselves would work really well for winter birthdays as well as for Christmas.

Yes......of course we have a matching stencil for this stamp set ;)!
You can see how easy it is to stamp your own arrangement of snowdrops by using those different elements contained on this stamp set.

New Stencils
Large Size: 6.25" x 9.5" (16 x 24cm) Price: RRP €6.28 +VAT
PaperArtsy Stencil 282 (PS282)

Here is that matching stencil for the poinsettia/holly wreath. I have also added the single poinsettia flowers to the stencil too. There isn't one for the single holly stamp but you will find that you will be able to pick and use one from the wreath itself :)

The trick to using this stencil is to use the bottom wreath first which corresponds with the poinsettias and holly berries and then use the top wreath for the holly leaves and poinsettia centres.

As always I tend to use different shades of colour when applying the paint through the stencil to give the imagery interest as you can see from the stencil itself. The photo above shows how the images looked before it was re-stamped.

The stencil doesn't include imagery for the 'frond'y bits' so I tend to either stamp the wreath in green and leave the 'fronds' unadulterated or add colour to them using pencils or markers rather than paint.

PaperArtsy Stencil 283 (PS283)

Here is the matching stencil for the two trees contained on EKC51. The images in the bottom left and top left of the stencil correspond with the smaller tree and the other two match the larger tree.

You can of course use the stencil without the matching stamps if you want to create some extra trees.

The photo below shows how the large tree looked after I'd applied Frescos through the stencil (before I re-stamped the image) so of course this is a breeze to add shading to those holly branches and it looks good without the detail of the stamp being re-stamped so the choice is yours ;)

I tend to colour the berries and tree trunk as my first step and then turn my attention to the star and holly branches but you could equally do it the other way around too.

PaperArtsy Stencil 284  (PS284)

This stencil was about trying to give you a few 'easy' options of decorating the matching bauble stamp. The 'snowflake bauble mask' pops out of the aperture (by cutting the little tags with scissors to release it) thus giving you the aperture bauble too which is then used as your 'base layer' to colour the whole bauble. Then you can simply add the mask back into the aperture and stencil the snowflake to have a 'snowflake bauble' or you can have a vertically striped bauble or add a different colour top/base, or have a couple of horizontal stripes.... Lastly the 'triangles' match the stylised trees on the stamp set and can be used to create a triangle background/shadow for the trees which of course also fit into the bauble so there are a few options there to have a play around with!

For this bauble I used the main bauble aperture and two of the other elements. These two elements were designed to fit perfectly around the wording contained on the stamp set.

I used the 'stencil bauble aperture' first to colour my bauble with the minty colour then I lined up the parts that correspond with the top and bottom of the bauble and applied my red paint then the white stripes were added by lining up the next element on top of the red parts. This then creates the perfect space to stamp the wording into the middle part of the bauble.

To line up the wording perfectly I used the same 'Post-It Note' trick that I employed when stamping the trees into my bauble (earlier in this post).

Extra shading was used to give the bauble dimension using colouring pencils but you can do this with paint too.

PaperArtsy Stencil 285  (PS285)
It took me a little while to come up with a concept that would work easily for this matching combo. The images on the left of the stencil correspond with the smaller snowdrop stamp and the images on the right match the larger snowdrops but for both of these the stencil needs to be moved around a little to colour the entire image.

The background snowdrops were created here just by using the stencil on its own and then I used the stencil again to colour my stamped snowdrops.

The best way to create stencilled snowdrops (without using the stamp as a guide) is to stencil the actual flowers first and then line up the stems to the flowers. You will find with both lots of stems that one of the stems is separate from the other two - this had to be done to keep the stencil stable - so you will line up two of the flower stems and then line up the remaining flower stem afterwards or vice versa.

Layering the flowers up by using the stencil on it's own and then with the corresponding stamp is a quick way of creating background and foreground snowdrops. You can see how combining the stencil with the stamp immediately stands out those foreground snowdrops.

Project: Christmas Card Ideas

For my project I thought I would make a set of Christmas cards using the same backgrounds as a 'starting point'.

To create this background I used the snowflakes from one of my older stencils (PS118).

My next step was to cut all the panels to my desired card size and then decorate them using stamps and stencils from this entire collection.

For the snowdrop panel I created a large group of snowflakes using both the stamp set and stencil to do this. Then the snowflakes were stamped and embossed before sponging Bundled Sage Distress Ink around the base and top corners of the panel.

For this smaller square panel I used the smaller tree contained on EKC51 which was coloured easily with Frescos thanks to the matching stencil. The words were stamped and embossed and then Evergreen Bough and Bundled Sage Distress Inks were used up the sides of the panel.

Once again I used the stamp/stencil combo to create this relatively quick card. The holly stamp used in the corners was taken from EKC51. Both Evergreen Bough and Bundled Sage Distress Ink were sponged all around the outside of the wreath then flicked with water to create the snow effect. A damp paintbrush was used to remove colour from the holly and squiggled, drawn lines.

With this panel I began by using my bauble stamp/stencil combo but I also took the holly stamp from the wreath stamp set (EKC50) to decorate my bauble with and the snowflake stamp from the snowdrop stamp set (EKC53) to frame the panel. Bundled Sage Distress Ink was used over the top of the stamped snowflakes to further enhance the framing.

The picture above shows the finished tree card - the words were taken from the snowdrop stamp set (EKC53). Crystal glitter glue was added for sparkle!

The completed snowdrop card - crystal glitter glue was applied to the stamped snowdrops and to the wording panel. These words are from the snowdrop set.

You can't really tell from this photo but the wreath has been given the glitter treatment too as well as the doodled lines and holly corners.

Once again glitter glue was applied to the main imagery and the Season's Greetings wording was added to complete the card.

I hope that these samples have given you a few ideas of what can be achieved when using my latest products and that you will have as much fun using them as I have done.

Love Kay x

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Stampers Grove said...

Congratulations Kay on a wonderful festive collection of stamps and coordinating stencils. Loving the samples.

Helen said...

great release - I love the snowdrops!

PaperArtsy said...

Such wonderful samples as ever Kay!! Another wonderful Christmas release, this is going to be perfect with prior releases too!

SewPaperPaint said...

These are all so gorgeous Kay! I love the aqua and lipstick red color combo for Christmas too! Such inspiring stamps and samples, thank you! xx, Autumn