Tuesday 21 September 2021

NEW PaperArtsy Products: JoFY Collection {September 2021}

Jo Firth-Young Collection
September New Product Announcement

A note from Leandra:
Not long ago, In July, Jo released Part 1 of this release (see here), and today I'm thrilled to bring you Part 2! Jo's first Christmas release was this time almost 10 years ago, in 2012. In 2021 she has hit the big 100 stamp designs (and that is JUST the large sets, there are also 64 minis plus a heap of stencils). So many wonderful milestones and I am so glad that all of those products are still available to this day. {We make everything on site, so there is no need for us to discontinue any designs!}
Among this amazing catalogue of creativity, I think it is Christmas when Jo always finds the most stunning and intriguing ideas. This year we have a cheesey tree (there always has to be a new tree from Jo) you will understand when you see it, but it can morph into multiple sizes and there are holes. Cheesey holes. But how can a stencil to colour the tree have holes that stay in place? The holes needed to be the solid section yet not fall out! Yes you would think that is a normal thing, but not when all the holes need to be the solid part and the tree needs to be the 'hole' ...get it ?? Well go take a look below.... regardless Jo figured out how to make the holes solid and NOT fall out of the stencil with some clever planning. (yes she makes my head hurt too ... but watch her livestream in PA People to get to the bottom of understanding holes that aren't holes!)
For the next 4 months, these stamps are only available EXCLUSIVELY from our approved stockists. Please check the list at the foot of this post to find a retailer online or geographically near you, it makes sense to order within your country where possible.
Hi everyone, Jo here (www.jofy.co.uk) to show you PART 2 of my 2021 Christmas designs  which will be my last release for 2021.  The stamps in this release will work really well with those released in July and, of course, by themselves.  No snowmen this time but there are trees, lots of ornaments and some lovely big phrases...

I have really enjoyed creating with these 3 new stamps sets and coordinating stencils - lets take a look...

  New Stamps
Price: RRP €21.92 +VAT
Size:5" x 6" (13 x16.5cm)
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam, presented in a clear hanging bag
with a laminated storage/index sheet.

JOFY Collection Set 107 (JOFY107)

In this first stamp set there is a lovely big garland based on/inspired by the one I made to hang above our fireplace last Christmas (I liked it so much it is still hanging! (minus the ornaments).  This image is great for creating a 'quick' card as shown below - it looks great when used with a chalk board effect.

Most of the samples I've made for this release are cards (card making is pretty popular at Christmas) but I thought the garland stamp and the complementary stencil would look great together on a simple panel made from a sheet of greyboard, painted with Frescos (Stone, Chalk and a hint of Metallic Glaze) - and I wanted to show you how they comfortably fit on cards and larger projects.

The stencil has a 'bigger' design that the stamp, which is dainty in comparison, so I kept the colours used with the stencil quite pale so they don't overpower or compete.

 The embossed words work perfectly with the stamped garland.

There is a cluster of leaves and sprigs in this set - its quite small and I wanted to show you how versatile it can be when used with the other stamps in the set - and how it can be adapted to be a bigger design.

I wanted to make the cluster bigger - let's give this little stamp some time in the spotlight! lol 

I started playing around with it and making little 'testers' - its a great way to get to know new stamps. I stamped it onto a small tag and adding a border to get a feel of its size (sample 1, first on left below). On sample 2 I added one of the ornaments from the set.  Sample 3 used the pine cone, and for the final sample I added a few hearts.  I think these would be lovely added to a bigger project or another, larger, tag on a gift.

I added it to a slim panel of white card and added ornaments on long hanging strings.  I really like the simplicity of this card.

JoFY Collection Set 108 (JOFY108)
This stamp set has lots going on.  There is the big statement 'Noel', a lovely foliage cluster and a tree - and oh my goodness I like this tree so much!! It such a fun tree!  And all those dinky little ornaments fit in the holes on the tree!!

This stamp set has a coordinating stencil allowing you to colour the tree while leaving the holes clear - the green tree in the photo below shows this - more about that later on in this blog post.  

The photo below shows how the tree can be used. The tree on the right has the ornaments in place while the card in the centre shows the different options there are for this tree. One tree stamp - 4 sizes of tree. 

This tree stamp was the first I designed for the 2021 release. I had an idea for a tree you could see through, with holes where ornaments could hang.  I love how the trees look positioned against the acetate window in the card below. It really sets off the design.

The inside of the card features the 'Noel' stamp, and 3 little trees made from just the top tier of tree stamp.

The more I use the tree stamp the more I can see how it can be used - and all those little ornaments - adorable!

Speaking of little ornaments.... here they are stamped in rows to create a background pattern... so many options for this....

JoFY Collection Set 109 (JOFY109)
This stamp set make me happy!  The phrase is a really useful one for Christmas - it could be used on a scrapbook page with photos/memorabilia of Christmas events or a snowy art journal page.

There are more dinky little ornaments. This time they are intended to use to create festive mandala style patterns - lots of fun to be had with these.


The corner design was the first I designed for this set - intended to be used on small (10x10cm) cards - relatively quick and easy, nice to sit and colour and with a greeting included in the design.

I hadn't really designed/intended this 'quarter' to be suitable for creating a whole mandala... but with the help of a stamping platform and stripey border it is possible! It builds up to a 17cm diameter design!

On this stamp set there is also a 'circle' of ornaments - this is intended to be the centre of a mandala - a starting point to guide placement of more dinky images.

This is a little tester I made using the stamps, coloured with pencils - there are so many applications for these stamps.

One of the nice things about stamps is the many ways you can use them - the variety of applications.  Take these stars  for example - I can't remember which star idea came first - the blue hanging ornaments below or the shrink plastic versions I'll show you next, but as you can see they are the same idea but different applications

The stars below are made from cardboard painted with Fresco Paints, stamped and embossed with Bright White embossing powders (WOW!) - there are so many options for the the patterns on these.

I stenciled Metallic Glaze spots onto the reverse for a touch of bling, and to 'match' with the light layer of Metallic Glaze on the front.  Its Christmas - bring on the sparkle!!

Here are the shrink plastic stars - I don't use shrink plastic very often but when I do I remember how much fun it is!!!  As if my dinky little ornaments weren't small enough, lol, so I stamped them onto shrink plastic and made them even smaller - teeny tiny!  These stars would look great attached to ribbon and wrapped around a card, or gift, or on the binding of a christmas journal. (fyi: the 'joyeux noel' is from JOFY104, released in July.)

The smallest star measures 1cm from point to point - seriously teeny tiny!

I know this isn't the first shrink plastic star ever made but its a fun little make - and Christmas is better with a bit of fun isn't it!

New Stencils
Large Size: 6.25" x 9.5" (16 x 24cm) Price: RRP €6.28 +VAT
PaperArtsy Stencil 276 (PS276)

I love a wafty stems stencil!  I designed this one with stars for a festive vibe.

On the journal spread below I wanted to show how it can be repeated across the page.

 The inter-twining strands give the stencil depth and movement.

I designed the strands/ribbon to fall from the top, but it can also be used as stems as shown in the simple sample below - I've covered the stars with paper flowers but you could use stamped flowers or blank circles for journaling.

PaperArtsy Stencil 277 (PS277)

This is the stencil that works with the tree stamp on JOFY107 to allow you colour a tree with holes. Yes I am sure Leandra made this idea more complicated than it needed to be in the intro!

I created a stencil in two halves - and each half has a portion of the hole. The photo below shows the stencil cut and ready to be used.
The way it works is to stamp the tree image (use a stamping platform), line up one half of the stencil (eg the left, larger, side) then add colour. Remove and repeat with right, smaller, stencil. Return your project to the stamping platform and re-stamp the main image to bring the black outline clearly back over the design.

I've overlaid the stencils onto the finished sample to show you how they sit on the design - each half of the stencil needs to be used separately. 

Here is a close up of the finished tree...

PaperArtsy Stencil 278  (PS278)

This stencil may look like a slice of fruit, lol, but its actually the background for a mandala (but if you want to use it as slice of fruit then you go ahead! lol)

Oh my goodness I like this stencil sooo much!! I can see it being used often. The stencil is designed to create a full circle by colouring one half, rotating the stencil 180 degrees, matching up the centre column of shapes and colouring the second half of the circle (see the pink/orange sample centre above).

I made several samples to show how it can be used on different sized cards/projects -  and how sections of the stencil can be used.

It sits well on a standard 10x15cm card - here I used it with the sentiment from JOFY109 and snowflakes from JM07.

The stencil is the perfect base for all the dinky little ornaments from this release that I designed to fit into the shapes. 

The card below is quite large - around 20x20cm.  Using nearly three-quarters of the stencil with gorgeous coloured inks (
Prize Ribbon, Salvaged Patina Distress Oxide), the WOW! gold embossing powder and gold die cut snowflakes it makes a quite a statement. Quite opulent!

I wanted to show you the stencil's use is not restricted to Christmas, or cards, or as a circle. On this large tag I stenciled sections of the design - and stamped and doodled flowers onto the coloured spaces. Imagine this all over an art journal page!!!  Gorgeous!

Detail of the stamping and doodling...

* * *
Wow, phew, and yay!  Trees, snow-men, snow-women, snow-flakes, big ornaments, teeny tiny ornaments, foliage, lovely large words, small words, words in different languages... 

There has been...wait there is ...... a lot of JOFY Christmas this year - I have had so much fun making projects with all these stamps - I hope you do too! 

If you're inspired to  make something using any of the designs please share it with the PaperArtsy People and JoFY Jamboree!! groups on Facebook - we love to see what you create!

I hope to speak to you all again before Christmas, but I'll take this opportunity (seems appropriate) to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy and healthy new year!

Happy creating


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Teaching Schedule:
Every Sunday evening (17.00 UK time) from now until the start of December I'm live in my JoFY Jamboree!! Facebook group with a free demo creating with Christmas stamps from the JOFY back catalogue. I'd love for you to join me.

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Great stamps as always, and beautiful samples, Jo!

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You have smashed it Jo. These are glorious! Thank you!!

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Huge congratulations on your century, Jo - and what a glorious wintry release to celebrate. This one may be the best yet! As always, your samples are ridiculously inspirational.
Alison x

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Big Congratulations not only on another fabulous new release but on all your amazing milestones achievements. All Kudos to you and your amazing talents

Your samples are all absolutely gorgeous and so very inspiring. Love them all

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