Wednesday 11 September 2019

2019 #14 Inchies & Twinchies: Meditation Cube with ESA {by Alison Bomber}

2019 Topic 14: Inchies & Twinchies

You will understand why Alison loves the meditative process of handling this cube when you see the calming and gentle colours and textures she's used. Utilising embossing powder is a clever touch to create beautiful relief in both senses of the word. ~ Keren

Hi everyone, it's Alison from Words and Pictures here, and I've got a tiny Meditation Cube to share with you today.

I'm going to try to obey the instructions on the cube and keep the talking to a minimum, but there'll be plenty of pretty pictures because when you've got a cube there are a lot of different angles and faces to capture!

When I saw the topic I thought, well, inchies and twinchies - best to choose some Mini stamps for that, so I've been playing with Seth Apter's Minis, some of the older ones and some from the latest release.  I've used EM37, EM40, EM43, EM44, EM45 and EM47.



I had a jumbo tag left over from another project, already wrinkle-free distressed with some of my favourite Distress Inks and Oxides.  I found that with a little bit of coxing and boxing I could just squeeze six 2 x 2 panels out of the tag, perfect to go on my 2 x 2 x 2 Twinchie box (MDF, from Calico Craft Parts).

There's Ground Espresso, Stormy Sky, Chipped Sapphire and Pumice Stone involved, some of my favourite colours, so I find that very soothing.  Also my eye never tires of tracing the lines of the random splotches and blotches.

Some quick decisions about which Minis would go opposite/next to which, and then it was out with the Wow Vanilla White embossing powder.

The diagonal positioning was dictated by the size of the Twinchie - that was the best way to get as much of Seth's fabulous stamps onto the space as possible.

But I really like how, as a result, each image leads the eye round to the one on the next panel, up to down and down to up.  It's quite hypnotic as you turn it.

But then each face gives your brain a different shape to process, so it means you don't fall into autopilot - it's an active trance state!

And it was the soothing effect it was having on me that made me think about adding some words from EAB03 Music & Silence.

In some places I only wanted partial quotes, or even individual words, and that's where some masking tape (or any kind of tape really) comes in handy.  It means you can ink up the area you want, and then quickly apply the tape in case any of the surrounding area has got inky, and then you stamp.

You can, of course, also wipe the ink away from where you don't want it, but I find that sometimes leaves pale traces if you don't do it carefully enough, whereas this way gets me just the word(s) I want and no more.

I stamped the words in Jet Black Archival and then embossed with Wow Primary Bark, a deep dark brown.

The embossing means that as you turn the cube, your fingertips become highly sensitive to the raised textures, which keeps you very focused and in the moment.

The repetition of the phrases calmly suggests the possibility of silence and stillness, while the mind stays alert to the changing images, ready to listen.

A couple of metal cogs and wheels and bolts offer additional visual and tactile stimulus. 

The positioning pretty much took care of itself, dictated by the stamped images.

Given which way up the words are, and that bolt on the top, there is definitely a top and bottom to this cube... this is the bottom!

It really was a meditative creative process, as well as being a very meditative object to turn in your hands.

And the contrast between the light and dark embossing makes me very happy.

You may feel it's cheating slightly... an inchie or twinchie constricts the amount of space you have to work with, but by making a cube I had six times the playing area... but then how could you possibly choose between all those fabulous Minis otherwise?!  And if I'd gone for flat twinchies, I'd almost certainly have made a set of them. This way, my set of Twinchies has become a lovely 3D object.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create on the tiny playing space of an inchie or twinchie this fortnight.

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Helen said...

What a fabulous cube - and how is it cheating, each face is perfectly sized!! You can't beat white embossing.

Nikki Acton said...

Such wonderful detail - I adore this! xx

Miriam said...

This is wonderful Alison. So detailed and beautiful.... And my favourite colours!

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is absolutely gorgeous, Alison. Love your colour choices and Seth's Minis!

Lucy x

Fonda said...

i love the colors and your use of the small stamps.

froebelsternchen said...

An adorable make with all the wonderful detail Alison. A masterpiece!
Susi xxx

TAM said...

Awesome project xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Ooh! This is a box you want to pick up and touch! Wonderful textures! Lx

Marci said...

I think holding this box must be very hypnotic. Wonderful!

Etsuko said...

Amazing project Alison, Seth's mini-stamp image has meaning by your words, and if we turn it around we will be in an active trance state! as you said. xx

Nan G said...

So glad I mosey by to see what you were meditating on. Wow! An amazing twinchie block Alison. Would love to be turning it in my hand and studying all of the embossing details.

Caty said...

What a so gorgeous cube Alison!! I loove it, the colours, layers and patterns are wonderful, just Amazing Artwork !!
I wish you a very nice Friday, big hugss

Skylark said...

I love the idea of a meditation cube and your design fits the bill perfectly! Stef x

Redanne said...

I don't think it is cheating at all, each side is the perfect size and each side is gorgeous. The backgrounds are wonderful and really make the stamped and embossed images stand out beautifully. Anne xx

geezercrafter said...

Wonderful colour palette. Very calming and tactile project Alison. Enjoyed reading through and viewing the pictures of your cube.

Anneke said...

Beautiful colors! I really love the idea behind your work of art! It must be feeling good when
you hold the cube in your hands and feel and let the words come inside your mind!
Be silent and listen!

Cocofolies said...

I dont't think it's cheating Alison. Every side is beautiful, and the whole cube simply wonderful in my opinion.
Your stamps plae about music is on my wishlist for very long... Will certainly get it at some time! xx

Paper Profusion said...

Well you have me in a zen mood anyway! A darling little cube, with brilliant function and meaning. Happy weekend. Nicola x

experiments in paper said...

Brilliant, and much needed! Would make a lovely stocking stuffer..... hmmm. Love, as usual, your palette, and like you, I can get lost in the wandering borders of splotches, one reason I love watercolor so much. Have a glorious, restorative weekend - xxx Lynn

A Pink said...

Love the concept and Seths minis are the perfect fit . Your meditation cube showcases them superbly Fabulous creativity Alison, Inspiring . Thanks for turning the cube for us and bringing on the zen .

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, what a fabulous make! I enjoyed following along to see how you made it and I love the 3D effect and the design looks amazing 😁. Happy and creative wishes! Jo x

Chris said...

Sheer perfection Alison, I could do with one of these at work 😆 and I can see how soothing it would be to handle! Fantastic use of all the stamps and a gorgeous colour palette

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wonderful make, I can imagine you picking it up and being instantly calmed! Chrisx