Tuesday 17 August 2021

2021 Topic 10: My Favourite Colour with EEV {by Nikki Acton}

  2021 Topic 10: My Favourite Colour

Impact isn't restricted to a bundle of colours, Nikki has reduced her colour palette choices to two and also uses the fabulous reductive painting technique to create drama. The addition of stamped and painted book pages elevates the design. If you struggle with choosing combos, take a leaf from Nikki and restrict yourself simply to two.
~ Keren

Hi everyone, Nikki here from Addicted to Art with you today, and I'm here to share a journal page using one of my favourite colour combinations using stamps by Ellen Vargo (EEV).

I have done a few Tracy Scott workshops recently, and she reminded me of the method of creating a background and then hiding some of it by painting over certain areas - similar to subtractive or reductive painting. This creates areas interest or contrast. Tracy is a genius at doing this!

I gathered my colour selection to begin. I used Fresco Chalk Acrylics - CaramelSandMermaidCerulean and Egg Shell, a favourite stencil by Tracy Scott - PS224 and stamps from Ellen Vargo (EEV05 and EEV09). I created a very random background using partial stamping and stencilling and not too much thinking!

Once this was complete I began planning a layout - adding some stamped images and some circles drawn with a compass. These are the shapes I would paint around later. 

 I began painting around my shapes with Eggshell, but later decided the contrast to the sand colour was not great enough so repeated with Cerulean. You can see the stamped images from Ellen Vargo Stamp Set EEV09.

Having painted around the circles and stamped imagery I went back to my stencil and texture stamps to add a bit more detail. 

The stencil was used to add more Cerulean onto the Sand coloured circles and the other way round, with the texture stamps from EEV05 creating additional visual interest.

I wanted some more contrast - so took some book pages and stamped my images on the text, adding a bit of colour.

I also added some paint to the text so that I could punch some small circles.

My finishing touches were some splatters of paint with Fresco Chalk Acrylic (Persimmon) and a quote from Alison Bomber Set Set 16 (EAB16).

More painted book pages formed the background for the words which I carefully tore to shape.

My colour choices were very safe today! It's hard to go wrong with two colours - and easy to still get different tones with the fabulous choice of Fresco Chalk Acrylics to chose from! Perhaps next time I will be bolder. What would you use?!

Nikki x

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A Pink said...

Fabulous journo page , Nikki . The colour combo is terrific ,the layout and overall design-spot on! Loving it and thanks for taking us through your creative steps .

PaperArtsy said...

Absolutely amazing Nikki. I love how this turned out and the colour combo is brilliant!!

Stampers Grove said...

Fantastic demonstration of what can be achieved with limited colours.

Redanne said...

A really gorgeous page Nikki, I love the limited colour palette and the 'over-painting' really brings the page to life. Small details always impress me and those little white dots around the circles are just brilliant! xx

Words and Pictures said...

It's a really delicious colour combination - I need to go and check right away whether I have Persimmon and/or Sand. I know I've got the Mermaid!!

Love how you've created those areas of contrast with the overpainting, and the patterns and book text add such great detailing.

I'm doing my best to see the magic things around me!
Alison x

SewPaperPaint said...

Really awesome to see how you built these layers. I love these colors too and love how your mind works to create these complex designs.

Etsuko said...

Amazing project Nikki!, love your design and beautiful colours combo. xx

Miriam said...

I love this Nikki. Great colour choice and awesome project